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Caribbean Immigrants THE CASE HANDLER®

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Among 225 Nabbed

Family Law
Quality Legal
By NAN Staff Writer/News Americas: Services to the
S everal Caribbean immigrants are among
225 nabbed by officers from the U.S. Im-
migration and Customs Enforcement (US
Since 2005
ICE) agency during a recent six-day round-
up period in New York City, Long Island and Call Now for Consultations
the Hudson Valley. ADAM S. HANDLER, ESQ.
Among the Caribbean nationals arrested
were a 56-year-old Haitian national, who has 212-608-3734
been convicted for manslaughter; a 39-year- ash@ppid.com • www.ppid.com
old Jamaican national and registered sex of- www.thecasehandler.com
fender; a 36-year-old Dominican national
who is wanted in his home country for mur-
der; and a 58-year-old, twice removed
Trinidadian national, who has been convicted
of conspiracy to produce fraudulent identifi-
cation documents.
The Haitian national was arrested in East
Elmhurst, Queens, NY and had been sen-
tenced to 4-12 years after being convicted, not
just for second degree manslaughter, but also
for tampering with physical evidence and
criminal possession of a weapon.
The 39-year-old Jamaican national and
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers detain a suspect as they con-
registered sexual offender was arrested in
duct a targeted enforcement operation in New York City recently. The agency arrested NEW BEGINNING
Brooklyn and has been convicted of at-
225 people suspected of being in the country illegally during raids in New York. BEAUTY SALON
tempted rape of a child under 13 and criminal
501 South 8th Ave, Mt. Vernon
possession of a loaded weapon.
In Manhattan, the 36-year-old Domini- 718-678-8118
can national was also nabbed for administra-
tive corruption and accepting bribes while the
58-year-old, Trinidadian national arrested had
Top bxtopstylist@gmail.com

also been convicted of forgery, fraud, inter-

state transportation of stolen property, and
possession of stolen property, and false state-
ment on a U.S. passport application.
Also nabbed by ICE agents were a 57-
year-old Jamaican national who has convic-
tions of sexual abuse of a child under age 14;
race to
and two Dominican Republic nationals, who
were arrested in Manhattan and the Bronx, re-
A 38-year-old previously removed Do-
minican Republic national was arrested in
Manhattan after being convicted of attempted
criminal possession of a weapon, criminal
possession of a controlled substance, identity
theft and grand larceny and stalking. See pages 11-15
Continued on page 4

Penn Relays should also
inspire African American kids
S ome 5,000 athletes will con-
verge on the grounds of the
University of Pennsylvania’s
any other participating countries
and schools. Teams from Ja-
maica dominate the most popu-
Track and field should be
given top priority as part of the
school’s physical education pro-
Franklin Field April 26-28 to lar events. gram.
participate in the 124th running If you cannot find a long- Our city schools’ authorities FLORIDA HOMES
of The Penn Relays games--now time friend or family member should consider track and field
the longest uninterrupted colle- during the last weekend in April, as another strategy for the chil- & CONDO’S
giate track meet in the country. perhaps he or she is at “Penn” dren to demonstrate their cre- Call About Our Fly & Buy Program
PRIL 26-28
Penn Relays is indeed Fr
klin Field waving their Jamaican flags or ative energy.
• No Credit, Bad Credit, No Problem
among the largest track crowd in decked out in the We are creating too much
the United States with some Black, Green and Gold in space and wasting too much Starting Price:
100,000 patrons in attendance Known as theWITNE ESS
grooming raucous support of the favorite time for the kids to consider
over the three-day, high-energy
ground and the showpiece for
young, aspiring and talented
high school in Jamaica.
The development, growth
crime and other criminal activi-
Despite challenges of lim- high school and collegiate track and indeed the success of Ja- In addition, growing chil- Florida AAA Action Realty Inc.
ited resources, the organizers, and field athletes, Penn Relays is maican track and field athletes dren need regular physical exer-
Friends of the Penn Relays –
continue to produce one of the
now an international event, at-
tracting more participations
could be attributed in part to
their participation at Penn Re-
cises to grow up healthy and
strong. And what better way to
best track meet of all time. from overseas especially Ja- lays. reduce obesity than a few laps
We must commend the maica, Caribbean and few For that we are grateful. around the track!
Friends of the Penn Relays for African countries. Perhaps more schools in our Let us consider Penn Relays
maintaining the goal of the event
– to provide the best track and
Certainly, it was never the
intention of the founders, but
communities with large African
American and Caribbean popu-
as a vehicle to encourage more
African American youth in our
field competition for the greatest
number of participants of all lev-
today Penn Relays has been “Ja-
maicanized” to the extent that
lation should follow the exam-
ples of Jamaica and prepare the
communities to consider track
and field as a career and fitness
yourself in
els, ages, and abilities. Jamaica has more teams than youth to participate in Penn Re- option.
lays. Street Hype
The opinions expressed in this newspaper, except for the above, do not necessarily reflect the views of Street Hype Newspaper and its publishers. Please send
your comments and or suggestions to editor@streethypenewspaper.com. Responses should be no longer than 400 words. Not all articles will be published. editor@streethypenewspaper.com

People Are Talking...!

Medical Marijuana Program lacks diversity!
A s President of ‘New York State
Committee to Legalize Mari-
juana’ (NYSCTLM), I have been con-
scheduling a meeting with the dean of New
York Pot laws Assemblyman Gottfried to
seek support and advice on an equity pro-
Consulting Editors:
gram for New York State’s Medical Mari- GLORIA BENT; PAULETTE GRANT
cerned about the lack of racial diversity ANGELLA GOLDING; ANTHONY TURNER
juana Program.
in New York’s Medical Marijuana Pro-
Only time will tell if New York State Publisher:
gram. Around 2014, NYSCTLM filed is ready to truly ‘level the playing field’ in PATRICK MAITLAND
a Freedom of Information Request By the medical marijuana industry. Let’s roll Business office:
(FOI) with New York State’s medical Dennis out a solid equity program that can be easily Street Hype Newspaper
marijuana program seeking answers to Levy used when recreational marijuana is ap- 329 Miller Place, Mount Vernon, NY 10550
proved in New York. Tel: 914-663-4972-3 • Fax: 914-663-4972
questions regarding diversity. editor@streethypenewspaper.com
In January 2018, the New York State
Assembly Standing Committees on Codes, lated crime convictions, misdemeanors, and
Health, and Alcohol and Drug Abuse con- felonies, dating back to 1975.” This meant
vened a public hearing to discuss the ‘Mar- that thousands of primarily people of color
ijuana Regulation and Taxation Act who are serving time or who have served
(MRTA), aimed to legalize the use, distri- time will have their cases reviewed,” and
bution, and production of cannabis for will have their old marijuana records ex-
adults aged 21 and over. punged. I would like to see similar legisla-
Kassandra Frederique, New York State tion in New York State that would expunge
Director for the Drug Policy Association criminal records for marijuana users and
said “New York’s marijuana arrest crusade immediately release prisoners serving time
has resulted in significant harms for those for marijuana related crimes.
who are most vulnerable and has been used We want our New York equity program
as a justification for the hyper-policing of to be modeled after the one in Oakland. It
communities of color, funneling tens of launched its cannabis equity assistance pro-
thousands of New Yorkers into the maze of gram, which is designed to help people who
the criminal justice system every year and either lack the capital to start their own
putting people at risk of deportation, losing business or have been restricted from doing
custody of their children, and barring them so because of past weed crime convictions.
from employment and housing for nothing States with legalized marijuana programs
more than possessing small amounts of are moving fast to set up marijuana equity
marijuana.” programs.
A team of NYSCTLM volunteers, The time is right for New York to con-
began to research how other States are ad- sider some type of equity program to ‘level
dressing the issue of racism in the mari- the playing field’. In New York, that means
juana industry. The city of San Francisco removing economic barriers to entering the
announced that it would “wipe out or re- industry (application fees, license fees and
duce the sentencings for all cannabis-re- startup fees) are extortionately high. We are

Friends of Wingate Park calls for action
Offers Certificate Courses
● GED Classes ● ESL ●Accounting Training
● Computerized Accounting Training
after two gun killings in the community!
● Quick books Training BROOKLYN:
● Medical Billing and Coding
● Administrative Office Assistant
● Customer Service Training
F riends of Wingate Park is organizing
its 3rd Stop Gun and Gang Violence
Rally in response to the latest gun shoot-
● Security Guard Training
● Job Placement Assistance ings in Brooklyn of an alleged pipe-
Contact our Administrative Office: welding man. There was another
917-792- 3552 or 646-359-1796 shooting death of a man last Friday.
391 East 149th Street/3rd Avenue, This year's event will be on the lawn
Suite 211, Bronx, NY 10455 of Wingate Park on April 27th between
Certified and Licensed by New York State 3 P.M. to 7 P.M.
Borough President Eric Adams, 71st
Pct. Commanding Officer: Deputy In-
spector Francis Giordano, and Brooklyn Commanding Officer:
Deputy Inspector Francis Giordano
District Attorney Eric Gonzalez are
scheduled to speak.
There will be special live perform-
ances from local entertainers.
According to Director Friends of
Wingate Park and organizer of the Brooklyn Borough President
event, Vivia Morgan said the Wingate Eric Adams
Park is the right place to hold this year’s Friends of Wingate Park encourage
rally because the Park is named after neighbors, community leaders, political
George W. Wingate, the founder of the leaders, and police officers to work to-
National Rifle Association and its presi- gether to change the current gun laws.
dent for more than 20 years. Changing “We must offer solutions to this pan-
the name of Wingate Park is on the demic of violence that's killing our chil- Director Friends of Wingate Park
agenda. dren. Vivia Morgan

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Lloyd Scott

Father charged Caribbean Immigrants

Among 225 Nabbed
with murder Continued on page 4
In the Bronx, a 33-year-old Domini-

of toddler can national, who was sentenced to 6 years

in prison and 5 years of parole supervision
MOUNT VERNON: after being convicted for criminal posses-
sion of a loaded weapon, robbery and
L loyd Scott of Mount Vernon has been
charged with Murder in the Second
Degree, a class A felony, in the death
forcible theft, was also detained.
Of those arrested, more than 180 were
convicted criminals or had criminal
Monday of his two-year-old son.
charges pending and more than 80 had
The felony complaint alleges Scott been issued a final order of removal and
took his son’s life while in their home in failed to depart the United States or had
an apartment complex at 531 East Lincoln
Ave., Mount Vernon. Prosecutors allege
been previously removed from the United
States and returned illegally.
Natural &Organic
he was alone with the child Monday, April
16, 2018, while the child’s mother was at
Several had prior felony convictions
for serious or violent offenses, such as
& Caribbean
work. After returning home from work, child sex crimes, weapons charges, and as-
the mother found the child in bed, unre-
sponsive, and took him to Montefiore
sault, or had past convictions for signifi-
cant or multiple misdemeanors. Meals, Grocery
Mount Vernon Hospital where he was
pronounced dead.
The arrestees also included nationals
from Antigua, Grenada, Guyana, St. Lucia Juice Bar & Catering
Following an autopsy performed at and St. Vincent & the Grenadines.
the Westchester Medical Examiner's Of- Some of the individuals arrested dur-
fice, the child was determined to have suf- ing this operation will face federal crimi-
nal prosecutions for illegal entry and
Open Monday - Saturday
fered blunt force trauma to his body.
Mount Vernon Police charged Scott Tues- illegal re-entry after deportation.
Those who are not being federally
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
day with the child's homicide and he was
arraigned in the Mount Vernon City prosecuted will be processed administra-
tively for removal from the United States.
Those who have outstanding orders of de-
Lloyd is currently being held without
bail at the Westchester County jail in Val-
portation, or who returned to the United 3565C Boston Road
States illegally after being deported, are
halla and is due back in court April 23,
subject to immediate removal from the Bronx, N.Y. 10469
ADA Wendy Parra, Chief of the Do- The remaining immigrants are in ICE 718-547-2804
mestic Violence Bureau, is prosecuting custody awaiting a hearing before an im-
the case. migration judge or pending travel arrange- Fax 718-653-5499
ments for removal in the near future.

Maitland appointed CRO at Jamaican
Consulate General in New York City
Kimmy Blair agribusiness companies, farm- lege of Agriculture, also in Ja-
Street Hype Writer ers’ organizations, and Jamaican maica.

C ommunication, trade and

agricultural specialist
Patrick Maitland has been ap-
fresh produce exporters.
According to Consul Gen-
eral Miss Trudy Deans, Mr.
He has also completed pro-
fessional courses in marketing
and public relations from the
pointed Community Relations Maitland’s knowledge and expe- University of the West Indies
Officer (CRO) at the Jamaican rience of the Jamaican Diaspora (UWI) and recently completed a
Consulate General office in New community will contribute to the six-month “political reporting”
York City. Consulate’s strategic plan to fellowship at the CUNY School
Maitland, who assumes of- strengthen the linkages with the of Journalist, New York City.
fice on April 3, 2018, is the Jamaican Diaspora and encour- Maitland is married with a
founder and publisher of the age their participation in island’s daughter and enjoys writing,
Street Hype Newspaper in New development. playing table tennis, chess, and
York and the influential The “Mr. Maitland is a perfect other indoor games.
Agriculturalist newspaper and match and will perform a major The primary mission of the
Tropical Farmers' Almanac, both role at Consulate as we focus on Consulate General of Jamaica is
published in Jamaica WI. As ed- tapping into the vast human re- to promote and safeguard the in-
itor and publisher of Street source capital while protecting terest of Jamaica and Jamaicans
Hype, which is distributed the interest of Jamaicans living in the thirty-three States under
throughout the New York metro and doing business in the com- the jurisdiction of the United
area, Mr. Maitland has been in munities,” Consul General States, Puerto Rico and
touch with the pulse of the Ja- Deans noted. Bermuda.
maican communities at home His educational achieve- Journalist Kadia-loy Knight
and in the Diaspora. ment includes a Bachelor’s de- has been appointed editor-in-
He also previously served as gree in Business Administration chief at Street Hype Newspaper
Consultant and Advisor to two with a concentration in market- while Maitland is seconded to
former Jamaican Ministers of ing from the University of Tech- the Jamaican Consulate General
Agriculture, as well as commu- nology (UTECH) in Jamaica and Patrick Maitland as Community Relations Officer.
nication consultant to several Associates degree from the Col- Community Relations Officer - Jamaican Consulate General

Legionnaires’ cluster in
the Bronx leaves 1 dead
BRONX: infection using antibiotics for pneu- about testing for Legionnaires’ dis-

A Legionnaires patient has died

in the Bronx and two others
were hospitalized after coming
monia. Every year, there are be-
tween 200 and 400 cases of
Legionnaires’ disease in the city.
Symptoms include fever,
down the severe form of pneumonia, Legionnaires’ disease is caused cough, chills, muscle aches,
city health officials said Wednesday. by the bacteria Legionella. headache, fatigue, loss of appetite,
The three cases are connected Most cases of Legionnaires’ confusion and diarrhea. Symptoms
to three connected buildings at Co- disease can be traced to plumbing usually appear two to 10 days after
op City in the Bronx and they oc- systems where conditions are favor- significant exposure to Legionella
curred within the last 12 months, the
NYC Health Department said.
All of the patients had underly-
ing conditions that increased their
able for Legionella growth, such as
cooling towers, whirlpool spas, hot
tubs, humidifiers, hot water tanks,
and evaporative condensers of large
The Health Department is urg-
ing residents in the area with respi-
ratory symptoms, such as fever,
New York’s
chances of getting Legionnaires dis-
“As part of the protocol to as-
air-conditioning systems.
Legionnaires’ disease cannot
be spread from person to person.
cough, chills and muscle aches, to
promptly seek medical attention.
The Health Department has alerted
sess potential sources of Legion- Groups at highest risk for Legion- health care providers in the area
naires’ disease, the Health
Department will be sampling the in-
ternal plumbing of the building. The
naires’ disease include people who
are middle-aged or older, especially
cigarette smokers, people with
about this cluster.

Legionnaires’ disease can be deadly,
building complex involved does not chronic lung disease or weakened
have a cooling tower,” the depart- immune systems and people who but is treatable with antibiotics.
ment said. take medicines that weaken their Most people get better with early
immune systems (immunosuppres- treatment, although they may need
What Is Legionnaires’ Disease?
Legionnaires’ disease is a treatable
sive drugs). Those with symptoms
should call their doctor and ask
to be hospitalized. Others have died
from complications of the disease.
New Avails spots for 2018
Book your program or
commercials today
Parking permits free up spots for city residents
BROOKLYN: Council Member Ydanis Ro- money and time for all New Yorkers.

P arking on the streets is not easy

in the city, and some City Coun-
driguez is looking to divide Manhat-
tan and the rest of the city into
This is a system that has been hap-
pening in many other cities, other na-
... call or David
cil members are looking to change residential areas where the trans- tions. It is time for NYC to say we
that. Two bills are expected to be in- portation department will issue per- can lead as the largest municipality. Whitney Media
troduced Wednesday that would pave mits. Many of those spots would then A residential parking system will
the way for reserving parking spots be reserved for residents. give preference to residents of the
1 Broadcast Forum, New Rochelle, NY 10801
just for residents. "The residential parking system five boroughs," Rodriguez said. 914-636-1460 • david@wvox.com
will reduce congestion, it will save

Chinese gaining
ground in region
as second foreign
By Caribbean News Now contributor

S peaking recently at the China-Latin

America Ambassador Forum, Robert
Ladenden, director of the Latin American
Center of Confucius Institute, noted Chinese
has become the second foreign language of
Chile and other Latin American countries.
There are 39 Confucius Institutes and 11
Confucius Classrooms in Latin America and
the Caribbean, with more than 50,000
trainees and more than eight million cultural
He pointed out that China has been in- New Ministers and State Ministers Sworn in Jamaica:
creasingly influential in the region in the past Governor-General, Patrick Allen (3rd left) and Prime Minister, the Andrew Holness (4th left), with newly appointed Ministers andMinisters
ten years and learning Chinese and under- of State at a swearing-in ceremony, at King’s House, in St. Andrew, on March 27. They are (from left): State Minister in the Ministry of
standing China has gradually become the Labour and Social Security, Xavier Mayne; Minister of State in the Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, Alando Terre-
consensus and trend of the Latin American longe; Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service, Hon. Fayval Williams, and new Minister of Finance and
people. the Public Service, Nigel Clarke. (Photo: JIS)
Both sides have had frequent exchanges
in the fields of culture and education, espe-
cially the establishment of the Confucius In- CARPHA Executive Director urges
stitute, paving the way for the exchange of
languages and cultures between China and
Latin America.
caution on decriminalisation of Marijuana
Haimai Watt, president of St Thomas BASSETERRE, St Kitts: problem so to speak of reducing the burden
University, said that over the past ten years,
through the Confucius Institute, St Thomas T he executive director of the Trinidad-
based Caribbean Public Health Agency
(CARPHA), Dr James Hosepdales, is urging
of the judicial system and the prisons you cre-
ate a great surge in the increase of mental
health admissions for marijuana addiction
University and Anhui University and other
Chinese universities have established a co- regional countries to “proceed with an abun- and other addictions.
operative relationship, implementation of an dance of caution” when it come to the de- “What I think needs to happen is that
exchange program and, through the Confu- criminalisation of marijuana. there should be strong public education con-
cius Institute Headquarters, a scholarship Hospedales, who spoke on a government comitant with decriminalisation if govern-
program. radio programme “Working for you”, said ment proceeds along that route; also, proper
——————— there is much discussion on the decriminali- monitoring of impact policies," Hospedales
sation issue and that there have been several stated.
Guyana Govt. times in history where populations and soci- He added that there are some countries
eties have gone very liberal with substances where there are reports by the chief medical
Actively Engaged of abuse. officers that they are indeed seeing major in-
“The Americans are in the middle of a creases in admissions for mental health prob-
With U.S Authority big opioid crisis and some many decades ago lems associated with marijuana psychosis and
they had a huge problem with addiction and increased use.
On Catfish Ban especially among white women,” he said. “So, generally you have to look at the
GUYANA: “We in the Caribbean have a problem whole thing when making a public policy de-
with marijuana and clogging up of the courts cision,” he said, adding that research has
T he Government of Guyana, through the
Ministry of Agriculture, is actively en-
gaged with the United States (US) authority
and the justice system and that's understand-
able to try and reduce that side effect. I think
shown that a significant percentage of young
people in the Caribbean already use mari-
to resolve the issue of a restriction on the im- though, in introducing these kinds of public juana even if it is only infrequently.
portation of smoked and salted Siluriformes policies, consideration has to be given to the “The harmful consequences of this are
species of fish to the US, in the shortest pos- full range of impact.” well documented. From mental health to so-
He said said that if marijuana had to be Dr James Hosepdales cial interactions to occupational opportuni-
sible time. Executive Director
This was revealed yesterday by Minis- decriminalised, there may be repercussions. ties.”
“We don't want that when you've solved the Caribbean Public Health Agency
ter of State, Joseph Harmon at his weekly
post-Cabinet press briefing.
Minister Harmon explained that the ac-
tion by the US, which saw the revision of the
St. Kitts & Nevis to host
rules for import of fish into the US, was a
protective measure. He said that Guyana is citizenship by investment summit
one of several countries that were affected. BASSETERRE, St. Kitts: as banking, due dili- Addressing the nation during his press
“The Minister of Agriculture who briefed
Cabinet on the matter, pointed out that there
are other international markets which remain
I n May, St. Kitts and Nevis will welcome
hundreds of regional and international key
players in the economic citizenship industry for
gence, risk manage-
ment and cyber
security, cryptocur-
conference today, Wednesday, April 25, Prime
Minister and Minister of Finance, Timothy
Harris, said the theme chosen for this year’s
unaffected. high-level discussions on issues affecting the rency and real estate event, “Unity in the Age of Division, Emerging
The Minister stated that the difference sector, as well as exploring opportunities for will also be in atten- Trends of CIPs in an Uncertain World,” is one
in the ways in which catfish (one of the further growth of citizenship by investment dance. that reflects the changes in the industry. “Never
species of Siluriformes fish) was sourced, programmes, when the twin island Federation The landmark has there been a better time to unite. As CIPs
that is farm raised, against wild caught fish plays host to the Caribbean Investment Summit summit is expected to proliferate across the globe, we urge the world
and processed in the USA and Guyana, and 2018. cover topics including to remember where it all began – right here in
the required documentation were the main The 2018 summit, which will be held embracing new tech- St. Kitts and Nevis in 1984 and we ask them to
reasons for the restriction.” from May 16-19 at the St. Kitts Marriott Re- nology for better CIPs; recall that with age comes wisdom. As the mar-
The Minister of State further explained sort, will bring together the five Citizenship by responsible conduct ket continues to grow amid political and eco-
Timothy Harris
that the ban is seeking to address the issue of Investment jurisdictions in the Caribbean, for service providers; nomic tensions, the industry must take a
Prime Minister
farm-reared catfish, hence, he believes the namely, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, St. key approaches to sus- holistic approach to ensure its longevity, and in
St. Kitts and Nevis
engagement will lead to positive outcomes. Lucia, Grenada and host St. Kitts and Nevis. tainable development doing so, must provide the appropriate fora to
Other key stakeholders in various fields such and collaboration for a common cause. engage and stimulate the growing numbers of

LEGAL NEWS Legal requirements to start a divorce case?
(1) Residency: Before a New York Court can riage has been over for at least six months,
DMX Wants Rakoff To Hear there are no children under 21, and all marital
give you a divorce, you need to show that you
His Music At Tax Sentencing and/or your spouse have lived in New York property issues, including debt, have been set-
Rapper DMX asked U.S. District Judge State for a certain amount of time, without in- tled.
Jed S. Rakoff on Monday not to sentence terruption, generally for one year. If you have not reached agreement, and
him to prison for tax evasion, citing his (2) Grounds: You need to have grounds – a you think you and your spouse could come to
need to work and a lifelong struggle with legally acceptable reason – to get divorced in an agreement with some help, you might want
personal demons, and offering to play his New York. That means that you need to prove to consider divorce mediation or collaborative
music "as he may be too emotional to one of the grounds listed below: family law.
• Cruel and Inhuman treatment CONTESTED: Your divorce will be con-
speak" at an upcoming hearing.
• Abandonment tested if either you or your spouse:
• Confinement in prison for 3 or more consec- • Do not want to get a divorce
Goldman Code Copier Tells • Disagree about the grounds (legal reasons)
NY Top Court It Was No Crime utive years What is the difference between a Contested
• Adultery for the divorce
A Goldman Sachs programmer who and an Uncontested Divorce? • Disagree about what will happen with your
• Living separate and apart pursuant to a sep- UNCONTESTED: Your divorce will be un-
copied proprietary computer code on his children, your finances, your property after the
aration judgment or decree contested if both you and your spouse:
way out the door squared off with prose- • Living separate and apart pursuant to a sep- divorce
• Want to get a divorce Because the judge will require detailed in-
cutors before the New York Court of Ap- aration agreement • Agree about what will happen with your chil- formation to decide the issues you disagree
peals on Tuesday, saying the court below • Irretrievable breakdown in the relationship dren, your finances, your property after the di- about, your contested divorce will require you
pushed an old law too far when it rein- for a period of at least 6 months (for divorce vorce
stated a jury’s verdict against him. and your spouse to go to the Supreme Court
proceedings started on/after October 12, If your divorce is uncontested, and you and numerous times. If your divorce will be con-
2010) your spouse have reached agreement on all fi- tested, you should seriously consider finding a
Lack Of Cash On Hand Dooms For more details on grounds, see pages nancial and parenting issues, you may use the lawyer to represent you.
$15.4M Contract Verdict 3-5 of the Uncontested Divorce Forms Packet Court’s free Uncontested Divorce Forms You might want to consider divorce me-
A New York appeals court vacated a Instructions. Packet. You can also use the DIY (Do-It-Your- diation or collaborative family law.
$15.4 million award against now-closed self) Uncontested Divorce Program if you are
Tesla Wall Systems LLC on Tuesday, filing for an uncontested divorce, your mar-
finding that the company does not have
cash on hand to pay back a real estate de-
veloper over an agreement to install cur-
tain and window wall systems for

Platinum Execs Can’t Evade

Investor Fraud Indictment
A New York federal judge on Monday de-
nied a bid by Platinum Partners execu-
tives to toss an indictment alleging they
defrauded investors during a liquidity cri-
sis, saying the bid’s singular focus on op-
posing the government’s interpretation of
an allegedly incriminating email chain
was “unavailing.”

Gas Co. Must Fill Cleanup

Coverage Gaps, NY Justices Say
A National Grid PLC unit must pick up
the tab for its own costs to clean up con-
tamination at manufactured gas plants at-
tributed to years when no pollution
liability insurance was available in the
marketplace, New York’s highest court
ruled Tuesday, rejecting the energy com-
pany’s bid to put a Chubb Ltd. insurer on
the hook for those amounts.

Housing Groups Sue Facebook

Claiming Ads Allow Bias
Facebook Inc. lets advertisers exclude
people from seeing listings for homes to
buy and rent, violating the Fair Housing
Act by permitting sellers to discriminate
against protected groups based on family
status, gender and other attributes, a group
of housing advocacy organizations said in
a suit filed Tuesday in New York federal
court. Maurice D. Maitland, Esq.

Coca-Cola Says Drinks Meet Give Yourself a ‘WE GET RESULTS’

Federal Definition Of ‘Diet’ VERNON & ASSOCIATES, P.C.
The Coca-Cola Company on Monday
Fighting Chance! • Social Security Disability • IMMIGRATION • CRIMINAL LAW
urged a New York federal court to toss a
proposed class action accusing the com- Call Attorney: MAURICE MAITLAND LAW FIRM • ESTATE• DIVORCE
pany of misrepresenting that its “Diet DAVID B. CALENDER 23 West Main Street,
Ansonia, Connecticut 06401
Coke” drink helps with weight manage- 90-04 161 Street, Suite 301,
ment, arguing the allegations are pre- www.davidcalender.com mdm@mdmlawyer.com • www.mdmlawyer.com
• 203-751-9070 • 646-761-2770 Jamaica, NY 11432
empted by federal law allowing
zero-calorie sodas to be labeled as “diet.”
516-837-3758 • 347-346-0749 718-206-2411

Caribbean Jamaica’s Whitmore
finishes with Withdraws Resignation
42 medal haul at By NAN Sports Editor maica Football Federation (JFF) has offered
News Americas: him a new contract and all issues between
T heodore Whitmore is now back in
charge as coach of the Jamaica Reggae
Boyz. Whitmore has withdrawn his resig-
the parties have been settled.
“I’m very pleased with what transpired
at today’s meeting between myself, the JFF
nation and has been restored as head coach and the minister,” Whitmore was quoted as
By NAN Sports Editor
of Jamaica’s senior football team following saying. “I’m looking forward to getting
News Americas:
mediation by the country’s Minister of back to doing what I love and that is coach-
T he Caribbean region finished with a
combined 42 medal haul as the Gold
Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games
Sports, Olivia Grange, on April 13th.
According to a statement from
ing, and to making sure that the nation’s
football is a priority and we move forward
wrapped up Sunday, April 15, 2018. Grange’s ministry late Friday, Whitmore with myself and the federation and the min-
Theodore Whitmore
That included 15 gold medals. Jamaica has withdrawn his resignation letter, the Ja- istry to make it a success.”
Jamaica Soccer Mens National Coach
led the region with a whopping 27 medals
in total, including 7 gold.

The gold medal winners for Jamaica

1: Ronald Levy, who picked up the

New IAAF rules could affect
first gold for Jamaica on Tuesday, April
10th in the Men’s 110m Hurdles;
2: Aisha Praught, the Jamaican Amer-
controversial South African athlete
ican running for her parents’ homeland,
who made history by winning gold in the
Women’s 3000m Steeplechase;
S outh African Caster Semenya's long
and controversial reign as the queen
of middle distance running looks set to
curring levels of testosterone. But ac-
cording to prominent sports scientist
Ross Tucker, Semenya could run up to
3: Janieve Russell, who won gold in
end this year not by a track rival but by a seven seconds slower under new rules re-
the Women’s 400m Hurdles;
new hyperandrogenism rule that will stop quiring her to lower her natural testos-
4: Kimberly Williams, who won the
Women’s Triple Jump; her from running 800 and 1500 meters terone levels to race internationally
5: Fedrick Dacres, who won the Men’s races. Under rules due to be announced on
Discus Throw; The IAAF will publish new rules on Thursday morning by the IAAF, the
6: Danniel Thomas-Dodd, who won Thursday to prevent women with the world athletics governing body, a sepa-
the Women’s Shot Put and condition, which produces higher than rate female classification for an athlete
7: The Women’s 4 x 400m Relay, who normal levels of testosterone and is with differences of sexual development,
won gold on Sat. April 14, 2018. deemed by the governing body to give or DSDS, will be introduced. The IAAF
Trinidad and Tobago finished with them an unfair advantage, from running Council announced last month that the
three medals – 2 golds and 1 silver. The distances from 400m to the 1500meters changes could come into force on No-
T&T Gold medal winners were: The IAAF would allow them to com- vember 1.
1: Michelle-Lee Ahye, who won gold pete at the international level only if they South African middle distance runner
in the Women’s 100-m on April 9th and Caster Semenya
took medication to reduce naturally oc-
2: Jereem Richards, who took gold in
the Men’s 200-.
The Bahamas finished with four
medals – 1 gold and 3 silver. The gold
medal winner was Shaunae Miller-Uibo
WI face Pakistan in World Cup opener
who won gold in the women’s 200-m. LONDON: campaign on July 4 against Afghanistan
Grenada finished with two medals – Two-time winners West Indies will open in Leeds.
one gold and one silver. The country’s gold
their 2019 World Cup campaign against All 10 teams will play each other in
medalist was Lindon Victor who won the
nemeses Pakistan in their bid for a third the preliminaries, with the top four pro-
Men’s Decathlon.
title in the International Cricket Council's gressing to the semi-finals carded for
Bermuda, the British Virgin Island,
The Bahamas, Guyana and St. Lucia fin- premier 50-overs showpiece. Manchester and Birmingham on July 9
ished with one gold medal each. While the world-governing body is and 11.
Bermuda’s Flora Duffy won gold for set to officially unveil the full schedule of West Indies will not play a single
her country in the women’s Triathlon while the event today, the fixtures were leaked game at the historic Oval in London,
Guyanese American Troy Doris won gold yesterday for the May 30 to July 14 tour- where most of the their traditional
for his parents’ homeland of Guyana in the nament in England and Wales. Caribbean support can be found. How-
Men’s Triple Jump. West Indies will take on Pakistan in ever, the ground will be the scene of the
Kyron McMaster put the British Is- Nottingham on May 31, having not beaten tournament opener between England and
lands’ gold medal on the table in the Men’s the Asian side in a bilateral series in 27 South Africa.
400m Hurdles while St. Lucia’s Levern years and winning just four of the last 19 The Oval will be one of 11 venues
Spencer won gold for her country in the ODIs against them. utilised, with Lord's, Edgbaston, Trent
women’s high jump. The Caribbean side will clash with Bridge, Headingley, Old Trafford,
Dominica rounded out the Caribbean world champions Australia on June 6, also Taunton, Bristol, Chester-le-Street,
medal count with two – one bronze and one in Nottingham, before facing South Africa Southampton, and Cardiff all hosting
silver. Yordanys Duranona Garcia added four days later in Southampton. matches.
the silver for Dominica on Sat. in the men’s
Jason Holder's side will then do battle West Indies missed out on automatic
triple jump while Thea LAFOND had won
with hosts England on June 14, also in qualification for the World Cup for the
the bronze on April 10th in the Women’s
Southampton, and take on Bangladesh in first time after finding themselves outside
Triple Jump.
Overall, host’s Australia finished at the Taunton three days later. of the top eight in the ODI rankings at the
top of the medal table with a massive 198 The Windies will lock horns with cut-off date of September 30 last year.
medal haul, including 80 gold medals. Eng- New Zealand (June 22) and India (June They sealed their spot at the tourna-
land was second with 136 followed by 27) in two Manchester fixtures, and battle Star batsman Chris Gayle is ment, however, after finishing second be-
India in third with 66. Sri Lanka at Chester-le-Street on July 1 expected to feature for West Indies hind Afghanistan in last month's 10-team
before wrapping up their preliminary at next year's Cricket World Cup. qualifier in Zimbabwe.

‘Go Freddie Go'
#1 Song On
Reggae Charts
By Anthony Turner

R eggae Ambassa-
dor and CEO of
Big Ship Music Inc.
Freddie McGregor
O.D. is blazing up the
charts in New York,
South Florida and Ja-
maica with 'Go Fred-
die Go,' the first single
off his upcoming
album on VP Records.
The melodically
rich song, “Go Fred-
die Go” is #1 on the
Foundation Radio Network Top 30 Music
Chart in New York; the South Florida Top 25
Reggae Chart and the Weekly Star Top Ten
The Dumpling Cove held their official re-launch in the northeast Bronx, New York recently. Seen here at the East 222 chart in New York.
Street location are (L-R) Patrick Maitland, NY Community Relations Officer at the Jamaican Consulate General office; In Jamaica, the song is #13 on The
HITZ 92 FM Reggae Top 20 Charts and #14
New York City District 12 councilman Andy King, owner Kerith Mair and Joelle, Brand Ambassador of Blue & Bougie
on the Jamaica Music Countdown, Top 25
Reggae Singles chart.
Hundreds celebrate re-launch of Dumpling Cove "I thank my fans for making this song
#1 in NY and Florida. You have been with
By Anthony Turner later he retired from his full time job as a Tran- the specification for the design of the modern me through the ups and downs...this song is
for you" McGregor said.
O n a sunny spring Saturday afternoon that
saw temperatures fluctuating between 72
and 40 degrees, New York food and music
sit engineer to manage the Dumplin Shop. His
vision was to transform the 'Shop' into a full-
fledged sit-down restaurant.
passenger fleet of the New York City Subway
that emerged from modernization efforts in
the 80's. This was when the subway "was on
Produced by Lincoln Thomas for
Linkgitz Production and written by McGre-
lovers including NYC councilman Andy Today the full service restaurant serves the verge of collapse". Sometimes referred to gor with Lincoln Thomas and Kemar
King, came out to celebrate the launch of the excellent food in a clean and welcoming es- as New Millennium Trains, they are known Williams, 'Go Freddie Go' is a musical
Dumpling Cove Restaurant, located 1530 East tablishment. The "Cove" is open for business for improvements in technology, energy effi- chronology of McGregor's life, career, expe-
222 Street, Bronx. from 6 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Monday -Wednes- ciency, reliability, and comfort along with ad- riences, journey and his legacy.
The event served up a mouthwatering day and 6am - 2am Thursday to Saturday and vanced passenger information systems. "My life's journey has taken me places
menu of dishes ranging from jerk chicken, fish on Sundays 6am -7pm. The sit-down restau- Aside from being an engineer and a I only dreamt of as a youth. Thinking back
and shrimp. The launch also had a musical rant offers a spacious seating area for cus- restaurateur, Mair is a philanthropist at heart. on all of it, I remember the times I was en-
component with a live performance of the tomers, a bar and a small stage which is He gives generously to various charities in- couraged to 'Go Freddie Go'. Looking for-
very entertaining Royal Khaoz Band. utilized for local area bands that play on cluding Team Jamaica Bickle, the Caribbean ward to seeing you all very, very soon" he
The Dumpling Cove Restaurant is the Karaoke Thursday and on 'live music' Satur- Day of Giving which assisted Caribbean na- continued.
brainchild of Jamaica born Kerieth Mair, who days. For breakfast, the ackee and saltfish is tionals in the islands who were affected by Freddie will embark on a North Ameri-
migrated to the USA in 1975. The Dumpling pure delight, as is the calaloo, fried bammy, hurricanes Maria and Irma; the Police Benev- can tour this summer with stops in Vancou-
Shop (the original name of the business) was fried yellow plantains, boiled yam and green olent Association; the Alumni Association of ver, Boston, Los Angeles, Washington DC
established in 1990. Mair started managing banana. For dinner, the menu offers the signa- Jamaica among others. and New York with more dates to come.
the store in 2002 and took control of its oper- ture fried fish & dumpling, sizzling spiced
ations soon after his uncle returned to Ja- jerked chicken, curry chicken & goat, oxtail,
maica. broiled shrimp, lobster and brown stew
The restaurant quickly established itself chicken. All meals are served with the option
as the top take-out joint for dumplings and fish of white rice and peas, steam cabbage and
in the northeast Bronx. After being in a rented plantains.
building space for over 20 years, in 2012 Mair Prior to the Dumplin Shop, Mair worked
borrowed from his 401K and purchased a cor- as an engineer at the Metropolitan Transporta-
ner street building in the Bronx. Two years tion Authority, MTA, where he helped to write

Artist/Singer • Song Writer
Actress • MC/Host For information
Versatile, Vivacious,
Creative and Talented 646-687-5327
For booking and interviews: Bookings@ladypeacemn.com
718-652-9836 • 678-462-9626 www.ladypeacemn.com

Lady Peace MN to release EP ‘Breakthrough Today’

Lady Peace MN is a dedicated and MBMN Heavensgate Inc.
committed artist; she is demonstrating the Email:Artist@mbmnheavensgate.com
limitlessness of God to change a life. Instagram/ladypeacemn
Lady Peace MN is a woman in love with Twitter.com/Ladypeacemn1
life, living each day on purpose. https//www.facebook/MBMNHeavensgate
www.ladypeacemn.com. Music available
online for sale at Itunes.com and



B e Inspired - Love, Joy, Peace and

Happiness. Lady Peace MN has
woven a tapestry to show the limitless-
her new gospel release. The music is well
written, and arranged. One of her tracks
entitled “My Best Friend” reveals trust
May 23, 2018
ness of God to show greatness in us. and faith to see God in the details of life.
Her music is soft melodic and blends
well with contemporary music genres.
Lady Peace MN composed five of the six
songs on the EP. Breakthrough Today, is
at 6:00PM
Lady Peace MN is releasing a new a gift to be shared; the songs are a com-
upcoming Gospel EP, April 30, 2018 en- position of experiences saturated with
titled, “Breakthrough Today.” faith and set to music.
A fresh and inspirational compilation
of songs reveals the heart and essence of
Lady Peace MN began her musical
journey singing in church as a teenager.
The Garvey School
Lady Peace MN the artist and composer. She later diverged and began exploring
“Breakthrough Today”, captures the ver- other art forms, and was the lead female
10th Anniversary at
satility of Lady Peace MN as an artist, artist of a local reggae band. The second Eastwood Manor
composer and writer of short music time around God has transformed her
videos; she has moved away from the life, and her music. She released her first 3371 Eastchester Road
first CD, “Songs from the Heart.” Faith single in 2015, “Story Book Children,”
and trust in God is the central theme of on ITunes and Amazon.
Bronx, NY 10466


L.U.S.T. and Force MDS for Miss Dream Castle Pageant 2018
Lyndon Taylor consistent presence at radio and in the hearts Castle Villa in Montego Bay. Tickets for the Tony Cobb of WVIP 93.5 FM will be
Contributing Writer of their fans. grand coronation are $90 each and can be serve as host for the evening.
YONKERS: The Miss Dream Castle Pageant, which purchased via Eventbrite at Miss Dream Cas-

R eggae group L.U.S.T. and legendary

American rap/R&B group Force MDs
will headline the entertainment at the grand
is open to women age 17-25, is the brainchild
of Gwendolyn Nicks-James, owner of Dream
tle Pageant.

coronation of Miss Dream Castle 2018 on

Saturday, June 9 at the Royal Regency Hotel
in Yonkers, New York. Now in its 9th year,
Miss Dream Castle Pageant, the brainchild of
Gwendolyn Nicks-James, owner of Dream
Castle Villa in Montego Bay, was created to
help empower young women and raise funds
for educational needs in Jamaica.
Both L.U.S.T. and FORCE MDs will de-
light patrons throughout the evening in
what’s expected to be a top-quality entertain-
ment package and will also serenade the
The reggae quartet L.U.S.T consisting of
Lukie D, Thriller U, Singing Melody and
Tony Curtis first came to prominence when
they performed at the MIDEM 97 Festival in
Great vocals, smooth harmonies, signa-
ture tunes and inspiring melodies all soulfully
combine to provide the quartet a winning for-
mula and it’s played out in their songs and in
their on-stage performances. With an out-
standing repertoire of chart-topping songs,
dating back as far as 1998 to the present, the
group has remained resilient and has forced
even the most discriminating of music lovers
to pause, listen and appreciate what L.U.S.T.
has to offer.
The group has released two albums,
Sweetness of your Love in 2007 and Inspira-
tion in 2010. Since then, L.U.S.T. has per-
formed at a variety of events mainly in
Europe and have been working on a number
of solo projects over the past few years. To-
gether, the group L.U.S.T. is a “dynamic
force” as one member puts it, each person
bringing his individual success and experi-
ence to benefit the group as a whole.
Force MD’s is the embodiment of the
classic eighties Hip-Hop R and B soul. And
patrons attending the grand coronation are in
for a treat. The group is most known for the
overwhelming commercial success from the
Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis-penned classic
"Tender Love.” The song proved to be a huge
success, peaking at #10 in the Billboard Hot
100 chart, remaining there for 19 weeks, and
helping Jam & Lewis garner a Grammy
Award for Producer of the Year. The group
followed this success in 1987 with their first
#1 R&B hit "Love is a House.” But the Force
MD’s deep catalog of classic R and B/ Hip-
Hop staples including “Tears,” “Here I go
Again,” “Let me Love You,” and their con-
tinued release of new anthems for all occa-
sions has allowed them to maintain a

Some 50 Caribbean
Schools For 2018
Penn Relays
By NAN Sports Editor
News Americas:

S ome 50 Caribbean highs schools and

colleges are set to participate in this
year’s Penn Relays and US-based Diaspora
organization, Team Jamaica Bickle is again
pleading for financial support to help pro-
vide hot meals, transportation and medical
care to the athletes.
The Caribbean schools and colleges
participating in this year’s Relays in
Philadelphia from April 26-28, 2018 ac-
cording to Penn officials are as follows:
Bahamas - College – Bahamas College;
High Schools-Bishop Eldon, Grand Ba-
hamas; St. Augustine’s, St. John’s, and
Barbados - High Schools- Christ Church,
Daryll Jordan, St. Lucy;
Guyana - College – Guyana Technical Col-
lege, Berbice; High Schools- Fort Welling-
ton, Berbice New Campbellville,
Campbellville and Georgetown
Jamaica - Colleges: G.C. Foster, St.
Catherine, Knox CC, Clarendon, MICO,
UTech, UWI Mona; High Schools - Ar-
denne, Belair, Bellefield, Bridgeport, Cal-
abar, Cornwall Coll, Edwin Allen,
Excelsior, Godfrey Stewart, Greater Port-
more, Green Island, Herbert Morrison,
Holmwood Tech, Hydel, Immaculate Con-
ception, Jamaica College, Kingston Col-
lege, Manchester, Mona, Munro College,
Muschett, Papine, Petersfield, Rhodes Hall,
Ruseas, Spalding, St. Andrew Tech,
St. Catherine, St. Elizabeth Tech, St. Jago,
Tacius Golding, The Queen’s School,
Kevin Parker (NY State Senator) flanked (l-r) by Trudy Deans, (Jamaica's Consul General to New York) and Kiva Clarke Vere Technical, Wolmer’s Boys,
(Trinidad & Tobago's Consul General to New York). St. Vincent & the Grenadines - High
Schools - St. Vincent Grammar, Thomas
Team Jamaica Bickle Launches Penn Relays Activities Saunders;
Trinidad & Tobago - High Schools, Fa-

Announces Romain Virgo As Ambassador tima, Queen’s Royal Coll., St. Francois
By Anthony Turner Bakery, TJB’s founding partner, by Janice Ju- a Catamaran Cruise, courtesy Island Routes
Contributing Writer lian, Marketing/Public Relations Officer. and an USD $800 air-fare travel voucher. It

T eam Jamaica Bickle (TJB) launched its

2018 Penn Relays program in a well-at-
tended event at Sandz Bar & Grille located
They are celebrating 40 years in business 24
of which have been committed in part to TJB
around the Penn Relays.
raises funds mainly to outfit schools in Ja-
maica with defibrillators. Several raffle tick-
ets were sold at the event.
in Queens, New York recently. The event an- The official launch of Romain Virgo, as Akelia Lawrence Maitland, Jamaica Di-
nounced the organization’s activities leading ambassador of the organization for 2018- aspora advisory Board Member, NE Chapter,
into the Penn Relays which forms a part of 2019 was the highlight of the evening and spearheaded an impromptu fundraising mo-
its community outreach and fundraising ef- was presented by VP Records Aaron Talbot. ment that raised over $1500 on the spot and
forts. Romain has committed part-proceeds from sparked donations at teamjamaicabickle.org
Master of ceremonies for the evening the download of the song Still from the In his remarks Irwine Clare, Snr.,
Robert DeSouza welcomed all to the event. album Lovesick to Team Jamaica Bickle. He thanked founding partner Caribbean Food
A special welcome was extended to the Con- will make an appearance at this year’s Penn Delights/Royal Caribbean Bakery for 24
sul General of Jamaica to New York, Ms. Relays. years of solid support. He went on to also
Trudy Deans and Consul General of Trinidad "At only $1.29 per download this is an highlight the calendar of events leading into
and Tobago to New York, Ms. Kiva Clark. opportunity for many people to help with the the Penn Relays and closed by expressing
To set the tone and highlight Jamaica’s efforts of TJB. Let’s make ‘Still,’ the most gratitude to all who supports the organization
dominance in track and field the video of Ja- downloaded reggae song ever in one week so especially those in attendance.
maica’s Aisha Praught’s (surprising) win in that we can make a significant contribution Several community notables were in the
the Steeple Chase at the Commonwealth on the behalf of VP Records, Romain and the room: New York State Senator, Kevin
Games was shown to much applause by Ja- fans;" said Richard Lue, Dir. Business devel- Parker; Mrs. Pat Chin and Chris Chin of VP
maica’s Consul General and the audience. opment, VP Records Records; Attorney Stephen Drummond, Reg-
Ms. Clarke was welcomed by the video of The event highlighted the organiza- gae Singer, Ed. Robinson; Mike Mullings,
Trinidadian Michelle Lee Ayhe winning the tion’s calendar of activities as well as its Sandra McCarthy, Caribbean Business Con-
100m at the Commonwealth game to her de- MANNA Raffle. The MANNA (medical at- nections; Sharon Gordon of Coalition for the
light. tention and nutrition now for athletes), raffle Preservation of Reggae and Sherie Murray,
Vashti Cunningham won the ODM
Remarks were delivered on behalf of offers a grand prize of 5 days/4 nights at the Republican State Committee Woman.
Caribbean Food Delights/Royal Caribbean all-inclusive Sandals Jamaica, coupled with High Jump n 6-04 at Penn Relays 2017

Welcome to Penn Relays 2018

F ounded in 1895 and officially named
The Penn Relay Carnival, the relays
gained recognition as the world’s first and
largest track and field relay meet and is the
nation’s longest uninterrupted collegiate
The event has drawn top high school,
college and world-class athletes from
around the globe and has been the scene of
numerous American and world records.
The 2018 edition will once again bring
the top athletes from around the globe, in-
cluding Jamaica & the Bahamas, as the
next generation of superstars look to make
their mark at Franklin Field. 2017 marked
the 14th-straight year the Penn Relays had
more than 100,000 spectators watch the
world’s greatest athletes in competition.
To purchase tickets and learn more
about the 2018 Penn Relays, visit
www.PennRelays.com. Be the first to learn
breaking news by following the world’s
largest track and field meet on social media
@PennRelays via Twitter, Facebook, and David Johnson
Elaine Thompson comes from behind to win USA vs the World 4x100 Instagram. Meet Director - Penn Relays

Team Jamaica won the USA vs the World 4x400

John Teeters anchors Team USA Red to victory in USA vs the World

St Elizabeth Tech won the 4x800 Championship of America


Tax Season Refund Frequently Asked Questions
W here’s My Refund? will give
you the status of your refund.
You can check the status within 24
Spouse Allocation, which could take
up to 14 weeks to proces; Needs fur-
ther review in general; We will con-
and small business loan applications,
and to help with tax preparation.
I’m a nonresident alien. I
hours after we’ve received your e- tact you by mail when we need more don’t have to pay U.S. federal in-
file return or 4 weeks after you’ve information to process your return. come tax. How do I claim a refund
mailed a paper return. It has the most I claimed the Earned Income for federal taxes withheld on in-
up to date information about your re- Tax Credit (EITC) or the Additional come from a U.S. source? When
fund. Child Tax Credit (ACTC) on my tax can I expect to receive my refund?
How quickly will I get my re- return. When can I expect my re- To claim a refund of federal
fund? fund? taxes withheld on income from a
We issue most refunds in less According to the Protecting U.S. source, a nonresident alien must
than 21 calendar days. Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) report the appropriate income and
I’m counting on my refund for Act, the IRS cannot issue EITC and withholding amounts on Form
something important. Can I expect ACTC refunds before mid-February. 1040NR U.S. Nonresident Alien In-
to receive it in 21 days? The IRS expects the earliest come Tax Return. You must include
Many different factors can af- EITC/ACTC related refunds to be the documents substantiating any in-
fect the timing of your refund after available in taxpayer bank accounts come and withholding amounts
we receive your return. Even though or debit cards starting Feb. 27, 2018, when you file your Form 1040NR.
we issue most refunds in less than 21 if these taxpayers chose direct de- Will calling you help me get 4 weeks after you’ve mailed a paper We need more than 21 days to
days, it’s possible your refund may posit and there are no other issues my refund any faster? tax return. process a 1040NR return. Please
take longer. Also, remember to take with their tax return. No. Our phone and walk-in rep- Will Where’s My Refund? allow up to 6 months from the date
into consideration the time it takes Where’s My Refund? on resentatives can only research the show me when I’ll receive my re- you filed the 1040NR for your re-
for your financial institution to post IRS.gov and the IRS2Go mobile app status of your refund 21 days after fund? Where’s My Refund? fund.
the refund to your account or for you remains the best way to check the you filed electronically; 6 weeks will give you a personalized How will I know you’re pro-
to receive it by mail. status of a refund. Where’s My Re- after you mailed your paper return; date after we process your return and cessing my tax return? Where’s My
It's been longer than 21 days fund? will be updated with projected or if Where’s My Refund? directs approve your refund. Refund?
since the IRS received my return deposit dates for most early EITC you to contact us. Will ordering a transcript help follows your tax return from re-
and I haven’t gotten my refund. and ACTC refund filers on February What information does me find out when I’ll get my re- ceipt to completion. It will tell you
Why? 17. These taxpayers will not see a re- Where’s My Refund? have? fund? when your return is in received sta-
Some tax returns take longer to fund date on Where's My Refund? It has information on the most A tax transcript will not help tus and if your refund is in approved
process than others for many rea- �or through their software packages recent tax year refund we have on you find out when you’ll get your re- or sent status.
sons, including when a return: Is af- until then. The IRS, tax preparers file for you. fund. The information transcripts What is happening when
fected by identity theft or fraud; and tax software will not have addi- When can I start checking have about your account does not Where’s My Refund? shows my tax
Includes a claim filed for an Earned tional information on refund dates, Where’s My Refund? for my re- necessarily reflect the amount or return status as received?
Income Tax Credit or an Additional so these taxpayers should not contact fund’s status? timing of your refund. They are best We have your tax return and are
Child Tax Credit. or call them about refunds before the 24 hours after we’ve received used to validate past income and tax processing it.
Includes a Form 8379, Injured end of February. your electronically filed tax return or filing status for mortgage, student

10 Simple Ways to Make People Like You More
By JOHN BRANDON likable people at work are those who can set
www.time.com aside their concerns and go with the flow.

T his post is in partnership with Inc.,

which offers useful advice, resources
and insights to entrepreneurs and business
They’re selfless.

9. Don’t be pushy.
owners. The article below was originally Here’s an interesting one–and difficult trait
published atInc.com. In the office, it’s pos- to master. I went on a road trip with some-
sible to exhibit traits that help you to be one a few years ago, and I remember how
more likable. In my years as a corporate he told me he doesn’t have highly distinct
manager and developing my writing career, tastes. What does that really mean? For
I’ve noticed when people appear more lik- starters, he’s not that selfish and won’t push
able and I’ve tried to develop these traits his preferences–he’ll go to lunch at any
myself. Here’s a few to cultivate. restaurant and listen to any form of music.
He’s flexible. That makes him likable be-
1. Ask questions. cause he will adjust to the situation.
I’ve noticed people who ask questions are once in a while! Likable people are always make sure you are ready to see the humor
often well-liked. It’s human nature to be listeners who are curious to (genuinely) in something. Be someone who can laugh 10. Admit your weaknesses.
helpful and we all have a great desire to learn new things. The best communicators easily and smile often. You’ll win people That character on the show Mind Games is
share what we know. When someone ap- talk and talk–and then listen for a response. over. right: Admitting weaknesses makes you
pears to need our help, we tend to like them That makes them an office favorite. more likable. People figure them out on
more because we like being the one who 8. Lighten up. their own anyway. Of course, it’s important
provides the answers. 5. Really and truly care. I will admit to struggling with this one. I’m not to act like a victim or share your prob-
How do you develop the personality trait of a serious person with serious concerns! lems with everyone you meet. At work, it’s
2. Talk more, not less. caring? It can be difficult, especially in an (Most of the time.) But it’s better to see the okay to go into a meeting and lead with the
A friend of mine is a small business owner age of social media where everyone is dan- big picture in life. Really serious people are challenges you face. People are more likely
and he is extremely well liked. One of his gerously close to being a narcissist. Caring essentially acting selfish because they focus to suggest a few solutions, come to your aid,
strongest traits is that he tends to talk con- is an act of setting aside your own interests too much on their personal issues. Highly and even pat you on the back.
stantly. You never have to guess what he’s and ambitions for a while and helping oth-
thinking. He’s not blunt or rude, but he ex- ers. It requires effort. You have to con-
plains things in detail. (Being an introvert, sciously decide you are going to care about
I need to develop this trait more in myself– someone else. When you do, and you are
and use texting and e-mail a little less genuine about it, you’ll find that more peo-
often.) ple will like you.

3. Give your time…gratis. 6. Admit it, you don’t know everything.

A no-strings-attached approach to helping We all know how important it is to steer
others also makes you more likable. Think clear of the office know-it-all. Why is that?
of the person you like the most–usually, it’s Part of the reason is we know that person
someone who will help you with the copier won’t ask for our help, and we like to be
machine or is willing to read through your helpful. More importantly, those who have
business proposal in a pinch. Of course, all of the answers are usually pushing their
those who help just to be liked always re- own agenda. In their conceited attitude, they
veal a manipulative trait, so make sure exhibit a sense of pride that’s not attractive
you’re genuine. to anyone.

4. Listen better. 7. Go for the laugh, every time.

I mentioned how talkers tend to be more lik- It’s hard to hate a jokester or someone who
able, and that’s true. Sometimes, over-com- has a carefree approach to life. Usually, the
municating puts people at ease. But it’s also most-liked people are those that can fill a
important to pause once in a while and lis- room with laughter. It might not be in your
ten. Good communicators take a breath nature to joke around, and that’s okay. Just

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Paterson New Jersey Real Estate Broker Pleads Guilty
NEW JERSEY: Southern District of New York accepted the “As he has now admitted, Joo Hyun Bahn

officer dead A New Jersey-based real estate broker

pleaded guilty today to foreign bribery
guilty plea. Sentencing is scheduled for June
29 at 11 am.
schemed to bribe a foreign official to close an
$800 million real estate deal for a skyscraper
charges in connection with his role in a scheme Bahn was charged alongside his father, in Vietnam -- a deal that would have earned
after crash to bribe a foreign official in the Middle East to
secure a real estate deal for a South Korean
Ban Ki Sang (Ban), and Malcolm Harris in
December 2016. Ban was a senior executive
him a multimillion-dollar commission and
much needed capital for his client, Keangnam
PATERSON: construction company, Keangnam Enterprises at Keangnam. Harris, an arts and fashion con- Enterprises,” said Manhattan U.S. Attorney

A Paterson North Jersey police officer

whom friends described as a loving,
kindhearted family man was pronounced
Co. Ltd. (Keangnam).
Acting Assistant Attorney General John P.
Cronan of the Justice Department’s Criminal
sultant and blogger, held himself out as an
agent of a foreign official.
“Bribery and corruption undermine fair
Berman. “As Bahn’s conviction demonstrates,
federal law enforcement stands ready to root
out commercial bribery wherever it is found.”
dead after a one-car crash on Getty Av- Division, U.S. Attorney Geoffrey S. Berman competition and the rule of law,” said Acting According to admissions made in connec-
enue late Sunday morning, according to of the Southern District of New York and As- Assistant Attorney General Cronan. “The fact tion with Bahn’s plea, from between February
the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office. sistant Director in Charge William F. Sweeney that Joo Hyun Bahn’s intended scheme was 2014 and May 2015, Bahn joined a scheme to
Police Officer Tamby Yagan, a Jr. of the FBI’s New York Field Office made thwarted by the greed and deception of one of pay bribes to a foreign official in a country in
the announcement. his codefendants does not change the fact that the Middle East in order to facilitate the sale
Wayne resident, was on duty and crashed
Joo Hyun Bahn, aka Dennis Bahn, 39, of he sought to steer an $800 million real estate by Keangnam of a commercial building known
into a parked car, city officials said.
Tenafly, New Jersey, pleaded guilty in federal deal by paying hundreds of thousands of dol- as Landmark 72 in Hanoi, Vietnam, to the
The Prosecutor’s Office said police court in Manhattan to one count of conspiracy lars in bribes. The Department is committed Middle Eastern country’s sovereign wealth
arrived to find that a Paterson police offi- to violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act to prosecuting those like Bahn who seek to fund.
cer had been involved in a crash with a (FCPA) and one count of violating the FCPA. corruptly tilt the playing field to their advan-
parked vehicle while in his cruiser. “The U.S. District Judge Edgardo Ramos of the tage.”
officer was the only person involved in
the crash and was transported to Saint
Joseph’s Regional Medical Center, where N.J. suspends applications for
he later died from his injuries,” a press re-
lease said.
There were no other injuries. The
programs offering foreclosure relief
crash remains under investigation. “He NEW JERSEY: No new applications are being accepted at In November alone, one out of every
was a cop’s cop,” said Police Director
Jerry Speziale. “He’s somebody who went T wo New Jersey programs that provide
financial assistance to homeowners on
the brink of foreclosure are temporarily sus-
this time."
The decision to suspend new applica-
tions to the assistance programs comes as
737 housing units in New Jersey had fore-
closure proceedings initiated against the
homeowner, a rate far higher than the na-
above and beyond. He was a true commu-
nity person.” pending acceptance of applications, a state homeowners across New Jersey remain in tional average of one out of every 2,074
—————————- official said this week, bringing an indefinite the throes of the state's foreclosure crisis. units.
hiatus to a set of funds that have helped thou- Nearly 2% of housing units in the state — Since September 2015, New Jersey has
sands of residents stay afloat in the aftermath almost 68,000 properties in total — are in had either the highest or second-highest
Officer arrested of the Great Recession. some state of foreclosure, according to number of new foreclosure proceedings filed
New Jersey's HomeKeeper and Home- Attom Data Solutions, a California company every month, said Daren Blomquist, senior
on drug charges Saver programs, both of which are housed
under the state's federally bankrolled Hard-
that tracks foreclosures. vice president for Attom.

PATERSON: est Hit Fund, are not taking new applications

U niformed city police officer Ruben

McAusland drove his marked patrol
vehicle to meet with a drug dealer on Feb.
"in order to better assist the current pipeline
of applicants," Tammori Petty, director of
communications for the state's Department
11 in the parking lot of a Paterson super- of Community Affairs, said in emails this
market, according to documents released week.
by federal authorities on Friday. “There’s "The agency wants to ensure that there
cameras here,” McAusland warned the is enough funding to process all applications
dealer as the cop allegedly sold the man 5.1 that are currently in process," Petty said. "...
grams of heroin, an exchange made less
than half a mile from Paterson police head-
quarters, according to federal authorities.
What McAusland apparently didn’t
know was that the drug dealer – whose
name has not been released – was cooper-
ating with law enforcement officials to get
a break on another case and that months of
conversations between the cop and the
dealer were being recorded, according to
the United States Attorney’s Office.
McAusland was arrested Friday on
drug distribution charges, becoming the
third Paterson cop in two weeks accused of
corruption by federal authorities.
McAusland, 26, of Paterson, allegedly
sold heroin, crack cocaine, powder cocaine
and marijuana on multiple occasions be-
tween October 2017 and April 2018, ac-
cording to an announcement by U.S.
Attorney Craig Carpenito. Advertising & Editorial
Law enforcement officials said most of
the alleged crimes took place while Contributions:
McAusland was off-duty, but that some
happened while he was working.
Authorities have not revealed exactly Contributing Editor
how McAusland got the drugs he allegedly
sold. But the complaint cited one instance
Regional Marketing/
in January when the officer allegedly told Advertising Director
the federal witness that he would have got- david@streethypenewspaper.com
ten crack from a city drug bust but “too
many bosses” were present. 201-281-7226

What Adam and Eve Can Teach Us about Love
By BRUCE FEILER autonomous decision to be with Eve,” Deci coined the phrase “collective monologue” vides them in two, they alone are responsi-

I spent the last few years traveling in the

footsteps of history’s first couple, from
the Garden of Eden in Iraq to the Sistine
said. Only when Adam and Eve face death
alone can they face life together. “Learning
to be oneself,” wrote Thomas Merton,
to describe how preschoolers play, meaning
they gather together but talk only to them-
selves. Love is the opposite of this. It’s
ble for writing their own narrative. Theirs
is the first joint byline. This need to author
your own intermingled experience is the
Chapel to Mae West’s Hollywood, trying to “means learning to die in order to live.” “collective dialogue.” Two voices construct final lesson from the oldest couple: Love is
figure out what the first relationships can Only when they fall from grace can they a shared story. Creating this shared story — a story we tell with another person. It’s co-
teach us about relationships today. What I fully fall in love with each other. what psychologists call “co-narration” — is creation through co-narration. And it’s a re-
found is that Adam and Eve introduced the the last great quality of romantic love, and minder that sometimes the timeliest
idea of love into the West. 3. The Importance of Co-Narration. the one Adam and Eve are most responsible wisdom comes from timeless sources.
They were the first to grapple — some- The great Swiss child psychologist Piaget for introducing. From the moment God di-
times successfully, other times not — with
the central mystery of being alive: being un-
alone. Yet instead of celebrating this
achievement, history has blamed them for
bringing sin, lust, even death into the world.
This is the greatest character assassination
ever. More important, it’s allowed us to
overlook that the earliest figures to grapple
with a long-term relationship embody the
exact qualities that the latest research sug-
gests we all need to follow. So what can
Adam and Eve teach us about love?

1. The Power of Connectivity.

A seminal findings of positive psychology
is that relationship are central to well-being.
George Valliant, who ran the famed Grant
Study of 268 men at Harvard, said the 75
years and $20 million expended point to “a
straightforward five-word conclusion:
‘Happiness is love. Full stop.” At the same
time, the biggest threat to happiness is feel-
ing isolated, left out, alone. Those with
higher rates of loneliness have higher rates
of depression, anxiety, and hostility, along
with increased rates of dying from heart dis-
ease, cancer, and every other cause of death
studied. Social isolation is on par with high
blood pressure, obesity, lack of exercise,
and smoking as a risk factor for illness and
early death. Why? John Cacioppo of the
University of Chicago has shown that being
lonely triggers cellular changes in the body
that make the immune system less able to
protect vital organs. The first thing God
says about human beings in the Bible, after
creating Adam, is “It’s not right for humans
to be alone.” Hebrew Scripture got there
3,000 years before modern science. From
Eve’s risky reach for knowledge to the un-
bearable pain of losing a child at the hand
of another, the first couple are constantly
wrestling with loneliness. God clearly
wants them to find refuge in each other. The
aching question: Can they find a way?

2. The Need for Autonomy.

Another pillar of psychology is that being
emotionally healthy requires a high degree
of self-directedness. Edward Deci, of the
University of Rochester and the founder of
this line of thinking, told me that hundreds
of studies across culture, gender and age
have shown that people prefer being moti-
vated from within and need to feel au-
tonomous. This, too, is a major theme of
Adam and Eve. The two begin life crazy for
each other. Eve is “the one,” Adam en-
thuses. But Eve craves independence, wan-
ders off and eats the fruit. Since the text
says she gains knowledge with this act,
Deci thinks she’s seeking more meaning.
“For Eve, eating the fruit appears to be an
autonomous choice.” The same applies to
Adam, who given the option to eat, chooses
companionship over duty. “He makes the


Selecting fruits and vegetables NUTRICARE
G reetings Everyone! I am sharing my 7) Cherries, 8) Pears, 9) Tomatoes, 10)
monthly health information for the Celery, 11) Potatoes, 12) Sweet Bell Pep-
fruits and vegetables we select to eat that pers and Hot Peppers!
should be for positive health benefits. Now, let us review the "Clean Fif-
Hopefully, it's looking like the warm teen," Well I love, #1 Avocados which Questions & Comments:
weather is finally sneaking in. Along with heads the list this year. The remainder is Gloria.Bent@gmail.com
this comes time to eat more fruits. Straw- as follows: 2) Sweet Corn, 3) Pineapple,
berries are one of the fa- 4) Cabbage, 5) Onions, 6)
vorites, but falls in the
category of one of the "Dirty
Frozen Peas, 7) Papayas, 8)
Asparagus, 9) Mangoes, 10)
The Impact of Salt on
Dozens." This means it is
among those fruits/veggies
Eggplants, 11) Honey Dew,
12) Kiwis, 13) Cantaloupes, Your Body and Life
listed below as highly con- 14) Cauliflower, and 15)
taminated with pesticides.
These pesticides are linked to
In reality, if your choice
T he one thing that salt have most in
common is that they taste good with
a huge variety of different foods.
you consume, your body retains water in
order to help dilute it.

causing asthma, cancers, fer- is not the organic route which Unfortunately, salt also difficult to Why is this bad?
tility issues, and brain condi- can be pricey, then maybe we consume in moderation. Much of this fluid is then pulled into
tions, for example. The should eat the majority of our Even if you avoid salty your blood vessels, which in-
environmental working produce from the "Clean Fif- snack foods, salt can find its creases your blood volume
group site urges us as con- teen" list. Why? Because the
way into your diet as a part of and creates more pressure
sumers to go the organic "Dirty Dozen" is linked to a
the recipes that you prepare. within the vessels. Increased
route. If not organic, The BY ANGELA DARLING variety of health conditions
What sort of harm can blood pressure also increases
Connecticut Agricultural Ex- Advocate, Health Educator, as stated above. All adults
Humanitarian salt cause to your body? Here your risk of heart attack or
periment Station on CNN ad- and children should be eating
are just a few of the reasons stroke.
vice to rinse produce under fruits and vegetables which
tap water for 30 seconds to help get rid of provide vitamins, minerals, and fiber. I en- that you should really try to
pesticide residue. The "Dirty Dozen" are courage you to add more of the "Clean cut down. Excessive Sodium
1) Strawberries, which head the list for the Fifteen" to your dinner table, refrigerator, Causes Kidney Damage
third year in a row, 2) Spinach, 3) Nec- and fruit bowls. Too Much Salt Raises High blood pressure
tarines, 4) Apples, 5) Grapes, 6) Peaches, Take Care Of You. For You Are #1! Blood Pressure isn’t the only problem
Salt is the average Ameri- caused by the strain that ex-
can’s main source of sodium, cessive sodium puts on your
a dietary mineral that the kidneys.
body needs. Processing all of this sodium can also
Sodium helps with muscle function, take its toll on them, resulting in a loss of
as well as maintaining the fluid balance function.
in your body. A high-sodium diet could also make
However, if your kidneys aren’t able you more likely to experience kidney
to keep up with the amount of sodium stones.

Highlighting the opportunities and challenges of local business

Can your spouse’s impact your credit score?

A re you married or planning to
tie the knot soon? Are you
wondering if your spouse’s credit
Either way, always pay your
bills on time, use your credit
can impact your credit score, and wisely, and stay informed about
vice versa? In marriage, two be- your credit by regularly checking
come one. Your lives are inter- your credit report. That way, your
twined in many ways – but are credit can help you reach your
your credit reports combined? The joint goals sooner – together.
answer is no, but your credit could This article is provided for
still reflect one another’s credit general guidance and information.
behavior in some instances. It is not intended as, nor should it
be construed to be, legal, financial
Your State of Credit or other professional advice.
When You Get Married Please consult with your attorney
Generally speaking, nothing will or financial advisor to discuss any
happen to your credit after you legal or financial issues involved
and your spouse have exchanged with credit decisions.
marriage vows. Your spouse’s pre- Published by permission from
vious history will remain on his or ConsumerInfo.com, Inc., an Ex-
her separate credit report. Your perian company. © 2014 Con-
credit history will only appear on sumerInfo.com, Inc. All rights
your credit report. If there is a past reserved.
blemish on one of the credit re-
ports, it won’t show up on the
other report after the wedding This can be ideal if one
simply because you’re married. spouse’s credit history would neg-
If your significant other atively impact the joint applica-
chooses to change their name, the tion. With authorized user
new name will be added to their accounts, the primary card holder
credit report. If your spouse has is the only one legally responsible
bad credit, good credit or no for making payments. For that
credit, your credit report will not reason, Experian will remove the
be impacted by the name change. account from the authorized user’s
report if it becomes delinquent.
When Marriage Can However, the same advice to
Impact Your Credit Score make on-time payments still ap-
If you decide to apply jointly for plies—no matter who goes on a
a loan or credit card, both your re- spending spree.
ports and scores will be checked Some states have community
before your application’s ap- property laws requiring that ac-
proval. If one or both of you has counts opened while married au-
had difficulties managing credit tomatically be joint accounts. Be
usage in the past, you may run sure to check your state law to un-
into challenges. As such, there is derstand how your accounts will
always a chance your joint appli- be reported.
cation will be denied if one or
both of you have bad credit. Or, if Your Credit: for
one of you has less than excellent Better—Not Worse
credit, that could result in higher Difficulties managing your fi-
interest rates and fees if your joint nances could create difficulties in
application is approved. other areas of your marriage. With
With joint accounts, the ac- your spouse, you will want to do
count histories are reported on everything possible to make sure
both spouse’s credit reports. Both that your credit, and theirs, remain
spouses can be held responsible in the best shape possible. Be
under the account contract for open to discussing your financial
making sure loan or credit card status. Your financial holdings
payments are current. may include savings, salaries, in-
If you default on your pay- vestments, real estate—and espe-
ments, both of your credit scores cially your credit.
will feel the impact because the With different credit reports
late payments will appear in both and scores, handling credit-based
credit reports. If one spouse runs applications may require a differ-
up the credit card tab, both credit ent way of communicating with
scores will be affected because the each other. Are you the spouse
high balance and higher utilization with better credit? Will you fill out
rate will show in both of your re- all the applications to get better
ports. rates and list your spouse as an au-
Another option is for one thorized user on the account? Or
spouse to include the other as an will you choose to apply jointly, at
Authorized User on their credit the risk of higher interest rates, in
card. the hope of improving your
spouse’s credit?

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