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1. In Outcome based learning approach, the main role of the teacher is (b)
a. To teach the student 
b. To guide and mentor the student 
c. To provide a class room lecture  
d. To solve the unsolved problems  
2. Which one of the following statement describe a learner centric outcome (d)
a. Student will know Newton's Second Laws of Motion   
b. Student will understand the Newton's Second Laws of Motion   
c. The teacher will teach the Newton's  Second  Laws of Motion   
d. For a given mass and acceleration calculate the force acting on the particle using Newton's 
Laws of Motion   

3. Which one of the following is not the factor of Learner Analysis?

a. Attitude
b. Motivation
c. Abilities
d. Learner Participation

4. Accreditation Parameters (NBA or Washington Accord) can be achieve for a

program through : (C)
A. Offering different courses related to the program domain 
B.  Offering different courses related to the program domain along with some interdisciplinary 
C. Offering different courses related to the program domain with some interdisciplinary 
courses along with teaching learning process 
D. Offering different courses related to the program domain and teaching learning process 
5. Which one of the following is not the factor of Design Strategy?
a. Learning taxonomy
b. Prior Knowledge of the learner
c. Content presentation
d. Structure
6. What does the acronym ADDIE stand for when discussing Learning Objectives?
a. Analysis, Design, Develop, Implementation and Evaluation
b. Analysis, Design, Delivery, Imagine, Evaluate
c. Acquire, Design, Deliver, Implementation, Evaluation
d. Analyze, Deliver, Design, Imagine, Examine
7. Which theory believes in the concept that `knowledge exists independently and
outside of people and the learner acts as a blank slate who must be provided with the
a. Cognitivism
b. Constructivism
c. Behaviourism
d. All of the above

8. Which theory believes in the concept that `learning occurs through internal
processing of information’
a. Cognitivism
b. Constructivism
c. Behaviourism
d. All of the above
9. Application of Collaborative learning, Research projects, Problem based learning,
and Discovery learning belong to which theory
a. Constructivism
b. Behaviourism
c. Socialistic Theory
d. All of the above
10. 10. Domain independent program outcome can be achieved through
i. Providing interdisciplinary courses
ii. through domain dependence courses
iii. Teaching learning process

A. (i)
B. (i) &(ii)
C. (i)&(iii)
D. (i),(ii), (iii)