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Peer Observation

Subject and level: Mathematics (grade3 ) Date: 26-2-2018

Length of observation: 35 Mins Number of students: 20

Your Name: Jawaher Mahdi Peer’s Name: Wulaa Ali Aljneibi

Teaching characteristic Comments

1. Organization The organization is good, everything is arranged, the
Appropriate organization of content. Planning the use tools required for each activity, and the activities
of resources and materials.
according to the level of the students.
2. Presentation The introduction was clear and short, students should
Clear introduction, continuity with other sessions and write the activities they do with time, and then solve
students’ knowledge. Clarity of aims and objectives.
the questions in the book.
Clarity of presentation and organization. Appropriate
pace and timing. Attempts to respond to student
The teacher met the needs of the students when they
needs. Attitude to students (manner, style). Summary needed help, punishing and rewarding the students
and reference to future work. through the "class Dojo" program. Areas to be
developed: she should attract the students' attention
well and then start explaining. Also, should stop
explaining if the time is over.
3. Teaching approach and aids The teacher chose the learning outcomes of the
Choice of teaching/learning approach and its relevance ADEC, used the groups as a method of teaching,
to learner group. Methods used to check/evaluate
each group had different levels of education than the
learning. Choice and use of teaching activities.
Effective use of question and answer. Encouragement
other groups, used different activities. The teacher
of student interaction. walked among the groups to ensure that everyone
understood the instructions and methods of solution.
She encouraged the students by giving them points.
4. Student response
Level of participation. Level of attention and interest. Some students were anarchists, busy with something
General class atmosphere.
else like painting, but others shared with the teacher,
some students tried to work hard, the teacher
encouraged students, and overall the class went well.

5. General observations She should take the students’ full attention then talk.
Also, she must give the students more examples to
understand the lesson. Also she must speak less