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English Minute Meeting 1/2018

Date: 22nd of January 2018

Time: 2.30 p.m.
Venue: PSS
Attendance :
1. Patricia Urie a/k Entering
2. Hajar bt Abdul Aziz
3. Lydyia Linang a/k Buntoi
4. Jantong a/k Birai
5. Aini Sharina bt Esa
6. Faustina Hill a/k Dimim
7. Audyrella Henry
8. Chua Siok Nui
9. Hannah Fam Lee Ping
Absent: 1.Jenifer Andrew ( sick)

No Subject Action
1. Welcoming Speech- Headmaster
1.1 He reminded the teachers to have standardise daily All
lesson plan. teachers
1.2 Exam papers to be prepared before hand.
1.3 Year 1 LINUS BM/BI- improve your own class
The headmaster asked help from the remedial Mr Abart
teachers Mdm
1.4 PLC - to be carried out for phase 1 and 2 Norasitah
1.5 Co Academic Programme
E.g. Story Telling, Public Speaking - take note the
important dates.
1.6 Early planning for the PCG - benefit for the students
2. Speech by the Head of Panel
2.1 Expressed her thanks to all the English teachers for
their effort and welcomed two teachers, Audyrella
Henry and Hannah Fam Lee Ping joining the English
2.2 UPSR 2017 result analysis - refer to result sheet.

2.3 UPSR Target for English

Our ETR is higher so we will try to improve the
subject for both papers.
2.4 English Yearly Scheme of Work KSSR 2018 All teachers
- have the same for the three classes of the same
2.5 Standard English Daily Lesson Plan Format 2018
Follow the unit in the textbook- Level 1 & 2
RPH - teachers have choices and are advised to go
through the samples before buying.

3 3.1 English Panel Yearly Planning/ Action Plan 2018

3.1.1 English Hut - teachers will be informed to turn up to
make over the hut.
3.1.2 English Room - beautify the room, make it more
3.1.3 English Week - suggested date
- use school days, after recess, do
the setting up, selected students
place on one side
- suggested activities - story telling All teachers
- quiz level 1
- songs
- comittee members will be formed
for the above activities.
3.1.4 English Speaking Day - every Wednesday
3.1.5 Ten Minutes English Programme - every Monday and
3.1.6 English Assembly - to be brought up to improve in
public speaking.
3.1.7 Mural - get drawings done
3.1.8 Lesson Study- PLC Level 1- Aini Sharina/Year 3 Husna
Level 2- Lydyia/Year 6 Hukma
3.1.9 English Corner- compulsory- set up a corner in the

No arrising matters and the meeting was adjourned at 4.05p.m.

Recorded by, Certified by,

(Hajar binti Abdul Aziz) (Patricia Urie a/k Entering)

Secretary of English Panel Head of English Panel
English Club minute meeting (1) 2018
SK Datuk Bandar