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Primavera P6 Vs.

Microsoft Project
About Primavera (P6)

• Project Management Tool:

• It helps in planning, managing and controlling project costs, activities and resources effectively.

• Two Versions:
• Professional Project Management – PPM
• Windows client with database locally installed for single user or can be centrally installed for multiuser.
• Enterprise Project Portfolio Management – EPPM
• PPM client functionality with additional web based & mobile modules
Primavera (PPM) vs. MS Project Professional
S. No. Primavera (PPM) MS Project Professional

1 WBS is created separated from activities. Once WBS has Activities are indented to make them look
been created, then we can add activities with each WBS like WBS.

2 Steps in Primavera allows you to create sub-activities Doesn’t have such feature.
(steps) of an activity. Each step can have its own start
and finish date, and a
completed step can be marked as completed.
3 Unlimited baselines can be created Only 11 baselines can be created.
4 In Primavera you can even specify what features of Doesn't allow multiple users to work on a
Primavera a particular user can use, and which he can single project at the same time.
5 Can record issues and risks. Lacks the feature of tracking project issues
or risks. (In Project Server possible)
S. No. Primavera (PPM) MS Project Professional

6 In Primavera we can create a blank custom field, but MS Project allows us to set complex
can not set formulas or use
formulas to it, so users have to manually enter values in fields and add additional values to it, to use
each in the field, for each column. in the custom field.
7 It comes installed with over 200 columns, each giving There are only around 40 columns.
you different information. Some
column category to name include EVM, Budgeting,
Costs, etc.
8 More than one type of relationship can be established Only one relationship can be made between
between activities e.g. we can have FF and SS between two activities.
same two activities.
S. No. Primavera (PPM) MS Project Professional

9 Can create a comprehensive website comprising of Website feature not present (Present in
complete project details including activities, Project Server)
resources, reports, risks, issues, WBS, and everything
that has been entered in the software.
10 Primavera plan, documents and other information can Doesn’t have such feature (Project Server
be converted to HTML directly from the software. possible)
Best Practices

• When to choose Primavera P6

• If working in a project or multiple projects, and you are requiring to computerize every detail
of your project, go for Primavera P6.
• When to choose MS Project
• If working on a single project that doesn’t require record details other than activity schedule,
resource list, and assignment details, go for MS Project.
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