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Answered Review

Principal C shares this thought with his teachers:Subject matter should help students
understand and appreciate themselves as unique individuals who accept complete
responsibility for their thoughts, feelings, and actions.From which philosophy is this thought

A. Perennialism

B. Essentialism

C. Existentialism

D. Progressivism

Teacher W wants to review and check on the lesson of the previous day? Which one will be
most reliable?

A. Having students identify di cult homework problems.

B. Having students correct each other's work.

C. Sampling the understanding of a few students.

D. Explicitly reviewing the task-relevant information necessary for the day's lesson.

Theft of school equipment like tv, computer, etc. by teenagers in the community itself is
becoming a common phenomenon. What does this incident signify?

A. Prevalence of poverty in the community.

B. Inability of school to hire security guards.

C. Deprivation of Filipino schools.

D. Community's lack of sense of co-ownership.

Which of the following propositions is attributed to Plato?

A. Truth is relative to a particular time and place.

B. Human beings create their own truths.

C. Learning is the discovery of truth as Iatent ideas are brought to consciousness.

D. Sense perception is the most accurate guide to knowledge.

Value clari cation as a strategy in Values Education classes is anchored on which philosophy?

A. Existentialism

B. Christian philosophy

C. Idealism

D. Hedonism

If teacher has to ask more higher-order questions, he has to ask more __________ questions.

A. closed

B. fact

C. concept

D. convergent

I drew learners into several content areas and encouraged them to solve a complex question
for inter-disciplinary teaching. Which strategy did I use?

A. Problem-centered learning

B. Unit method

C. Reading-writing activity

D. Thematic instruction

Student Z does not study at all but when the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET)
comes, before he takes the LET, he spends one hour or more praying for a miracle, i.e. to
pass the exam. Which attitude towards religion or God is displayed?

A. Religion as fake

B. Religion as magic

C. Religion as authentic
D. Religion as real

From whom do we owe the theory of deductive interference as illustrated in syllogisms?

A. Plato

B. Scorates

C. Aristotle

D. Pythagoras

Teacher U teaches to his pupils that pleasure is not the highest good. Teacher’s teaching is
against what philosophy?

A. Realism

B. Hedonism

C. Epicureanism

D. Empiricism


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