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October 28, 2017; 8:59:03 AM

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Courses Computer Courses:Course on Computer Concepts View Result

Result Card For Course On Computer Concepts

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Candidate Name Akash Agrahari

Father's Name Mr. Vinod Kumar

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Mother's Name Mrs. Neelam Devi

Exam/Result Details
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Roll Number GO1708031612

Exam Name August, 2017(CCC - Every Month Exam Cycle)

Date of Exam 07-Aug-2017 Search Centre

Exam Centre Name VAR6


Institute Name --
Affidavit for Guardian Name
Result (in Grade) D (Pass)

Result Published Date 27-Oct-2017 Brochure

CCC Syllabus

step by step instruction

Meaning of Grade
Grade - # ## * @ @@ A ABS B C D DE1 F S WITHHELD WITHHELD#

Marks - # ## * @ @@ 75 to ABS 65 to 55 to 50 to DE1 F 85 to WITHHELD WITHHELD#

Range 84 74 64 54 100
(in %)

Remarks Pending due Examination Examination Due to some Examination Examination Pass Absent Pass Pass Pass Candidate Fail Pass The result of the The result of
to mismatch Cancelled Cancelled administrative Cancelled cancelled debarred for candidate is withheld the candidate
attendance. due to non due to / technical due technical due to one year due to is withheld
The candidate availability mismatch in reasons, the / mismatch in from technical/administrative due to non-
may submit of Identity Identity result could administrative signature of appearing in reasons. receipt of
his/her proof. proof of the not be reasons and candidate NIELIT Attendance
representation candidate. processed. candidature and Examination. Sheet.
to the The of candidate examination
concerned candidate(s), carried fee forfeited
RC within 06 if so desire, forwarded to
months of the may submit subsequent
date of their exam examination
declaration of application cycle
result, failing forms for
which his/her upcoming
candidature exam cycle
will be treated i.e. (exam
as VOID. cycle
available at
fee of such
candidate is

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