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Written report

For the written report to be completed, a group discussion was held by which each member’s
stimulus was reviewed. After reviewing each piece, members gave their thoughts and opinions of
the chosen stimulus by which a vote was carried out and a poem entitled ‘human traffickers’ by
Louis Ram, a song ‘Don’t walk away’ by Meg Ammons and a video ‘Tools That Teach: What is
Human Trafficking?’ by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security was chosen. The pieces
were chosen due to the fact that it gave an overview of the social issue human trafficking.
In the poem, the poet highlighted the ways in which victims are treated by the exploiter.
Most of the victims are usually of an immature age. This makes it easy for the victims to be
controlled by the exploiter as a result they don’t fight back against thus allowing the exploiter to
treat them in any way. The poet’s main intention is to convey the negative effects of human
trafficking thus the tone used in the poem is a concern one. Members also gave their thoughts
and ideas about the piece which includes ‘exploiters are more like animals and not human beings
since they are being so cruel to their own kind’, another added that ‘society needs to be more
aware of the issue in order to prevent any further disruption of the valuable human resource.’
The song chosen basically highlighted that the victims of human trafficking are not that
important. Majority of victims are not that lucky to be rescue thus if they are, they are still not
given justice since the world thinks less of them. Despite this, they are those who are not rescued
and relief from that part of their struggle they tend to be forgotten by their family members as a
result, the artiste is trying to spread awareness of the issue by using an informative but yet
encouraging tone. Member had also made some meaningful contribution and these include ‘why
aren’t all of us being treated equally, it’s just that he/she make a mistake’ this was referenced to
the victim’s family member and society, ‘society are just like the exploiters’ and ‘when the issue
is not aired on the various technology, exploiters are becoming more strong and victims weak
since a lot of person is not aware of the issue.’
The video gave an overview of the issue thus the tone used was informative since the video
educated persons on what human trafficking is, the causes and effects, types and who are likely
to be trafficked hence this was the reason for this piece being chosen since the social issue was
brought out. Members of the group had also provided a few opinions which includes ‘Ethnic
groups and sex doesn’t even matter since anyone can be exploited,’ another added that ‘human
trafficking is a widespread issue hence it is not only those less develop countries are involve in
this act but also the developed ones.’
Human trafficking is a widespread issue and it should be taken seriously since it is becoming
quite a threat to society thus carrying the crime rate at crime rate.