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you, we, they I, he, she, it

+ You were working I was working
? Were you working? Was I working?
- You weren’t working I wasn’t working
Language reference:

We use the past continuous to say what was ( not ) happening around a past time.

I. What were the people doing yesterday evening? Look at the pictures and complete the sentences
with words from the box.

Cook supper

drive1.home 1 2. 3. 4 5,
not watch TV
Play cards 1. At 9:15 Fredy was playing cards.

2. At 10: 30 Fred and Alice _________________________________

3. At 8:20 Tom ___________________________________________
4. At 7: 20 Mary __________________________________________
5. At 11: 00 Oliver ________________________________________
II. Make sentences in Past continuous:
1. ( +) She / eat / at the restaurant. She was eating at the restaurant.
2. (+) They / drink /wine at the party. _______________________________________
3. (- ) The children / play/ at the park. _______________________________________
4. (-) My husband / work / in his office. ______________________________________
5. (?) My dog / sleep / on the sofa. __________________________________________
6. (?) Rita / bake /a chocolate cake. _________________________________________
7. (+) Manuel / reapair / his car in the garden. _________________________________
8. (+) My mother / water / the plants one hour ago. ____________________________

III. Read and answer:

Yesterday, it was raining all day. Ann was playing inside the house. She wanted to
be outside. She wasn't playing outside because it was raining.
She was feeling tired of being trapped inside the house.
Ann was trying to keep busy inside the house. She was reading her book until the
electricity went out. Then, she decided to clean her bedroom. She was cleaning until
lunchtime. she sat by the window and watched the rain. While Ann was watching
the rain, the phone rang . Her mother was calling to say she was coming home. She
was bringing a new game. Ann and her mother ate ice cream and played the game.
While they were playing, the rain stopped! But Ann didn't notice. She was having
such a good time with her mom!
Inglés II Mg. Nancy león P.
1. Where was Ann playing yesterday? Why wasn't she playing outside?
2. What was Ann doing before the electricity went out? What was she doing until lunchtime?
3. At the end of the story, the rain stopped. What was Ann doing?

What was he doing? What was happening?

Last night at 7 o'clock, Jimy was taking pictures of birds. He was walking through
the city park when he saw a fire. An old, empty building near the park was on fire.
Jimy pulled out his camera.

He was taking pictures of the fire when the fire trucks pulled up. The firefighters
jumped out. They hooked up their hoses. While they were fighting the fire, Jimy
was taking more pictures.

The firefighters were fighting the fire and Jimy was taking pictures when the rain
started. The rain helped put the fire out. The firefighters were clapping and Jimy
was cheering. The fire was finally out.

IV. Answer the following questions.

1.What was Jimy doing last night at 7 o'clock? Where was he walking when he saw the fire?
2. What was Jimy doing when the fire trucks pulled up?
3. What were the firefighters doing when the rain started? What were they doing when the fire went
V. Answer about you:
1. What were you doing yesterday morning? ____________________________________
2. Were you traveling on vacation? ___________________________________
3. What was your best friend doing last weekend? _______________________________

Inglés II Mg. Nancy león P.

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