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England | LAL Torbay Adult Courses

Start Dates: Every Monday unless specified. Beginners start only on the

Prices in £ GBP | LAL Torbay Adults

first Monday of each month. All prices are in Pounds Sterling (£ GBP)
Minimum Course Length: One week (two weeks in high season). All bookings are subject to LAL Terms and
Course days: Monday to Friday. Conditions. Full information is available on
School Closing Dates: 01 Jan, 02 Apr, 10 Sep, 20 Dec - 31 Dec. www.lalschools.com
Lesson Times: Lessons have morning start unless otherwise stated.
Lesson Length: 50 minutes.
Minimum Age: 16
High Season: 13 Jun - 29 Aug.
Additional Charges
Course Fees include: Tuition, welcome event, induction and tour, and certificate
Registration Fee: GBP 60 to be added
of attendance.
to all bookings.
Course Fees do not include: Registration, accommodation placement, changes,
examinations or course books (approx. GBP 15-20 each). Accommodation GBP 30 for all
Placement Fee: placements.
Payment: We accept payment by cheque, bank transfer, credit/debit
card and cash. Cash payments are limited to GBP 1000 per
Change Fee: GBP 30 for changes
day. An administration fee of 3% is charged on Mastercard/ to booked courses
VISA and non-UK debit cards. and accommodation
Bank Details: Account: LAL Torbay; Bank: Barclays Bank; Address: Palace requested after
Avenue, Paignton, UK; Account Number: 70 01 82 52; Sort arrival.
Code: 20-60-88; IBAN: GB61 BARC 2060 8870 0182 52; Swift Courier Fee GBP 60
Code: BARCGB22.

General English
Lessons Price High Season
Class Size
Programme Per Level Length Start Dates Per Supplement Notes
Week Week Per Week
12 (high 1 - 11
Standard 18 all every Monday 145 50 -
season 15) weeks
1 - 11
Premium 18 all 6 every Monday 185 50 -
18 Jan, 01 Feb,
01 Mar, 15 Mar,
19 Apr, 03 May,
pre- 2 weeks 45 0 1
24 May, 07 Jun,
intermediate 06 Sep, 20 Sep,
Budget 18 12
& upper- 01 Nov, 15 Nov
18 Jan, 01 Mar,
4 weeks 19 Apr, 24 May, 45 0 1
06 Sep, 01 Nov
1. Budget General English is taught on afternoon lessons. Tuition on this course is by trainee teachers studying on the CELTA teacher training
programme. Can be booked with Standard or Premium Long-stay or General English programmes

Intensive English
Lessons Price High Season
Class Size
Programme Per Level Length Start Dates Per Supplement Notes
Week Week Per Week
12 (high 1 - 11
Standard 27 all every Monday 185 50 -
season 15) weeks
1 - 11
Premium 27 all 6 every Monday 245 50 -

Academic Long-stay Programmes

• All programmes include inbound transfer, university placement service, tutorials, progress tests and upgrades to business, executive
and exam courses according to level and availability.
• Premium long-stay programmes also include two private tuition lessons per week and free netbook computer to keep.
12-23 Weeks 24 Weeks +
Class Size High Season High Season
Programme Per Level Notes
(Maximum) Price Per Week Supplement Price Per Week Supplement
Per Week Per Week
12 (high
Standard General 18 all 140 50 135 0 -
season 15)
Premium General + Private 18 + 2 all 6+1 220 50 200 0 -
12 (high
Standard Intensive 27 all 180 50 175 0 -
season 15)
Premium Intensive + Private 27 + 2 all 6+1 280 50 260 0 -

LAL Torbay | + 44 (0)1803 558555 | torbay@lalschools.com LAL Language Centres Prices 2010
English for Business
Lessons Price High Season
Class Size
Programme Per Level Length Start Dates Per Supplement Notes

Prices in £ GBP | LAL Torbay Adults

Week Week Per Week
12 (high
Standard General + Business 18 + 9 intermediate + season 15) 1 week + every Monday 225 50 -
Premium General + Business 18 + 9 intermediate + 6 1 week + every Monday 265 50 -
Executive Business 18 intermediate + 6 1 week + every Monday 215 50 -
Executive Intensive Business 27 intermediate + 6 1 week + every Monday 275 50 -

Examination Preparation
• All courses, except CAE and CPE starting on 11 Jan, require one extra week accommodation to include the date of the final
Class Size Provisional
Programme Per Level Length Start Dates Price Notes
(Maximum) Exam Dates
11 Jan, 19 Apr, 13 Mar, 15 Jun,
Cambridge Exam Course (FCE) 27 intermediate + 12 8 weeks 1680 -
11 Oct 07 Dec
upper- 11 Jan, 19 Apr, 6 Mar, 16 Jun,
Cambridge Exam Course (CAE) 27 12 8 weeks 1680 -
intermediate + 11 Oct 08 Dec
11 Jan, 19 Apr, 06 Mar, 17 Jun,
Cambridge Exam Course (CPE) 27 advanced 12 8 weeks 1680 -
11 Oct 09 Dec
Cambridge Exam Course Plus (FCE) 27 intermediate + 12 12 weeks 22 Mar, 13 Sep 15 Jun, 07 Dec 2520 -
Cambridge Exam Course Plus upper-
27 12 12 weeks 22 Mar, 13 Sep 16 Jun, 08 Dec 2520 -
(CAE) intermediate +
Cambridge Exam Course Plus (CPE) 27 advanced 12 12 weeks 22 Mar, 13 Sep 17 Jun, 09 Dec 2520 -

University Preparation
• Each English for Academic Purposes course follows a different syllabus, contact us for details.
• The University Foundation Course provides a pathway to a series of university degree programmes in business, management and
Lessons High Season
Class Size
Programme Per Level Length Start Dates Price Supplement Notes
Week Per Week
04 Jan, 12 Apr,
English for Academic Purposes 18 intermediate + 12 12 weeks 1680 0 -
27 Sep
Intensive English for Academic 04 Jan, 12 Apr,
27 intermediate + 12 12 weeks 2160 0 -
Purposes 27 Sep
University Foundation Course variable intermediate + 12 36 weeks 27 Sep 2400 0 -

Private Tuition
Lessons Price High Season
Class Size
Programme Per Level Length Start Dates Per Supplement Notes
Week Lesson Per Lesson
General Private Tuition 5+ all 1 1 week + every Monday 26 4 -
Intensive Private Tuition 20 + all 1 1 week + every Monday 25 3 -
Direct English
5+ all 1 variable every Monday 26 4 -
(web-based learning)

Work Experience
Programme Price Description
Must be booked with a minimum of 4 weeks of Intensive English programme. Study weeks occur
Work Experience 495 at beginning of course and total weeks of study must be no fewer than the total weeks of unpaid
work experience. Price covers up to 12 weeks of work experience.

Further Options
• Please contact us to find out more about the following options to enhance your language course:
Combine studies in LAL Torbay and LAL London. Choose courses from each price list with only one
2-Centre Courses
registration fee. A free transfer between centres is offered with a minimum booking of eight weeks.

Cultural experiences including theatre, cinema, museum, art gallery, architectural, environmental &
Cultural English
historical visits accompanied by a guide or teacher.

Leisure activities, including golf, hiking, sailing, cycling, fishing and spectator sports accompanied by a
Leisure English
guide or teacher.

LAL Torbay | + 44 (0)1803 558555 | torbay@lalschools.com LAL Language Centres Prices 2010
Teacher Training
Lessons High Season
Class Size
Programme Per Level Length Start Dates Price Supplement Notes

Prices in £ GBP | LAL Torbay Adults

Week Per Week
18 Jan, 01 Mar,
CELTA variable native 12 4 weeks 19 Apr, 24 May, 1100 0 -
06 Sep, 01 Nov
DELTA Part Time Module 1 variable native 12 26 weeks 23 Sep 840 0 -
DELTA Part Time Module 2 variable native 12 26 weeks 23 Sep 1235 0 -
DELTA Part Time Modules 1 & 2 variable native 12 26 weeks 23 Sep 1875 0 -
DELTA Part Time Module 3 variable native 12 variable all year 220 0 -
195 /
International Teacher Training 18 all 12 1 week + every Monday 0 1

1. International Teacher Training programmes are designed for primary to tertiary education teachers, bookable for groups only with a
minimum of 4 persons (8 persons in high season) in a group.

• Accommodation bookings start on Sundays only.
• Room sizes vary.
• Students in shared room are placed with another student of the same sex unless otherwise requested.
01 Jan to 12 Jun
13 Jun to 29 Aug
and 30 Aug to 31 Dec
Accommodation Type Room Bathroom Food Notes
Price Per Price Per
Extra Night Extra Night
Week week
breakfast +
shared shared 105 15 119 -
evening meal
breakfast +
Host Home single shared 119 17 133 -
evening meal
breakfast +
single private 182 26 196 -
evening meal not
sea view available
private self catering 105 15 133 -
Hunters Lodge sea view
private self catering 119 17 147 -
Student Residence single
shared private self catering 98 14 126 -
single private self catering 112 16 140 -
shared private breakfast 315 45 343 49 1, 2
Summerhill Hotel
single private breakfast 315 45 343 49 2
1. Only available for students travelling together.
2. From 01 Jan to 12 Jun and 30 Aug to 31 Dec, students booking three weeks at Summerhill Hotel may book a fourth week of
accommodation in the hotel free of charge.

Standard Transfers (Sundays)

• All Standard Transfers operate on Sunday only and are guaranteed if booked 21 days in advance.
• Students are collected by staff for transfer by coach, company vehicle or chartered private hire car.
• A surcharge of GBP 20 applies for every hour or part hour staff wait in order to meet clients delayed by more than 2 hours from
their scheduled arrival time.
Scheduled Flight Arrival Scheduled Flight Meet & Greet with
Airport Notes
(UK Time) Departure (UK Time) Return Transfer
London Heathrow (LHR) Terminals 1, 2 and 3 09.00 - 16.00 13.00 - 18.00 95 -
London Heathrow (LHR) Terminals 4 and 5 09.00 - 15.00 13.00 - 18.00 95 -
London Gatwick (LGW) 10.00 - 14.00 14.30 - 18.00 210 1
London Luton (LTN) 10.00 - 14.00 14.30 - 18.00 210 1
London Stansted (STN) 10.00 - 14.00 14.30 - 18.00 210 1
Bristol (BRS) 07.00 - 21.00 08.00 - 21.00 160 -
Exeter (EXT) 07.00 - 21.00 08.00 - 21.00 110 -

1. Gatwick, Luton and Stansted arrivals and departures are usually transferred via Heathrow.

Special Transfers (out of hours and days other than Sunday)

Special Transfers are available upon request for both individuals and groups at prices according to the individual circumstances. We also
provide a direct airport to accommodation service by taxi. Please contact us for details.

All students must have adequate travel and medical insurance. More information is available at www.lalschools.com

LAL Torbay | + 44 (0)1803 558555 | torbay@lalschools.com LAL Language Centres Prices 2010
Terms and Conditions
11. School Closures
National holidays and school closure dates may vary according to location and
are detailed in the Price List. No reductions are made to prices in respect of
These Terms and Conditions apply to all bookings for LAL Language Centres closures on such dates.
shown in this price list starting on or after 1st January 2010.
12. Accommodation
1. Definitions LAL Language Centres are happy to advise you on a variety of accommodation
In these terms and conditions, the following terms have the meanings set out options. You should book accommodation for the Start Date until the day
next to them (and references to the singular include the plural and vice-versa): before your Departure Date unless you are informed to the contrary by the
Supplier School. Accommodation arrangements are your responsibility unless
The form you complete and send to the Supplier you indicate that you wish to book accommodation with the Supplier School on
Application Form: School in connection with applying for a place on a your Application Form.
The form the Supplier School sends you to confirm 13. Travel & Transfers
Confirmation Form: Course fees do not include flights or other transport to the Supplier School,
acceptance of your application.
except where specified. You must make your own travel arrangements. The
The Course of study you have applied for on your Supplier School will be pleased to provide information to help you with your
Application Form offered by the Supplier School. arrangements. The Supplier School will offer transfers from your airport of
Departure Date: The date on which your Course ends. arrival (“Transfers”) subject to the payment of an additional charge. You must
indicate whether you wish to reserve a Transfer on your Application Form
The language centres at various locations identified and provide the Supplier School with full details of your flight and arrival
LAL Language Centre:
in the Price List. time at least 7 days before your Start Date (failure to do so or any extra costs
incurred by the Supplier School as a result of incorrect, delayed or inadequate
The document entitled ‘Price List’ which incorporates information provided by you or your delayed arrival at the relevant airport may
Price List: the Application Form and these terms and conditions result in your incurring further charges).
and which is also downloadable from the Website.

Relevant Account:
The Supplier School’s bank account identified in the 14. Visas
Price List. Depending upon the location of the Supplier School, you may require a visa to
The first day of the Course for which you are study in such location. The Supplier School will assist you in connection with
Start Date: your initial application for a visa by writing an appropriate letter of support but
in all other respects it is your responsibility to apply for and obtain a visa where
The LAL Language Centre in the location where you
Supplier School: necessary.
wish to study identified in the Price List.
Website: The Website at www.lalschools.com 15. Immigration Regulations
You/Your: The applicant for a Course at the Supplier School. You must ensure that you fully understand immigration regulations in the
Supplier School’s location. It is your responsibility to ensure that you meet and
2. Agreement comply with any such regulations and the Supplier School will not refund any
This Agreement is legally binding between you and the Supplier School once fees paid due to your having been refused entry into the Supplier School’s
the Supplier School has received a completed Application Form from you, location by immigration authorities.
whether by e-mail or in writing, and has confirmed your place by sending you a
Confirmation Form. 16. Health
You must be in good physical and mental health at the Start Date and the
3. Payment Supplier School reserves the right to require you to leave any Course at your
Full payment must be received by the Supplier School not less than 14 days own expense in the event that you fail to declare any material matters relating
before your Start Date. You will not be allowed to commence your Course if to your health on the Application Form.
payment is not made by that time. Payment may be made by bank transfer,
credit or debit card or in person to the Relevant Account. Additional charges 17. Insurance
may apply depending on the choice of payment medium and such charges are You must arrange suitable insurance in respect of travel and medical risks and
identified on the Price List. are required to provide evidence to The Supplier School of adequate insurance
at least seven days before the Start Date.
4. Prices
All prices stated on the Price List are valid from 01/01/10 to 31/12/10. LAL 18. Conduct
Language Centres reserve the right to change prices as a result of governmental You are expected to behave in a courteous manner and to respect fellow
regulations, tax increases, exchange rate variations or other events. students and staff at the Supplier School. The illegal use of drugs, alcohol abuse
and inconsiderate behaviour is unacceptable as is any failure by you to abide
5. Changes and Amendments by the law and custom of the Supplier School’s location. The Supplier School
Once you have started a Course, no changes may be made to it other than by reserves the right to withhold Courses and accommodation from any student
written agreement from the Supplier School. If the Supplier School opts to who fails to meet such standards and to require them to terminate the Course
approve a change, the charge specified in the Price List will be made. without refund in appropriate circumstances.
6. Cancellations 19. School Rules
You may cancel your booking provided you do so by written notice to the
School rules and regulations are provided at Course inductions by the Supplier
Supplier School, which it must receive not less than 14 days before the Start
School, in literature provided to you and/or on Supplier School notice boards.
Date. In such an event, any fees you have paid will be refunded except for
You must comply with such rules and regulations.
registration fees and one week’s tuition and (where applicable) accommodation
fees (such fees being specified in the Price List). If you cancel your booking
less than 14 days before the start date, any refunds are entirely at the School
20. Expulsion
Committing a criminal offence, insufficient attendance, the provision of false
General Manager’s discretion. A full refund of all fees paid (less delivery
information in your Application Form, in correspondence and dealings with the
charges) will be made in the event of visa refusal provided you send written
Supplier School prior to the Start Date or on enrolment, disorderly, drunken,
notice to the Supplier School and documentary evidence of such refusal. If a
aggressive or threatening behaviour or any other actions which could bring the
Course is terminated after the Start Date, or if you fail to present yourself at the
Supplier School or LAL into disrepute may result in expulsion from the Supplier
school on the Start Date without having previously cancelled your Course, no
School without refund. In such case, immigration and other authorities will be
refunds will be given on tuition and accommodation.
informed where appropriate.
7. Courses
Start Dates are detailed in the Price List. In the event of an insufficient number 21. Matters Beyond LAL Language Centres’ Control
of students booking for a particular Course, the Supplier School reserves the The Supplier School will endeavour to provide you with the Course and
right to cancel the Course or provide you with an alternative Course which the service you book. However, we do not take responsibility for disruptions to
Supplier School considers suitable. the Course and arrangements associated with it resulting from forces out of
the Supplier School’s control, such as (but not limited to) earthquakes, other
8. Lesson Times natural disasters, war, governmental action and the like. Refunds in respect of
Indicative lesson times are set out in the Price List. The Supplier School reserves the curtailment of the Course or the period of your stay in the Supplier School’s
the right to alter such lesson times at its discretion. location will not be made in such circumstances. Students are responsible for
their own personal belongings. The Supplier School will not be held responsible
9. Competency Levels for stolen, lost or damaged items belonging to students.
Courses are offered at six levels of language learning: False beginner/
Elementary/ Pre-intermediate/Intermediate/Upper Intermediate and Advanced. 22. Descriptions
A special programme for complete beginners is offered only on the first Monday The Supplier School honestly believes that all statements made in promotional
of every month at each LAL Language Centre. Other teaching levels may be material are factual and correct. Every reasonable effort has been made to
available by arrangement. ensure such accuracy. The Supplier School is not responsible for any changes
that become known after promotional material is produced (up to date
10. Certification information can be found on the Website). The Supplier School will advise you
You must attend a minimum of 80% of lessons on the Course in order to receive of any material changes which become known to it prior to the Start Date.
a certificate of attendance at its conclusion.

www.lalschools.com | info@lalschools.com LAL Language Centres Prices 2010