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27 IANUARIE 2018


I. Read the following text and put the verbs in brackets in the correct form (10 x1p =

Last night I (1) (see) an interesting programme on television. It (2)

(be) about a new way of teaching science subjects to schoolchildren. For three years now a
school in London (3) (teach) science in this way to some of its students and these
students (4) (do) significantly better in examination than the students in ordinary
classes. It (5) _ (work) like this: students (6) (learn) about science, but
are taught to think about their own way of thinking. One of the teachers on the programme
said, “Older good teaching methods (7) (make) people think, but it (8)
(be) in a sense unconscious. When a child (9) (have) to explain to somebody else
how they have solved the problem, that really makes them think about their own thinking.”
Researchers do not fully understand how the method works, but marks in examinations (10)
(increase) dramatically.

II. Use the word given in brackets to form a word that fits in each sentence (10 x 1p = 10

The Bermuda Triangle is a region of the Atlantic ocean where many ships and planes have
(1)………………………….. (MYSTERY) disappeared. In one part of the Bermuda Triangle,
there is an area (2)………………………… (KNOW) as the Golden Ring of Wrecks. It is a
(3)…………………………( FASCINATE) area because, while the Triangle as a whole is
(4)…………………………….(FAME) as a place where ships disappear, the Golden Ring of
Wrecks is an area of found ships. Or, to be more (5)……………………… (SPECIFY),
Around 350 shipwrecks, (6)…………………….(DATE) as far back as the 16th century,
(7)…………………..(CIRCLE) the island of Bermuda. What makes the area so
(8)…………………. (DANGER)? In summer, the seas around the island are calm and
(9)…………….. (PEACE). However, in winter, violent storms whip up
(10)……………………(EXTREME) rough seas. This makes the waters very difficult to

III. Choose the correct answer A, B, C or D (1 x 10 p = 10 p)

1. Translate: „O masă drăguță, franțuzească, de lemn, veche, rotundă”.

a. a French wooden nice old round table;
b. a wooden French nice old round table;
c. a nice round old French wooden table;
d. a nice old round wooden French table.
2. It was not until the rain … that the family … home.
a. had stopped/returned;
b. stopped/had returned;
c. stopped/returned;
d. has stopped/returned.

3. Translate: „Cu cât vom fi mai mulți, cu atât va fi mai vesel.”

a. The more, the marrier;
b. The most, the marriest;
c. The more, the merrier;
d. The more, the merriest.

4. Translate: „Copilul a strigat la tatăl său că va citi romanul recomandat de professor

când va avea el chef.”
a. The child shouted at his father that he will read the novel recommended by the teacher
when he will feel like it.
b. The child shouted at his father that he will read the novel recommended by the teacher
when he feels like it.
c. The child shouted at his father that he would read the novel recommended by the teacher
when he would feel like it.
d. The child shouted at his father that he would read the novel recommended by the teacher
when he felt like it.

5. Never before … such a whimsical person as Tom!

a. did I see;
b. had I seen;
c. have I seen;
d. do I see.

6. Statistics … usually studied at college.

a. are;
b. is;
c. have been;
d. will be.

7. While John …, Mary … at the hairdresser’s.

a. was servicing his car/was doing her hair;
b. was having his car fixed/was having her hair done;
c. serviced his car/was doing her hair;
d. was fixing his car/was having her hair done.

8. I went to bed at 10 o’clock but didn’t … till midnight.

a. drop down;
b. drop in;
c. drop by;
d. drop off.

9. Find the right collocation: “There’s a … balance between success and failure.”
a. fine;
b. small;
c. narrow;
d. light.

10. The headline: “President Backs School Reforms” means:

a. The President has his support for school reforms;
b. The President draws back the school reforms;
c. The President turns his back on school reforms;
d. The President wagers on the school reforms.

IV. Translate the following text into Romanian (10p)

Panic seized me. It was not a question now how much money I should have left over for the
rest of the month, but whether I had enough to pay the bill. It would be mortifying to find
myself ten francs short and be obliged to borrow from my guest. I could not bring myself to
that. I knew exactly how much I had and if the bill came to more I made up my mind that I
would put my hand in my pocket and with a dramatic cry start up and say it had been picked.
Of course, it would be awkward if she had not money enough either to pay the bill. Then the
only thing would be to leave my watch and say I would come back and pay later.


Read the text below and do the tasks that follow.

The idea that a sales team can learn something from Girl Scouts will come as a
surprise to many. What does this out-dated organisation have to do with the fast-moving,
corporate world of today? But in the girl scouts‟ annual cookie drive, two hundred million
units are sold per year, and their revenues exceed $700 million. And these figures are
achieved only in a three-month period in the spring.
True, the organisation has changed greatly in later years, ever since the appointment of
CEO Kathy Clinger in 2003. Her mission was to revitalize a 95-year tradition-bound icon,
famous only for camping, crafts and cookies. She has worked on instilling leadership qualities
in the girls, developing new funding opportunities, creating an efficient organisational
structure and developing a reinvigorated brand, which is relevant to the modern world.
And nowhere are these changes more noticeable than in the annual cookie sale. No
longer relying on neighbourhood door-to-door sales to obtain a meagre revenue, the
organisation now utilises a wide range of savvy, modern methods which businesses
worldwide can learn from.
Firstly, the girl scouts organisation focuses on providing the girls with life skills. By
investing in the girls, the organisation creates a team with strong leadership and
communication skills. „Cookie College‟ training courses develop the scouts‟ business
acumen, providing them with presentation, marketing and money management skills; skills
which will be invaluable in their future lives. Through role-playing, case studies and tasks,
the girls become inspired and passionate about their role as a salesperson.
And the proof of the pudding – or should I say cookie – is in the eating. These well-trained
salesgirls can turn out exceptional results. Scout Makita Andrews sold over $80,000 dollars
worth of cookies in the twelve years she was a girl scout. Her success is for the most part due
to the incentive. By selling the greatest number of cookies, Makita won a trip around the
world. Rewards are not only given to the lucky winners, however. Scouts earn reward points
as they sell more cookies. 1,500 cookies gets the scout a Wii game system.
But Girl scouts are not only training and motivating their workforce, but they are also
changing their tactics. Gone are the days when girls went door-to-door around the
neighbourhood selling to family and friends. They now go in for the bulk sales strategy. They
sell to large organisations and businesses, where cookies can be offered as sales incentives or
part of corporate gift baskets. This way, girls are able to shift a greater number of cookies and
maximise their sales time.

I. For each question choose the correct letter A, B, C or D (5 x 2p= 10p)

1. When do the Girl Scouts sell cookies?

a) for three months per year
b) all year round
c) Every three years
d) Every spring since 2003

2. What was the view of the girls scout organisation like before Kathy Clinger became CEO?
a) not well-known
b) old-fashioned
C) efficient
d) surprising

3. Which of the following is NOT taught at „Cookie College‟?

a) how to look after finances
b) how to promote your products
c) how to bake cookies
d) how to speak in front of other people

4. A girl scout can get a trip round the world if she...

a) gets a certain number of reward points
b) sells cookies for twelve years in a row
c) sells $80,000 worth of cookies
d) sells more cookies than anyone else

5. A new selling strategy used by girl scouts is...

a) Selling cookies outside local businesses
b) Giving scouts free cookies as an incentive
c) Selling from door to door
d) Selling large amounts of cookies at once

II. Read the text again and write a for-and-against essay about the importance of joining
clubs at school. (220-250 words) (50 p)

Toate subiectele sunt obligatorii. Timp de lucru 180 de minute.
27 IANUARIE 2018


I. 10 x 1p = 10 p
1. saw
2. was
3. have been teaching
4. have been doing
5. works
6. learn
7. made
8. was
9. has
10.have increased

II. 10x1p=10p
1.mysteriously 2.known 3.fascinating 4.famous 5.specific 6. dating 7.encircle
8.dangerous 9.peaceful 10.extremely

III. (1 x 10 p = 10 p)

1. c
2. a
3. c
4. d
5. c
6. b
7. b
8. d
9. a
10. a

IV. 10p. ( Obs.) Se vor lua în considerare toate variantele corecte.

Mă cuprinse panica. Nu se punea acum problema cați bani ar trebui să păstrez pentru
restul lunii, ci dacă aveam destul ca să achit nota de plată. Ar fi umilitor să fiu pus în situația
de a-mi lipsi zece franci și să fiu obligat să împrumut de la invitata mea. Nu puteam să fac
asta. Știam exact cât aveam și dacă nota de plata era mai mare mă hotarâsem să-mi bag mâna
în buzunar și cu un strigăt dramatic să mă ridic și să spun că am fost jefuit/buzunarit.
Binenteles că ar fi penibil dacă nici ea n-ar avea destui bani ca să plăteasca nota. Atunci
singurul lucru de facut ar fi să-mi las ceasul și să spun că mă voi întoarce și voi plăti mai


Read the text below and do the tasks that follow.
I. For each question choose the correct letter A, B, C or D (5 x 2p= 10p)
1. A, 2. B, 3. C, 4. D, 5. D.


See the marking scheme