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BeyondTV Personal Content Streaming System Questionnaire

Hotel Name____________________________________________________________

Address___________________________ City ________________________________

State________________ Zip______________ Phone___________________________

Hotel Contact_____________________________ Title __________________________

Engineer Contact in case of additional technical questions________________________

Contact phone___________________ Contact email address _____________________

1. How many rooms do you have? __________

2. What is your yearly average occupancy? __________

3. What is your daily rate for Wi-Fi? _________ IPTV? ________ Other? _________

4. How many floors? __________

5. How many buildings? __________

6. Can you provide a layout of the Hotel? __________

7. Who is your current provider for VOD services? ___________________________

8. Who is your Free to Guest cable TV Provider? (i.e. COX, Brighthouse, AT&T,

Charter, DirecTV, DISH, etc.)? ________________________________________

9. Is your Free to Guest Cable TV an analog (standard definition) or Digital service

(High Definition? (check one) Analog ______ Digital ______

10. How is the FTG being delivered to the guest rooms? Coax _____ Ethernet _____

11. What type of encryption does your FTG currently have? In the clear _____

Pro:Idiom______ Verimatrix ______

12. Does your TV have an internal tuner or an external box for FTG?

Internal _____ External _____

13. How is your TV signal condition? Excellent _____ Good _____ Poor _____

14. Please specify the brand name & model number(s) of the TV’s currently Installed:


15. How many TV’s would you like to have BTV Streaming? (Please provide a #)


16. If TV’s are wall mounted, is there an electrical outlet behind the TV? _________

a. If so, how many open outlets are they? ____________

17. Are these commercial hospitality TVs or residential grade TVs?

Commercial ______ Residential ______

18. Do you have the ability to lock the inputs on the TVs? Yes ______ No _____

19. Where are the TVs located and how are they mounted (on dresser or armoire,

bolted down, slide swivel)? ___________________________________________

20. Are you looking to replace the currently installed TVs in the near future?

Yes ______ No ______

21. Who is your Wi-Fi provider? __________________________________________

22. Do you require a Wi-Fi system upgrade? Yes ______ No ______

23. What type (manufacturer and model #) of Wi-Fi access points do you currently

have? ____________________________________________________________

24. Do you have wired internet (CAT5/6) to the guest rooms? ___________________

25. If so, where is the data jacks located in relation to the TV in the guestroom?


26. What make and model of switches do you have? __________________________


27. What type of data infrastructure feeds the access points? Ethernet ______

VDSL ______ MOCA ______

28. Do you have signal coverage maps? Yes ______ No ______

29. If the access points are dual-band, do you have full 5 GHz coverage?

Yes ______ No ______

30. Who is your Internet Service Provider? __________________________________

31. What type of modem do you have (i.e.: Fiber, DSL, t1, Cable)? _______________

32. What’s your total internet bandwidth? ___________________________________

33. What is your upload & download speeds? _______________________________

34. Who is your current Property Management System provider? (Please provide

company name and web address if possible) _____________________________

Which version? ____________________________________________________

35. Would you like the BTV System to show your Hotel Channel(s)? Yes _____

No _____ If so, how many do you have? _____