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The water heaters shall conform to the following British Standard and Omani Standard

BS 21: 1985, BS EN 10226: 2004

Pipe threads for tubes and fittings where pressure-tight joints are made on the threads
(metric dimensions)

BS 853: 1990 –1 & 2: 1996

Calorifiers and storage vessels for central heating and hot water supply.

BS EN 1515 –1: 2000

Flanges and their joints, bolting

BS EN 1092-2: 1997

Flanges and their joints

PD 5500: 2003

Unfired fusion welded pressure vessels.

OS 83 - Storage type electric water heaters for household use.

OS 84 - Methods of test for storage type electric water heaters for household use.

Common Safety Vent

The safety vent from each Calorifiers shall have a common vent pipe through a three-
way cock to ensure that no Calorifiers can be isolated simultaneously from the open
vent pipe and the free outlet.

Electric Water Heaters

Electric water heaters shall be either rectangular or circular suitable for wall or floor
standing installation complete with feed tank or direct connection.

The water heater tanks shall be fully insulated at the works with vermin proof glass fibre or
equivalent. Outer jackets shall be finished with baked enamel applied on a bonded

U-Tubes shall form the secondary heating surface. All elements shall be titanium
Electric water heaters shall be installed with items requiring inspection and maintenance
readily accessible.

Provision shall be made for easy removal of the heating surface from the shell. Self-set
bolts shall be provided to enable the U-Tubes or element to be withdrawn from the shell
without breaking the joint between the tube plate and chest cover plate.

Heating elements shall be individually controlled by automatic thermostats with cut-off

switches to prevent overheating.

The water heaters shall be provided with the manufacturer's standard screwed tapping

Vertical water heaters shall be mounted on die cast aluminium feet.

Heaters shall be of the glass-lined type.

The water heaters shall be of the vented type or direct connection with temperature and
pressure relief safety valve to the requirements of the local Water Authority.

If direct connection water heaters are to be installed, the discharge from the temperature
and pressure relief safety valve shall be securely piped to the nearest safe discharge


The Contractor shall be responsible for lubricating all plant and equipment covered by this
Specification prior to running the plant for any reason whatsoever.

Lubrication shall be in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and recommended


The Contractor shall also provide, in sealed containers, sufficient oils and greases of
approved manufacturer, to permit satisfactory and proper running of the services
installations during the Period of Maintenance