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Observer: Dr. Alain Gholam

Class: Decimals Grade: 3
School: GEMS International Academy Curriculum: PYP
Date: April 11, 2017 Time: 11:15 AM


√ 1. The lesson’s objective is understood and achieved.

√ 2. Evidence of differentiation of instruction is present.
√ 3. Student work and collaborate in pairs or groups.
√ 4. When asked, students can tell the purpose of what they are doing.
√ 5. Teacher uses hands-on materials or manipulatives.
√ 6. Evidence of higher questioning is present.
√ 7. All students are actively involved in the lesson.
√ 8. Students work is displayed, current and linked to the curriculum.
√ 9. Students are not typically completing worksheets.

10. Evidence of assessment /feedback is present.

√ 11. Classroom is organized for instruction and is free of clutter.
√ 12. Over all, the classroom climate is positive.

A. Observed Model(s) of Teaching:

B. Observed Strengths:
 Higher order thinking questions were evident throughout the lesson: What do you think? Why?
What makes you say so?
 Students were engaged in the discussions and they were also engaged with one another.
 Teacher was extremely organized/
 Teacher used I See, I Think, I Wonder routine to introduce decimals. Students were engaged in the
routine – meaningful and thoughtful responses were evident.
 The students look back at their teacher.
 Great classroom management skills: Give me five! Thank you! Let us settle down please.
 Students are involved in stating the learning objectives of the lesson.
 Students seemed extremely excited – a lively teacher with a lively classroom.

C. Perceived Weaknesses:
 Differentiation could had been added to the lesson. All groups were working on the same tasks
and worksheets. There was no differentiation.
 The teacher was using a checklist to assess the group members she was working with. However,
the other two assistants were not using a checklist to assess the group members they were
working with. Hence, how do you ensure the students in the other group got the concept? How
can you tell who still needed work? Who was doing great? Did you receive any feedback from the
other groups?
 Activity 2 needed a lot of guidance and it was somehow confusing to the students.
 The worksheets implemented in the lesson took a lot of time. It looked like they were typically
solving worksheets. Instead of two worksheets: Any suggestions or improvements here? What do
you think? What could you have done better?

D. Observer’s Comments