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Name: Sumaya Abdulla Grade Level: KG2D Date: 19-3-2018

Subject: Science Number of Students: 24 MST: Ms.Monqui

ADEK Standards:
(SCI.c) Use scientific vocabulary to explain their observations and experiences.

Main Lesson Aims (Concepts, Procedures, & Processes):

By the end of the Lesson the Student will be able to:

1. The different between the properties (pointy, bendy, crinkly, sticky).

2. Working as a team group.


Teacher books /

Student book(s)

Worksheets/ papers Worksheet called “Touch, then draw the object of each property.”

Teacher materials Worksheet, straw, scissors, sticky patch, candy cover,

Worksheet, straw, scissors , sticky patch, candy cover,

Student materials/

Technology PowerPoint.

other /

Key vocabulary with definitions (and pictures if appropriate):

word glossary definition image

Property a thing or things belonging to someone

Five Sense The senses or faculties of sight, hearing, smell, taste

, and touch.
Students’ Prior Knowledge (What do the students already know that enables them to
understand the lesson?):
Students studied different types of materials such as wood, wool, rubber,
metal, plastic, glass, and etc.

Possible Problems and Misconceptions (What are some problems that students will face
because it is assumed that they have the previous knowledge?):

1- Students might misbehavior during the class.

2- Students might not follow instruction.
3- Students might see the words hard to write.

Solutions (How/ What can be done to resolve the problems/misconceptions?):

1- Student teacher will take point from class dojo.
2- Placed a leader to remind the students about the instruction.
3- Place the key words for the students in the big white paper.

Lesson Schedule
Targeted teacher language (What will the teacher say throughout the lesson?):

pointy, bendy, crinkly, sticky.

Student language (What language will the students use throughout the lesson?):
pointy, bendy, crinkly, sticky.

Engage (warm up, review prior knowledge): time:

The student teacher will sit in a circle with the students and
review the previous properties with the students by asking the
question: which one of the objects (is Opaque, transparent,
big, small, smooth, rough?

Smooth: makeup brush

Rough: rope
Small: eraser
Big: pillow
Opaque: bag
Transparent: water bottle

1- student teacher will choose a student who is show me five
2- The student teacher will pass the objects to the students.
Core (introduce and practice new concepts & procedures): 25
The student teacher will tell the students there are different properties.
Then she will tell the students the property:
After that, she will pass an object to the students and let them describe the
First object: straw: (bendy).
Second object: sticky patch (sticky).
after receiving the answers, she will tell that the property with the

The student teacher will move with the students to the table and make big
circle around the table. In the table there are objects that the students will
touch to make a guess for the property:

Pointy: scissors (pointy)

Crinkly: candy cove (crinkly)

1- Students will stop the activity by saying “hand on top that means

2- Students who are misbehavior will sit on a chair for one minute.

3- The target of a move to the table because the students will get boring
sitting for long.

The activity:

Green and red group:

Students will have the objects in the basket and they need to find the objects
related to the keyword for today lesson (bendy and sticky). Then in their
worksheet they will draw the object and named the property.

Blue and yellow group:

Students will go around the classroom and find objects related to the keyword for
today lesson (pointy and crinkly). Then in their worksheet they will draw the object
and named the property.

The student teacher will swap the groups after 5 minutes. Thus, each group will have the chance
to do the two activities.
Close (wrap up, discussion, brief review activity or assessment): 15
The student teacher will assess the students understanding by having the
object in the box and let the students touch without seeing what inside.
Students need to figure out what property is this?