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I Fought the Law

Photographs by Olivia Locher

of the Strangest Laws from Each of the
50 States

By Photographer Olivia Locher, Foreword by

Kenneth Goldsmith, Interviewer Eric Shiner

Strange, outdated laws from each of the 50

U.S. states—some overturned, some still on
the books, and some merely the stuff of
legends—are depicted with sly wit by Olivia
In Nebraska, it’s illegal for a parent to perm
their child’s hair without a state license.
In Texas, it’s illegal for children to
have unusual haircuts.
In Pennsylvania, it’s illegal to tie a
dollar bill to a string and pull it away
when someone tries to pick it up.
In Tennessee, hollow logs may not be sold.
In California, nobody is allowed to ride a
bicycle in a swimming pool.
In Hawaii, coins are not allowed to be
placed in ones ears.