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Shaheed Benazir Bhutto CNG Bus Project

(PPP Based Environment Friendly Public Transport

System for Karachi - Sponsored By GOP)

Advisor to Chief Minister, Sindh
Planning & Development Department
In Collaboration with:

Project Roadmap-CNG
Bus Project

No. Daily Percent Person Addition Reqd.
Target Passenger
Of Demand1 Pax per bus of No. of
Year Served
Years Served per day Buses Buses
(Million Pax) (Million Pax)

Jun 2010-
1.5 6.9 1.86 27.0 1,289 - 1,380
Dec 2011
Jan 2012-
2.0 9.3 3.44 37.0 1,289 1,286 2,666
Dec 2013
Jan 2014-
1.5 11.6 5.16 44.5 1,289 1,334 4,000
Jun 2015
1 – Interpolated between 2008 & 2015

1. Persons to be served up to Dec 2011 are based on proposed 40 CNG Routes.

2. For persons served beyond 2011, additional buses on 40 CNG routes as well as buses
on new routes may be required.

Karachi Mass Transit Cell

Project Roadmap-CNG
Bus Project

Karachi Mass Transit Cell

Pubic Concerns Addressed


Access to bus stop 3.4% * (Accessibility of commuters ensured)

Waiting time at bus stop 4.9% (Operators to notify bus timings)

On board comfort 5.5% (Min. Bus Specifications notified)

Conductor's manner of service 6.9% (Mandatory Training under CA)
Routing 7.1% * (40 Green Routes notified)
Operation hours 8.2% (Peak and off peak hours established)
Frequency 8.5% * (Route Survey / Financial Model)

Drivers driving behavior 8.8% (Drivers Training by Operators)

Travel speed (time) 9.5% * (Improved Infrastructure)

On board security 12.9% (Vig. Sqd, Comm. Police, IT /C&C)

Fare level 24.3%
(GOP Subsidy, Import Duty and Local Tax Concession etc.)

Karachi Mass Transit Cell

Project Modalities

Rs. 5 Billion subsidy approved ( 2.5 billion for Karachi)

4,000 CNG buses in five years for Karachi
Immediate phase, 500 – 1000 buses to be inducted in Karachi
Private sector bus investors: minimum fleet of 25 new CNG buses
Max Debt to Equity ratio = 80:20
Repayment period : 5 years
GOP will contribute a total of Rs.677,181/- as subsidy over 5 years
towards the cost of one bus
Rs.300,000/- will be provided as upfront grant as part of down
payment and Rs.377,181/- as interest subsidy payable in 5 years

New dedicated CNG Buses (CBU) shall be exempted from 15%

import duty.

Karachi Mass Transit Cell

Project Monitoring Mechanism

A Steering Committee (SC) for overall coordination, support and

monitoring of the Project constituted under Chairmanship of
Federal Minister for Environment

Provincial Supervisory Committee (PSC) headed by Chief

Secretary, Sindh will over see the project with special reference to
its financial and technical dimensions to ensure smooth
implementation of the project on sustainable basis.

An Implementation and Regulatory Committee (IRC) headed by

District Coordination Officer, CDGK notified for effective
execution of the project including approval of route operational
plan, fare structure, etc.

Project Implementation and Monitoring Unit (PIMU) to be

established in KMTC-CDGK.

Karachi Mass Transit Cell

Enabling Environment

Minimum Standard CNG Bus Specifications of 70 & 100

passengers carrying capacity notified by GOP

Seven Operators / Investors pre-qualified.

14 Suppliers / Manufacturers pre-qualified for supply of Buses

of approved models

Concession Agreement finalized in consultation with all

Commercial Banks / State Bank of Pakistan and other stake

Bus logo and color scheme with space provision for

commercial advertisement has been finalized.

Karachi Mass Transit Cell

Enabling Environment

Ministry of Petroleum and SSGC have shown their willingness

to set aside about 30 MMCFD on SSGCL system for CNG bus
project in Karachi
Several Private Sector CNG Filling Stations have shown interest
in supplying CNG to the project buses and also invest in high
pressure CNG fuelling station. HDIP is also setting one station
in public sector
Ex- KTC Bus terminals / depot sites to be used for smooth
operation of buses
Road Infrastructure improvements including Signal Free
Corridors have been developed by CDGK to ensure efficient
operation of CNG buses on sustainable basis.
A confirmatory Green Route Study (40 Routes) conducted with
the financial support of IPDF for the facilitation of potential
Operators / Investors
40 CNG Green Routes identified and notified for the Project.
Karachi Mass Transit Cell
Project Outcome

Total investment in the project is about Rs.21 billion including

GOP subsidy of Rs.2.5 billion

With the induction of 4000 buses about 4 million passengers daily

will enjoy safe, comfortable and efficient, public transport facility
at affordable fare

About 20,000 direct jobs will be generated besides, several other

indirect job opportunities would be available in different activities

The project is in line with the Government Poverty alleviation

Program by providing job opportunities, travel time saving
minimum travelling expenditure and accessibility to remote areas

Enormous environmental benefit in the form of clean air and

reduced noise pollution.

Karachi Mass Transit Cell

Project Implementation
Activities Target Date
1 RFP issued to 7 Operators 08-01-2010
2 Pre-bid meeting 18-01-2010
• Last date of submission of Proposals 11-02-2010
• Extended 11-03-2010
3 (SBP issued circular on 04-03-2010)
• Extended 31-03-2010
• Further Extended 13-04-2010
4 Evaluation of Proposals 20-04-2010
5 Selection of Bidders 30-04-2010
Concession agreement between KMTC-
6 07-07-2010
CDGK & Selected Bidders
7 Financial Closure 30-07-2010
8 Start Operation of Bus Service 30-09-2010
Karachi Mass Transit Cell
Ex- KTC Malir Depot
Ex- KTC Landhi Depot
Ex- KTC Korangi Depot
Ex- KTC Gulastan-e- Jauhar Depot
Ex- KTC Mehran Depot
Ex- KTC Surjani Depot
Ex- KTC Model Depot
Ex- KTC Orangi Depot
Ex- KTC North Karachi Depot
Latest Development

Period Activities
17th May,2010 Progress Review meeting held under the Chairmanship of Secretary
General to President of Pakistan in CM House
Chief secretary gave the presentation, which was also attended by
Dy. Governor SBP, President NBP, Administrator , CDGK and others
19th May, 2010 A follow up meeting in NBP headed by President NBP held with
Commercial Banks, CDGK team and Operators. President NBP was
pleased to assure his leading role in Bus financing program and other
banks to follow
20th May, 2010 Detailed deliberation held on funding modalities and unified Term sheet
of lending banks
23rd May, 2010 NBP provided term sheet developed by NBP and other 6 Commercial
24th May, 2010 NBP team leader Mr. Atif Ikram visited CDGK depot sites and CNG
station along with KMTC team
Latest Development

Period Activities
26th May, 2010 A team of NBP and other Commercial Banks visited CDGK depots and
CNG Stations
28th May,2010 KMTC,CDGK in coordination with rep of IPDF and ENERCON conveyed
response on Term Sheet and feedback/ queries by banks
4th June,2010 On the request of SBP for confirmation about the mode of payment of
GOP subsidy (vide letter No. BPRD (Sld-06)/2966/2010 dated 3/6/2010),
Administrator CDGK requested Secretary Environment, GOP to resolve
the issue
10th June,2010 ENERCON, MOE, GOP vide letter No. ENC/MOE/ Admin/ 2010/CNG –
Bus conveyed their NOC for payment of upfront grant (Rs. 300,000/=)
and receiving Rs. 377181 interest subsidy to be paid during 5 years ( in
60 installations)
Latest Development

Period Activities
10th June,2010 KMTC team visited CNG stations along route demanded by pre-qualified
operators for confirmation of CNG supply to the project buses
10th June,2010 NBP conveyed their concerns about CDGK CNG Bus Project and CNG
supply to the Project Buses
14th June,2010 KMTC forwarded the reply along with field visit report of CNG stations
duly supported by the photographs and consultant report of 31 CNG
18th June,2010 NBP held consultation meeting with 3 Operators / Investors

23rd June,2010 NBP held consultation meeting with 3 remaining Operators / Investors