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Compress Spring Component Generator (Version: 2015 (Build

190159000, 159))

Project Info

Spring Strength Calculation Compression Spring Design
Design Type F, D --> d, L0, n, Assembly Dimensions
Method of Stress Curvature Correction No Correction

Spring Load
Min. Load F1 100,000 N
Max. Load F8 200,000 N
Working Load F 100,000 N

Spring Dimensions
Loose Spring Length L0 60,956 mm
Wire Diameter d 2,500 mm
Pitch of Free Spring t 11,066 mm
Outside Spring Diameter D1 26,000 mm
Mean Spring Diameter D 23,500 mm
Inside Spring Diameter D2 21,000 mm
Spring Index c 9,400 ul

Spring Coils
Active Coils n 5,000 ul
Rounding of Coils Number 1
Coil Direction right
Spring Ends
Params Start End
Closed End Coils nz1 1,500 ul nz2 1,000 ul
Transition Coils nt1 1,000 ul nt2 0,750 ul
Ground Coils zo1 0,750 ul zo2 0,500 ul

Assembly Dimensions
Min. Load Length L1 41,556 mm
Max. Load Length L8 22,155 mm
Working Stroke H 19,401 mm
Working Load Length Lw 41,556 mm
Installed Length L 41,556 mm

Design of Working Deflection

Not Specified

Spring Material
User material
Ultimate Tensile Stress σult 1860,000 MPa
Allowable Torsional Stress τA 930,000 MPa
Modulus of Elasticity in Shear G 68500,000 MPa
Density ρ 7850 kg/m^3
Utilization Factor of Spring Material us 0,900 ul

Working Diagram

Space between Coils of Free Spring a 8,566 mm
Pitch of Free Spring t 11,066 mm
Stress Concentration Factor Kw 1,000 ul
Spring Constant k 5,155 N/mm
Min. Load Spring Deflection s1 19,401 mm
Total Spring Deflection s8 38,801 mm
Limit Spring Deflection s9 42,831 mm
Limit Test Length of Spring Lminf 21,100 mm
Theoretic Limit Length of Spring L9 18,125 mm
Spring Limit Force F9 220,773 N
Min. Load Stress τ1 382,990 MPa
Max. Load Stress τ8 765,981 MPa
Solid Length Stress τ9 845,538 MPa
Critical Speed of Spring v 2,426 mps
Natural Frequency of Spring Surge f 300,988 Hz
Deformation Energy W8 3,880 J
Wire Length l 564,000 mm
Spring Mass m 0,022 kg
Spring Check Result Positive

Summary of Messages

16:09:48 : Calculation indicates design compliance!