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6.- _______________________Alice and Bety busy last

b) Were
c) Could
1.- Barry________ not_____ to have breakfast early. d) Would
a) did/use
b) did/used 7.- We ____________________ Bobby Smith in the
c) must/use restaurant last Sunday
d) must/used a) saw
b) see
2.- Will the Fishers _________________ a color c) sees
televisión? d) seeing
a) bought
b) buying 8.- _____________Henry sell his car? A week ago
c) to buy a) How did
d) buy b) When did
c) How were
3.- Mr. Williams published an d) When were
__________________novel this year.
a) excite 9.- The doors are made ___________wood
b) excites a) at
c) excited b) in
d) exciting c) by
d) of
4.- I ____________ rather not ___________ the
dishes tonight. 10.- I would ________________ go to the theater
a) could / to wash tomorrow
b) would/ to wash a) used
c) could/wash b) able
d) would / wash c) going
d) rather
5.- Mr. Williams ________________ read French
a) isn’t able 11.- The soldiers __________ leaving for the fields
b) weren’t tomorrow
c) isn’t going a) are
d) couldn’t b) can

c) will 17.- _____________ she ____________ marry James

d) could than Ronald?
a) Is / going
b) Is / rather
c) Would / rather
d) Would / going
12.- _____________ they use ______________ a
cigarette after dinner? 18.- The tea is extremely cold. I _______________
a) Are /smoke rather _____________ hot.
b) Are/ to smoke a) would not / have
c) Did/ smoke b) should not / have
d) Did / to smoke c) would / not have
d) should / not have
13.- I drink a _________ of milk every day.
a) few 19.- _____________Annie __________ bring the
b) lot records next week?
c) many a) Will / be able
d) some b) Will be / able
c) Will be / able to
14.- She isn’t drinking ____________ wine now d) Will / be able to
a) few
b) most 20.- We ________________ not __________ to the
c) many movies because it was late.
d) much a) Did / go
b) Were/ go
15.- You _______________ not _____________ the c) Did/ went
stove. It’s hot. d) Were/went
a) rather/ to touch
b) must / to touch 21.- ________ Jane _________ the cake yesterday?
c) rather / touch a) Did / make
d) must / touch b) Was/make
c) Did / made
16.- Children ___________ not __________ with d) Was / made
matches. It’s very dangerous.
a) might / play
b) should / play 22.- Sam’s in New york. He ____________ come back
c) might / playing mext Monday.
d) should / playing a) is
b) will

c) able b) will
d) rather c) were
d) would
23.- Juan is absent today. __________he
_____________ sick at home? 29.- ___________ Tom’s sister ___________ the
a) May / be explosion? Yes, she was there.
b) Will / bw a) Did / heard
c) Is / being b) Was / heard
d) Can / being c) Did / hear
d) Was / hear
24.- They watched the policeman ______ the door
a) to
b) by 30.- Jane’s aunt ___________ not well last week.
c) of a) did
d) for b) was
c) does
25.- __________ you _____________ your car soon? d) were
a) Do / sell
b) Will / sell
c) do / to sell
d) will / to sell

26.- The book _____________-_______________ is SECOND GUIDE

a) what is near the bottle 1.- Lucy was ______________________ with the
b) that the bottle near results
c) is the bottle near a) discourage
d) near the bottle b) discourages
c) discourages
27.- Tom and I ______________ fliying to England d) discouraging
a) are 2.- Dr. Smith said the results of the operation
b) will __________ not __________.
c) would a) did / convinced
d) should b) were / convinced
c) did / convincing
28.- John’s parents ______________ very happy d) were / convinving
a) are

8.- _________ he _____________ fast? No, his leg is

3.- My sister _________ working at the Memorial hurt.
Hospital. a) Is / run
a) was b) May / to run
b) did c) Can / run
c) can d) Might/ to run
d) may
9.- Peter and Henry __________________ twice this
4.- ___________ Harry use to __________ to his month.
office everyday before the accident? a) travels
a) Did / walk b) to travel
b) Would / walk c) traveled
c) Did /walked d) traveling
d) Would /walked
10.- David _____________ a poem to Beth.
a) translated
5.- Jenny’s the champion. She _________ all the b) bought
games. c) read
a) win d) made
b) won
c) to win
d) winning 11.- Vicky doesn’t feel well. She ___________ not
be able to take the exam.
6.- ______________ take my place? Andy’s Brother. a) should
a) Who is b) must
b) Who can c) can
c) whose is d) may
d) whose can
12.- She has a new ________________ machine
7.- ____________ I _________ your textbook? Yes, a) wash
it’s on my desk. b) washer
a) Will / take c) washing
b) May / take d) to wash
c) Will / took
d) May / took

13.- ____________ You ___________ this problem next

a) Are / explain
b) Will / explain
c) Are /explained 19.- Did Charlie ___________ the candless with his
d) Will / explained ball?
a) to break
14.- Paula doesn’t have ___________________ b) breaks
friends c) broke
a) lot d) break
b) a lot
c) many 20.- ____________ you _______________ tonight?
d) many of Certainly.
a) Do / come
15.- ____________ I go now? No, wait here. b) Do / coming
a) May c) Could /come
b) Did d) Could / coming
c) Was
d) Would 21.-________________ Helen ______________? Her new
16.- She ________ not _______ able a hundred yards. a) What is / lost
a) is / run b) Whose os / lost
b) is / to run c) What did / lose
c) can / run d) Whose did / lose
d) can / to run
22.- Mother ____________ going _______________
17.- _____________ you and Ralph ____________ my very tired soon.
mother?. Yes, last week a) is / be
a) Did / meet b) will / be
b) Were / meet c) is / to be
c) Did / met d) will / to be
d) Were / met
23,- Mary will _______________ at the library.
18.- The doctor said you ______________ not a) work
__________ milk if you are sick. b) works
a) might / drink c) working
b) should / drink d) to work
c) might / to drink
d) should / to drink

24.- John ________________ not _______________ the THIRD GUIDE

postcard. Tim hid it.
a) does / read
b) did / read
1.- This is Mary’s third _______________ lesson.
c) does / reading
a) swim
d) did / reading.
b) swims
c) to swim
25.- The class _______________ going ______________
d) swimming
in ten minutes.
a) is / start
2.- Call the girl ______________ the letters
b) will / to start
a) traslates
c) is / to start
b) traslated
d) will / to start
c) translating
d) is translating
26.- Peter and Jane ___________ not ___________
their lessons last Monday.
3.- Sam _____________ not ____________ polite a
a) did / began
year ago. Today he is a gentleman.
b) did / begin
a) did / be
c) do / began
b) could / be
d) do / begin
c) will / be
d) could / to be
27.- Clint _______________ the article for
4.- _____________ your English teacher ________
a) lent
speak English all the time last semester?
b) said
a) Did / use to
c) described
b) Does / use
d) translated
c) Did / used to
d) Does / used
28.- The little boy ______________ on the piano is
Walt’s brother.
5.- Where _____________ the cat be? Probably in
a) practised
the closed.
b) practising
a) can
c) to practice
b) must
d) is practicing
c) should
d) rather

6.- __________________ Nancy ___________ to sing in b) do / interesting

the opera Moure next month? c) are / interesed
a) Is / go d) are / interesting
b) Does / go
c) Is / going 12.- I _____________ rather not __________ a German
d) Does / going film.
a) am / wath
b) do / to watch
c) would / watch
7.- The doctor ___________ have to operate on Tom. d) could / to watch
Tell him.
a) can 13.- The girl ___________ by the window is my
b) might sister.
c) must a) stood
d) rather b) stand
c) stands
8.- Mr. Johnson _______________ arriving at Cancun d) standing
tomorrow morning.
a) could 14.- Mother gor wet in the rain. She ___________
b) going catch a cold.
c) will a) should
d) is b) would
c) might
9.- _____________ will she _______ the information? d) must
By asking the theacher.
a) Who / get 15.- You ____________ not __________ my piano.
b) How / get You’re not carefull.
c) Who / getting a) may / play
d) How / getting b) may / played
c) can / to play
10.- The Hills _________ travel to Europe tonight. d) can / playing
a) will
b) rather 16,. I need _______________ clothes this season.
c) able to a) raining
d) going to b) runners
c) newly
11.- Certain aspects of your research ____________ d) sport
very ___________.
a) do / interesed

17.- Rob didn’t _____________ Sue at a party

a) met 23.- __________ you rather ____________ on the
b) meet sofa?
c) meets a) Are / sleep
d) meeting b) Would / sleep
c) Are / sleeping
18.- Where ________ the cat be? Probably in the d) Would / sleeping
a) can
b) must 24.- I think Fred _____________ leaving soon.
c) should a) does
d) rather b) will
c) can
19.- That child is criying __________ he __________ d) is
a) can / is 25.- Bob’s wife is the girl ____________ near the
b) must / be door
c) could / be a) standing
d) must / is b) stands
c) stand
20.- _____________ I visit my mother, doctor? Two d) stood
hour after the operation.
a) Where can 26.- Tom ___________ never be able _______________
b) Where do again.
c) When can a) can / sing
d) When do b) will / sing
c) can / to sing
21.- The children _______________ not watching T.V. d) will/ to sing
yesterday afternoon.
a) are 27.- Jim and Sue don’t drink ________________ wine.
b) did a) lot
c) were b) much
d) could c) most
d) many
22.- His argument __________ very ______________ .
a) did / convince 28.- Betty was ______________ with the resulst of
b) seemed / convince the exam.
c) did / convincing a) disappoint
d) seemed / convincing b) to disappoint

c) disappointed 5.- Becky likes borrow dresses ________________ her

d) disapointing. friends.
a) at
b) with
c) to
d) from


1.- Barry ______________ not ____________ to have

6.- _____________ would you ___________ study,
breakfast early.
English or French.
a) did / use
a) What / used
b) did / used
b) Where / used
c) must / use
c) What / rather
d) must / used
d) Where / rather
2.- Liz doesn’t want to play now. She ___________
7.- ________________ Mrs. Peters visiting last
rather wait for her friends.
Sunday? Her daughter.
a) may
a) Whose was
b) must
b) Whom was
c) would
c) Whom would
d) should
d) Whose would
3.- _______________ you ___________ to Dallas
8,. ___________________ was the doctor
Tomorrow? The blue package.
_____________ to?
a) What are / send
a) Whom / speak
b) Wich are / sent
b) Whose / speak
c) What will / send
c) Whom / speaking
d) Which will / sent
d) Whose speaking
4.- It’s late. _______________ Johnny be here on
9.- ____________ of my friends didn’t visit me at
the hospital.
a) Would
a) Any
b) Could
b) Lot
c) Was
c) Most
d) Is
d) Much

10.- Think ___________ it!

a) by 16.- ____________ is Barb cashing the check
b) from ____________? Ted
c) until a) Whose / to
d) about b) Whom / to
c) Whom / for
11.- We _________ not ______ our appointment with d) Whose / for
the Mayor.
a) may / forge 17.- The group is complete. They _________ not
b) must / forget ___________ accept you.
c) may / to forget a) are / going
d) must / to forget. b) are / rather
c) would / going
12.- _________________ was Mary __________ this d) would / rather
morning? Not very well.
a) How / feels
b) What / feels 18.- ___________ I ___________ that letter now?
c) How / feeling Yes, it’s convenient.
d) What / feeling a) Shoulld / to write
b) Might / to write
13.- The man ____________ on the right is my c) Should / write
father. d) Might / write
a) he stand
b) standing 19.- Jenny _______________ the plan this morning.
c) stands a) study
d) stood b) studied
c) to study
14.- Jane’s aunt ______________ not well last week. d) studying
a) did
b) was 20.- Mr. Robin’s lecture _____________ not
c) does ____________.
d) were a) was / interesting
b) did / interesting
15.- ___________ was she ________ to before you c) was / interested
came? Mozart’s sonatas d) did / interested
a) What / listen
b) Which / listen 21.- Tim ___________ cry lodly when he was a baby.
c) What / listening a) used
d) Which / listening b) going

c) used to 27.- Paul almost drowned in the new

d) going to __________________ pool.
a) swim
b) swims
c) swimmer
22.- He stayed in the hospital ______________ two d) swimming
a) from 28.- __________ I __________? No, stay here.
b) for a) May / leave
c) of b) Would / leave
d) at c) May / leaving
d) Would / leaving.
23.- George ____________ the suitcase and left.
a) took
b) take
c) taking
d) takes

24.- Mrs. Brown is dressed _____ a blue silk dress.

a) of
b) on
c) in
d) by

25.- Be carefull! You ___________ fall!

a) should
b) must
c) may
d) are

26.- Alice’s cousins _________ coming tomorrow

a) can
b) are
c) will
d) must

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