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The university will discontinue the sculpture program. Administrators say students
simply don’t have much interest in sculpture anymore, and the one sculpture
professor in the art department is about to retire anyway.

University officials have announced that the sculpture program will be cancelled.
They cite declining student interest as one of the main reasons for the cancellation.
Another issue is a lack of instructors; the only teacher of sculpture courses will be
retiring shortly. Finally, the art department doesn’t have enough money for more
sculpture classes.

The school’s sculpture classes are all about to be permanently removed from the
art department’s offerings, as students are no longer interested in sculpture, the
only sculpture professor is leaving, and there is not enough funding to keep offering
these courses.

The art department at the university is getting more and more students, but at the
same time, fewer and fewer students are enrolling in sculpture classes. Because
students are no longer interested in sculpture and because the sculpture professor
is retiring, school administrators decided to cancel the sculpture program.