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Daily routine

1. When do you usually get up on weekdays?

2. What do you do in the mornings?
3. When do you leave for school?
4. How many lessons do you have at school on an average day?
5. What are your favourite subjects?
6. What subjects don’t you like?
7. Where do you have lunch?
8. What is your favourite breakfast/lunch/dinner?
9. What do you do in the afternoon?
10. What do you do in the evening?
11. What time do you have to go to bed?
12. How weekend is different from weekdays?
13. What day is your favourite and why?
Hobbies, Sports, Free-time
1. What indoor and outdoor hobbies do you know?
2. What are the most popular hobbies nowadays?
3. Do you have a hobby? What is it and why do you like it?/ Why not?
4. What sports do you like?
5. What are the popular sports for boys in your class?
6. What sports are popular among girls your class?
7. Do you play a musical instrument? What is it? / Why not?
8. What are your favourite free-time activities?
9. When do you have time for your hobbies?
10. What hobbies would you recommend for other students and why?
11. What hobbies can be good for adults?
My family
1. Are you from a big or a small family?
2. What’s your mother’s name?
3. What is she like?
4. What’s her job?
5. What does she like doing in her free-time?
6. What’s your father’s name?
7. What is he like?
8. What’s his job?
9. What does he like doing in his free-time?
10. Have you got any brothers or sisters?
11. What’s your sibling’s name?
12. How old is he/she?
13. What is he/she like?
14. What does he/she like doing?
15. Have you got any aunts and uncles? Who are they?
16. Have you got any cousins? Who are they?
17. Are your grandparents still alive? What are their names?
18. Have you got any pets? What is it/what are they?
Weather, seasons, clothing (Sample text)
1. How many months are there in Hungary? What are they?
2. What’s the weather like in spring?
3. What’s the weather like in summer?
4. What’s the weather like in autumn?
5. What’s the weather like in winter?
6. What do you usually wear in spring?
7. What do you usually wear in summer?
8. What do you usually wear in autumn?
9. What do you usually wear in winter?
10. Which is your favourite season and why?