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Case study “ khaadi”


We do not understand people from other cultures as readily and intuitively as people from our
own culture which might create some potential barriers for the employees working in 2 states.

1. Ethnocentrism : Inability to accept another culture's world view;

"my way is the best."

2. Discrimination : Differential treatment of an individual due to

minority status; actual and perceived; e.g., "we just aren't equipped to
serve people like that."

3. Stereotyping : Generalizing about a person while ignoring presence

of individual difference; e.g., "she's like that because she's Asian – all
Asians are nonverbal."
4.Cultural Blindness: Differences are ignored and one proceeds as
though differences did not exist; e.g., "there's no need to worry about a
person's culture
5.Cultural Imposition: Belief that everyone should conform to the
majority; e.g., "we know what's best for you, if you don't like it you can go elsewhere."
6.Tone Difference : Formal tone change becomes embarrassing and off-putting in some


As they are shifting to new state so anxiousness, disorientation, home sickness and avoiding
locals that is cultural shock.

1. Communication:

Language is the most important element of a culture which can create problems when
misinterpreted by different background culture since Americans speak English and khaadi is the
national brand of Pakistan means that Urdu is their native language; the workers can face
problems and difficulties in communicating their ideas.

For instance, In USA looking people in the eye is assumed to indicate honesty and
straightforwardness; in Pakistan it is seen as challenging and rude.
2. Clothing:
Another disparity between Pakistan and USA is their clothing. There is no traditional
dress because America is culturally formed from people all over the world and there
have their own cultural values and clothing they prefer wearing jeans, pants, t-shirts,
tops etc. As Khaadi is the national brand and it manufactures variety of shalwar kameez
that are an everyday attire worn by Pakistanis. Most of the Americans might not be
amused by khaadi. Only the people interested in Pakistani culture, or belonging from
south Asian background will prefer it which results in non-profitable business

3. Holidays:
Pakistan and USA have different kinds of celebrations and holidays according to their
cultures. Americans celebrate national day, declaration of Independence Day,
Christmas, New Year while Pakistani celebrate EID-UL-Fitir, EID-UL-AZHA, joyance
observance of hajj, Ramadan.

4. FOOD:
An American family on assignment in Indonesia went to restaurant with their Pet dog. The
restaurant manager politely greeted then at the door, took their dog and, 30Minutes later-family
was shocked
The consumption of dog meat is associated with their culture, where dog meat is considered a
festive dish usually reserved for occasions such as weddings and Christmas while in Islam it is

5. Exchange rate :
Difference of currency rates as per the country so the business are also effected
with the rates.

Saudi Arab
1.Communication and language:
Khaadi employees speak urdu as it is the national language whereas arab prefers their Arabic
language the most; so the difference in two languages might create misinterpretations and
hurdles when doing business in saudia

Saudi Arab is a Muslim country and people cover their selves from head to toe and Khaadi manufactures
clothes shalwar kammez which cover the mosts so yes the business their might be profitable as against
of Non muslim country.

1. Holidays:
The employees of khaadi wont have problems as Saudi is the muslim country and mostly
celebrations and holidays are quite similar except of independence day which is easy to
adjust in.

Being unfamiliar with common workplace lingo and terminologies could slow down your career
progress, but there are many ways to overcome this gap

To overcome these barriers:

1. Sending employees which can be easily adjusted and mostly familiar with their culture as
well as able to convey and reflect their message.

2. Be an open mind to suggest and to avoid commenting about their luxurious life style and
avoid stereotyping.

3. Khaadi should also open a small business in the USA (invest less), practice with it and see
what the future holds. If it goes well they should continue it on a bigger platforem but if it
doesn’t they should close it.

4. clear communication

Clear commuciation is necessary to understand the needs and wants of the customers.
Depending on the clients and customers Khaadi employees can learn few words and
sentences which will help them to run business effectively and efficiently.

5. Cross culture training

Cross culture training Should be given to employees by Khaadi management.

6. Learning cultural differences.

Cultural differences exist such as similarities. Spend time with clients and customer and
discussing cultural differences which will promote socialization and opportunity to learn about
insight of the customers and clients which will help in doing business in foreign countries.

Learning about the khaadi’s clients and customers likes and dislikes, their cultural values and
preferences what they need and want can make them feel comfortable and satisfied. Research
more as there is vast amount of data available on internet just of this initiative people will be
more likely to be your client as khaadi employees know what they want.

7. Explore more

Travel, try new things will help in understanding the khaadi customer about their thought
choices and preferences The idea is not to create boundaries, but to build bridges and open the
door to cultural differences.

8. Understanding cross cultural differences and similarities.

Khaadi employees should be of broad mind to understand the similarities and differences
between two culture and giving them their space will increase motivation towards business like
prayers times, religious holidays adjusting the work to accommodate their needs as well as a
common ground to appreciate each other and respect each other while embracing cultural

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