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mas is coming, holiday cards and letters and its time to write your
family’s annual Christmas letter. Well….its the joyous feeling with my
family when the MISA DE GALLOS coming I wake up early in the
morning at 3:00 to stand out and go to church to pray and make a wish
if you want to fulfill the nine days easily and harder because you did it
and do so to complete the days to celebrate the birthday of our Lord.

I was happy because its a holiday vacation, a time for families, fun and
festivities. A time of family gatherings and holiday meals. A time for
stars, and singing carolers. Celebrate Christmas day on December 25
together with my family that prays together in the church. The day
celebrates Jesus Christ birth, commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ
observed primarily on December 25. After praying go to MCDO eat a
holiday meals enjoyed eating with my family….. A happy family
The incoming year 2018 filled with joy and happiness with my family. I
was happy on that moment because our family together again closure
with our grandmother in Cawayan, Masbate on December 27, 2017. It’s
the 90th birthday celebration of my LOLA JUANA the mother of my
daddy. It’s the happiest moment I ever had with my relatives, taking
pictures, video, dancing ,horse riding, carabao riding , fiesta celebration
on December 28 the day night of Senior Citizen . More litson prepared
by barangay and on the other side more suman, biko, and bibingka
prepared. Am not stop searching the beautiful view of my daddys place
in San Vicente, Cawayan like the resort. From the moment I go to our
“KAPILYA’ I met somehow I just knew I have a true friend our dear little
infant JESUS , he makes me smile …wipe my tears . . . of course when the
New Year is coming 2018 . In the Media Noche my mommy and daddy
with the helping hand of me prepared lumpia shanghai, biko, pansit and
have a display of more fruits for goodluck as a “ pamahiin” or a
superstitious beliefs . At 12:00 in the midnight shouted a “ Happy New
Year’’ throw away salt or coins to avoid bad luck or bad elements. I,
my mommy and daddy prayed that this year 2018 we blessed, all the
bad vibes will disappear , no bad elements encounter it just remain on
2017. . . but our Infant Jesus , our father knows what we need. So after
praying proceed to ring some kind that are noisiest. See in the sky the
beautiful lights… the fireworks display and cheers the glass of wine with
my mommy and daddy. A wondering and memorable moment I’ve ever
had, toss the coins, exchanging gifts, holiday shoppers its here, that time
of the year when we show our love monetarily to the street children,
street lola’s . Give love on Christmas day and give time to them. Happy
New Year 2018 is here and its time to ring in laughter and good cheer
and express heartfelt greetings to our loved ones that they are special.


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