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DYNA4 Car Professional

More Efficiency in Automotive

Components and Controller Development
with Vehicle Dynamics Simulation
DYNA4 Car Professional

Applications DYNA4 Concept

DYNA4 Car Professional is the comprehensive real-time DYNA4 Framework

vehicle dynamics simulation environment for virtual test Flexible framework for transparent model and data
drives. Typical applications range from conceptual management, documentation, automation, reporting and
vehicle development on the PC to component tests in visualization supports your simulation and test
virtual or physical test rigs. The development of processes efficiently.
electronic control systems, such as vehicle dynamics or
powertrain controllers, is supported by rapid prototyping  Consistent management of models, data, simulation
on the PC to tests in software-in-the-loop (SIL) and scenarios and results in every process step
hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) environments. DYNA4 Car  Provides useful tools for automated simulation and
Professional can be applied in diverse fields of vehicle visualization
development:  Allows flexible adaptation to your work processes

 Design, testing, calibration and verification of vehicle  Interfaces for test automation, version control
control systems, e. g. ABS, ESP, 4WD control sys- systems and MBS simulation tools.
tems, active front steering, in SIL and HIL setups  HIL platform-independent, supports all major
 Model-based rapid controller prototyping platforms

 Handling studies
DYNA4 Model Repository
 Ride comfort studies
The DYNA4 Model Repository provides a clearly laid out
 Parameter studies and optimization of vehicle user environment to administrate and parameterize your
components, e.g. drivetrain concepts, steering own simulation models as well as the included TESIS
system and axle suspension DYNAware model library.
 Investigation of driving stability for passenger cars up
The Repository is open for the seamless integration of
to medium-sized commercial vehicles
your models (e.g. batteries, Soft HCU or other
 Development and testing of mechanical components specialized models) into DYNA4, thus enabling you to
in virtual and physical test rigs benefit from all process-supporting Framework functions.
 Pre-calibration of control devices on the hardware-in- Read more about the Framework and additionally
the-loop simulator available models in the separate DYNA4 Framework
 Virtual test drives and animation in the driving flyer.
Model Features at a Glance
Vehicle model Maneuver control
 Modular multi-body system with transparent  Flexible maneuver with various open-loop and
architecture and easy access to all vehicle closed-loop control options. Maneuver segments
component models. defined over time / distance or event-triggered.
 Fast and easy-to-use conceptual suspension model:  Stable and robust driver guidance on specified target
tabled axle kinematics. path and automatic speed choice.
 Extensive axle compliance definition. Nonlinear  Preconfigured standard driving tests defined by ISO
compliance tables for elastic displacement of left & and NHTSA.
right wheel in any direction.
 Real-time capable multi-body axle models with hard Ready-to-use examples
point definition for detailed analysis of the axle
design. Library of 20 common suspension types,  Standard maneuvers, e.g. ISO lane change or
braking on µ-split, as well as test courses of different
including bushings and rubber elements, with up to
complexity are already preconfigured.
30 DoF per axle.
 Various steering system configurations, such as front  Example parameter sets and simulation models for
many vehicle types, ready-to-use and as templates
and rear axle steering or independent left/ right
for user-specific adjustments.
steering. Interface for active steering systems.
 TM-Easy and Pacejka 96 tire models. Interfaces for
3D run-time animation
common CPI and STI tire models and FTire.
 Generic front / rear / four-wheel driveline with 13  Run-time animation of simulation results on all
DoF, elastic drive shafts, hang-on clutch. Extensive supported PC and real-time platforms with the 3D
interface for external control inputs accounting for the animation tool DYNAanimation.
latest drivetrain developments.  DYNAanimation provides various displays to
 Real-time simulation of hydraulic brake systems for highlight characteristic vehicle states and many other
testing ABS/ESP control units and controller powerful functions for impressive presentations of
networks. results. In addition, full functionality is available
remote via programmable ActiveX and DCOM
 Soft ECUs for ABS, ESP and TCU are available as
separate Simulink blocks.

3D road model
 Proving ground and multi-lane road model with
separate definition of horizontal and vertical road
layouts in a series of segments. Surface properties
account for variable friction conditions and stochastic
 Easy road definition via graphical
road editor or automated GPS
road data import.
DYNA4 Car Professional

Your Benefits Engineering and Consulting

Speed up your innovation process We offer tailored consulting and engineering services to
 Ready-to-use examples create an efficient simulation solution, comprising your
 Comparison of different variants models, work processes and functional requirements.
 Automation tools accelerate routine jobs Extensive knowledge from previous projects provides
the basis, e.g.:
 Open model structure in Matlab/Simulink  Calibration, validation and functional safety tests of
 Smooth integration of own models and easy powertrain and chassis control systems
adjustments to your needs  Model parameterization for various vehicle
 Choice of hardware platform controllers
Technical safety  Adaptations to customer processes, e.g. special
 Project and data management for more GUIs, views and automated reports
reproducibility and traceability.  Model and functional extensions to meet the
 Solid professional software based on thorough customers’ requirements
modeling and real-time expertise  Configuration and commissioning of HIL systems
 Successfully employed in numerous projects – the
vehicle dynamics model veDYNA is the proven
 Process consulting, e.g. fleet consumption moni-
toring, CO2 Conformity-of-Production (COP)
Cost reduction
 Modeling of multi-body-systems, 1D thermodyna-
mics, hydraulics, fluid dynamics
 Use the same simulation software supporting
appropriate model depths for all stages throughout Read more in our customer project reports on our
the control unit development and testing process website: www.tesis-dynaware.com/customers
 Reduction of prototype costs through early testing
on the PC
Easier decision making Contact us
Powerful visualization and post-processing tools Phone: +49 89 74 73 777 444
show the key interdependencies, e.g. through Email: tesis.dynaware@tesis.de
 Quick overview and automatic comparison of Web: www.tesis-dynaware.com/dyna4
results and characteristic values for vehicle
 Animation and comparison of different
vehicles in 3D

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