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STEM Lesson Plan

Candidate: Subject(s): Grade level(s): Date: 10/25/17

Amelia Lopez ELD 1 6th, 7th and 8th
ELD Standard(s): Single/Multi-
ELD.P1.6.5. Em. Day Lesson:
Demonstrate active listening in oral presentation activities by asking and Single Day
answering basic questions with prompting and substantial support. Period 3

Language objective:
Students will be able to use clothing words in a sentence.
I wear ______ on my ____________.
My __________ are __________.
I. DESCRIPTION OF CONTENT & CONTENT TYPE (Fact, Procedure, or Principle):
Students will have opportunities to use the language functions in authentic communication


By the end of this lesson student should be able to use clothing words to describe what they are

III. CURRICULUM CONNECTION (How This Lesson Fits Into Unit Plan):
This lesson fits into Unit 8 where students are interpreting and describing visual images using
clothing words along with time order words and weather.

ENGAGEMENT (Motivational Activity): (10:22AM- 10:32AM) (10 mins)

Tap Prior Knowledge

Read aloud the title “The Clothing Machine” on page 238, Inside the U.S.A book. Point to and
name a kind of clothing shown. Say: These are socks. Then say: Stand up if you are wearing
socks. Point to your sock. What color are your socks? Repeat for other articles of clothing.

These are shoes. Stand up if you are wearing shoes. Point to your shoes. What color are your
This is a shirt. Stand up if you are wearing a shirt. Point to your shirt. What color is your shirt?
This is a skirt. Stand up if you are wearing a skirt? Thank you, nobody is wearing a skirt.

Say: Today you are going to learn about the clothing you wear. You will listen to a song about
clothing. Play the song on CD 3, Track 12. On this track students will listen to the song once and
then sing along.

INSTRUCTIONAL SEQUENCE (Teaching Methodology With Student Activities):

(10:32AM- 10:52AM) (15)
Say: Some words name things that we wear. These words are clothing words.

Teach the vocabulary and put into context

Vocabulary Card 207: buckle/ belt: This black belt has a silver buckle.
Vocabulary Card 208: dress: This dress is long and blue.
Vocabulary Card 209: collar/ zipper/ jacket: This jacket is green and it has a zipper and a collar.
Vocabulary Card 210: jeans: These jeans are blue.
Vocabulary Card 211:pants: These pants have two pockets.
Vocabulary Card 212:pocket/ shirt: This shirt has has one small pocket.
Vocabulary Card 213:shoes: These shoes are red.
Vocabulary Card 214:skirt: This skirt is black.
Vocabulary Card 215:socks: These socks have different color stripes.
Vocabulary Card 216:sweater/ button: This sweater has seven buttons.

APPLICATION ACTIVITY (Practice and/or Reflection): (10: 52 AM- 11:10 AM) (25
Sort Clothing (5 mins)
Have partners say the new words. Then they can sort their Word File pictures into these
categories: Clothing usually worn only by girls and clothing by both boys and girls.
Model activity activity with with Vocabulary Picture Cards. For example, hold up the card for
skirt, and say: Girls sometimes wear skirts. Place the card into the “Clothing Worn by Girls”

Name the Picture ( tentative activity 8 mins)

Have partners place one set one set of Word File pictures inside their envelope. One partner
takes a picture, names the clothing, and tells where people wear it. Model the activity by taking a
picture from a a bag. Say: I wear ______ on my ____________.

Language in Action ( 12 mins)

Organize students to face each other in concentric circles. Tell students they will ask and answer
questions about their clothing.
Model the procedure. Ask a volunteer: What color are your shoes? The volunteer answers: My
shoes are __________.

Have students outside the circle ask the questions first. Use the following sentence frame: What
color are/is your? Students on the inside will answer. On a signal, have students rotate to get new
partners. Have students rotate three times and have students change roles.

LESSON WRAP-UP (11:10 AM- 11:15 AM) (5 mins)

Debrief: Invite students to talk abou the activity. Ask
● What clothing did you ask about?
● Did you like asking or answering questions better?
● Did this activity help you remember names for clothing?
Teacher Vocabulary Picture Cards
Inside the U.S.A student book
V. ASSESSMENT STRATEGIES (Methods For Obtaining Evidence Of Learning):
Formative: Students will be informally assessed during “Debrief Time”.
Summative: Students will take a Unit Test of the content covered during the week.


Rally coach pairing
Azael has been in the country and is seated next to Erika for extra support.
Cristian is specifically paired with Iris because student needs help reading and writing. He does
not know the how to read and write in his native language. Needs extra support.


Worksheet on time order words
Practice clothing words with a family member
Begin Unit Project