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front Postcard (5.5x8.5).

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The firing of 1 rocket

from the West Bank
into Tel Aviv, is like
the firing of 1 rocket
from Queens into





Americans For a Safe Israel

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“Demilitarized” Palestinian State =

Palestinian West Bank Population 'Explosion’
from an Israeli West Bank Retreat
Extra 700,000 influx of Israeli West Bank Retreat Option
Palestinian terrorists and Status Quo Option
others immediately after
2012 Retreat. West Bank “Retreat Option”
Palestinian West Bank Population

4,000,000 assumes an additional yearly

influx of 250,000 returning
3,500,000 Palestinian Terrorists and
Refugees above baseline
3,000,000 55,000 yearly birth rate at
2.097% per CIA 2011 estimate
At a 2014 West Bank katyusha
2,000,000 rocket barrage, Israel would
have to reoccupy the entire
1,500,000 Status Quo Option
West Bank with a violent and
assumes birth rate at
armed terroristic population of
1,000,000 2.097% per CIA 2011
an additional 1,300,000 above
Status Quo option.
2011 2012 2013 2014
Retreat Israeli

Grand Opening www.MarkLangfan.com “Interesting”

The Katyusha Rocket "Multiple Rocket

Launcher" BM-21 pictured below can
be easily taken apart and smuggled into
a "Demilitarized" Palestinian State.
Individual Katyushas can be launched
from a pipe with just a car battery.
Katyushas can easily carry chemical

For more information email: mapmun@aol.com

call: (212) 832-4065 or visit: www.MarkLangfan.com

Katyushas carry chemical weapons too!