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Matías Argüello

Rodrigo Miranda
Matthews Villalobos

Questions – Charles William Siemens

1. Where was born siemens?

2. When was born siemens?
3. Who was your father?
4. What was the work of Siemens father?
5. Who was the wife of siemens?


1- Who interested you the most? Why?
I was more interested Nikola Tesla, because he has donated many of his patents in
the name of science, in addition his contribution with alternating current was very
relevant because it greatly improved the transmission of electrical energy

2- What were your main achievements?

The invention of the AC motor and the transmission with alternating current.

3- Did you know anything about him before?

Yes a little bit

4- Why are there no women in the group?

Most of the selected characters are from around the 19th century, and at that time
women were a bit excluded from the scope of science and even from universities.
I liked Thomas Edison, for his history of overcoming and for the legacies that he
left. Ese es el 1



electric bulb
If I knew about him, his achievements and legacies. But his life story was not, it
was very interesting to know how he became a great inventor.
So I investigated if there was, but only that it was not viral like the others.