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Momentous Occasions Calendar of RSCA Events

Sounds of the Shores Summer Concerts

e month of May is filled with events, holidays and
celebrations! What are your traditions this month?
Mark your calendar for fun times in the Shores
this summer with live music and food trucks
Tuesday, May 1st is May Day! Who surprises a neighbor

on these three Sundays in Marlin Park:

or friend with flowers or treats? If you’re reading this after

Sunday, June 24th from 5-7pm @ Marlin Park

the holiday has passed, go say hi to your neighbors anyway!

Touch of Class Band (R&B, Soul, Oldies)

This year, Cinco de Mayo is on Saturday, May 5 th .

Sunday, July 22nd from 5-7pm @ Marlin Park

What festivities do you have planned?

Cocktail Monkeys (R&B, Funk & Soul)

e second Sunday of May is Mother’s Day! On the 13th

Sunday, August 19th from 5-7pm @ Marlin Park

this year, this day is a lovely opportunity to think about what

The Rip-Tides! (Beach Boys)

matters most to moms all around the world. Whether you are
a mom being honored, plan to visit your own mother, or
Annual Levee Cleanup around the Shores
cherish a special woman in your life, the role motherhood is

Saturday, August 25th from 8am to 12noon

universally recognized and celebrated on this, if not every day.

at Mariner Park and all around the Shores

(stay tuned for details)

Halloween Parade in Marlin Park

Saturday, October 27th at 1pm

Santa Visits the Shores Library in December

(stay tuned for details)

You can always find more information about these

and other community events on our web site at

e end of May tends to be time to get ready for summer,
with school year countdowns and BBQ plans underway.
(Attention students — see page 22 for information about
posting your availability for summer projects!)
e last Monday in May is Memorial Day, a time to
remember the service of so many who have fought for our
freedoms. ose who give so much to protect others deserve
our recognition and gratitude.
ank you all for making Redwood Shores a GREAT place
to live and work!
Page 2 May 2018 e PILOT
ShoreS eventS thiS SPring & SuMMer
MeMoRial foR S hoReS

e a
CRoSSing guaRD
For decades, Ray Robinson
brought a friendly smile and wave
We want to say thank you to everyone who attended our to community members at the
annual EGGstravaganza at Marlin Park at the end of March. intersection of Bridge Parkway. He
Special thanks to the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts who came passed away last year, and in April
to help RSCA board members with set-up and clean-up!! And community members attended a
we always appreciate our Fire & Police Departments for their memorial to his special personality
presence and important information. Our event sponsor San and tributes to Redwood Shores. Ray’s family was delighted to
Carlos Orthodontics had crafts and giveaways for families! meet members of the community and have a little celebration
of Ray’s life. anks to all community members who donated
for the memorial rock and plaque placed on Bridge Parkway.

ree Summer Sundays, 5-7pm @ Marlin Park

June 24th • R&B/Soul/Oldies • e Touch Of Class Band
combines vocal harmonies, a heavy horn section, and
choreography together. is ten-piece high energy show band
has performed throughout the Bay Area.
July22nd • Rock/Pop/R&B • e Cocktail Monkeys bring
you more than exciting music and perfect vocal harmony; they
bring fun, camaraderie, and professionalism to each show.
With an alluring and powerful stage presence, from the first
song, Renee and the guys lead you through a fantasy evening
covering your favorite songs by your favorite bands.
august 19th • Beach Boys Party Band • e RiP-TiDEs! are
a vintage, 60s-style, rock'n'roll band comprised of six guys-
playing a great mix of dance, oldies and contemporary hits!

Don’t foRget to BeCoMe a MeMBeR!

e larger our Membership, the more effective we can be.
If you haven’t sent in your Membership form for 2018 yet
(or misplaced it), we have two options for you!
You can mail a $45 check to RSCA at 274 Redwood Shores
Pkwy, PMB #603, Redwood City, CA 94065. Please send a
note to include your address, phone number and email.
New this year, you can sign-up online by going to our web site
at RSCA.org and “Join our email list.” We will send you an
email so you can pay $45 online via memberplanet.com.
Page 4 May 2018 e PILOT
274 Redwood Shores Pkwy, PMB #603
Redwood Shores, CA 94065 - 1173
www.RSCA.org | info@rsca.org

2018 Board of Directors

Lynn Kathleen Adams Connie Munevar
Nina Boire Sue Nix
Kevin Brehmer Ben Ploshay
Jim Cvengros Clemencia Rodriguez
Carol Ford Harris Rogers
Shannon Guzzetta Steven Tsujisaka
Don Long Bob Slusser
Mike Mancusi Andrew Young

RSCA’s Board of Directors meet at the

Redwood Shores Library on the 2nd ursday of each
month at 7pm. Our next Board Meeting will be:
May 10th, 2018
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the Redwood Shores Community Association.
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CIRCULATION: 6,000 Shores Households & Businesses
• Shrek, Jr. Student Production ...........................Page 16
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authors and not the expressions of RSCA unless so officially
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https://www.facebook.com/RSCaorg/ e PILOT May 2018 Page 5
froM the MAyor State of the City aDDReSS —
May 14th
i a n B a i n , City of ReDwooD City Join the City Council of Redwood City
for the 2018 State of the City! is year’s
e City of Redwood City has around 650 employees who serve theme is ‘People: Our Community’s
approximately 85,000 residents. As such, we rely heavily on Greatest Asset’. Enjoy refreshments at
residents who volunteer to serve without compensation on City 6:30pm and stay to hear about
boards, committees and commissions. I am very thankful to these accomplishments, community stories and City goals for the
volunteers for giving of their time to help Redwood City be the coming year. is event will be held in the Council Chambers
best it can be. Here is a brief overview of what each group does: of City Hall (1017 Middlefield Road) on Monday, May 14th
architectural advisory Committee (Appointed by the at 7pm. is event is free and televised live if you cannot attend
Planning Commission) – Reviews projects to ensure that they in person. Visit www.redwoodcity.org for more information.
harmonize with the structures around them.
Board of Building Review – Updates the City’s building
regulatory codes and makes recommendations to the City
Council on the adoption of such codes. BuDget CutS will affeCt ShoReS ReSiDentS
Civic Cultural Commission – Supports and enhances cultural Redwood City is preparing its annual budget and the initial
life and offers grants and assistance to non-profits to facilitate proposal eliminates several services for Redwood Shores residents.
art and cultural events in Redwood City. One concern is a possible reduction in library hours for the
Complete Streets advisory Committee – Ensures roadways are Redwood Shores branch. Here’s an explanation by Bob S.:
designed to enable safe, attractive, comfortable, and independent When I look at the Library hours, I view the hours after 5pm
access and travel for all ages and abilities whether they are to be “Extended Hours”. Currently, the RWS Library has
walking, riding bikes, driving, or riding transit. “Extended Hours” 4 days a week for a total of 12 hours. e
historic Resources advisory Committee (Appointed by the proposed change for this Library would have “Extended
Planning Commission) – Advises the Commission on the Hours” only 2 days a week for a total of 6 hours. is is a
City’s Historic Preservation Ordinance, recommends historic 50% reduction is time available for community meetings,
designation of local landmarks and districts, and reviews education classes, and other community activities.
changes to historic buildings. By contrast, the Downtown Library has “Extended Hours”
housing and human Concerns Committee – Advises the 4 days a week for a total of 16 hours. e proposed change
City Council on housing policies and recommends grant for this Library would have “Extended Hours” 3 days a week
funding to local non-profit organizations. for a total of 9 hours which would be about a 44% reduction.
library Board – Reviews Library programs and actively I haven’t been in the Downtown Library for a while, so I’m
solicits public input on Library policies, facilities and services not sure how much space is available for meetings.
to ensure that they meet community needs. Another area of concern about the budget proposal is the
Parks, Recreation and Community Services Commission – reduction in public safety personnel. A review by Shannon G.:
Promotes recreation and park activities and acts in an advisory e pressure from the state to include a higher percentage of
capacity to the City Council related to the acquisition and pension benefits for each city employee seems to overshadow
development of parks. the fact that PeoPle aRe ouR CoMMunity’S gReateSt aSSet.
Planning Commission – Reviews and approves proposed ose who are trained to protect us are more important than
projects and makes recommendations to the Council on the the new capital improvement projects being studied.
general plan and physical development of the City. Knowing that emergencies can occur at any time and there
are already not enough safety professionals available to
Port Commission – Manages Port operations and facilities,
provide aid, doesn’t it seem absurd to reduce that number by
oversees the budget and enters into agreements with tenants.
10?! e budget for 2018-2019 reflects 10 fewer police and
Pride and Beautification Committee – Holds volunteer fire department positions, including the Emergency
clean-up days to beautify schools, the waterfront, parks, streets, Preparedness Outreach Coordinator. e CERT program
and many other areas. established by the current coordinator will be devastated if
Senior affairs Commission – Fosters, facilitates and establishes this proposal takes effect. e reduction in personnel will also
programs for the enhancement of the social, economic, and increase response times, affecting our safety and home values.
personal well-being of our senior population. e budget proposal is available online at redwoodcity.org, and
youth and teen advisory Board – Assists in planning, you are encouraged to email comments to the city council at
promoting and implementing programs and services for youth. <council@redwoodcity.org>.
Page 6 May 2018 e PILOT
e PILOT May 2018 Page 7
Spring Cleaning? How to Get Rid of Your Stuff
e ritual of Spring Cleaning goes back to when people
scrubbed away a winter’s worth of soot and dirt from their
fireplaces. While that may be a thing of the past, you can
still achieve the same emotional satisfaction by decluttering
and simplifying your home’s interior. And if you’re planning
to remodel, it’s a perfect time to declutter.
Start the decluttering process gently, one closet or category
of item at a time. Here are a few tips to help you through
the process.
1. Some candidates for tossing.
Medicines and food past their expiration dates, items
broken beyond repair, and items kept just in case (we’re
all guilty), such as unidentifiable spare parts, and those
mystery keys in the back of the drawer, can go. And, you
can shred any bills and receipts older than seven years. Styling and organization by Shira Gill Home: www.shiragill.com.
2. Some candidates for donating. Before/after photo by: Vivian Johnson: www.vivianjohnson.com.
Someone else can get use from items you no longer You may wonder how you can responsibly get rid of all that
require. Give away those clothes you don’t wear or that clutter you just cleaned up. We created a list of local places
no longer fit but are still in good condition. Consider where you can donate, sell, and recycle to help reduce your
donating items you haven’t used in a year, such as unused clutter, including where to dispose of hazardous and
bathroom products or unexpired pantry goods your electronic waste. Take a look at: https://bit.ly/2qDialK.
family didn’t eat. And most of the coffee mugs you’ve Remember, the decluttering job is not complete until you
collected over the years! remove the Toss, Recycle, and Donate piles from your home.
3. what to keep. So, shred that paper, take the trash to the dump or recycling
Decluttering guru Marie Kondo advocates that you tackle center, and drop off those donation items!
clutter by category, not room, for items you want to keep. Liza Riguerra is a technology professional
Begin with the easiest things first; clothes, then papers, turned award-winning interior designer who
then miscellany like gadgets and tools. It helps if you lives in Redwood Shores. Connect with her on
designate a place for your like items. For example, get a Houzz, LinkedIn or Twitter.
bin for your wrapping paper. File your office supplies into
a stack of office drawers. And, use a basket for all crafting
Did you know...
supplies. To control newly decluttered spaces, practice the
San Mateo County residents may drop off a full range of
One ing In = One ing Out rule. So if you bring Household Hazardous Waste items (for FREE) at collection
home a new coffee mug, donate an existing one! facilities and events year-round every ursday, Friday and
Tackle sentimental items last, such as photos, love letters, Saturday (except major holiday weekends). All waste collected is
and keepsakes. Kondo suggests you save these items until either reused, recycled, processed for energy recovery, or stabilized
last because, “you can gradually hone your decision- for proper disposal to achieve zero waste being landfilled. For
making skills, so that by the end, it seems simple.” Find details, visit: smchealth.org/hhw.
ways to reduce the volume of sentimental items you can’t Twice a year, February through December, Recology offers a free
bear to toss or donate. For example, scan old family collection. Each free collection can have up to 12 bagged items,
photos and give away baby clothes to someone who one bulky item, one large appliance and one e-waste item. See
could really use them. recology.com/recology-san-mateo-county/bulky-items/.

Page 8 May 2018 e PILOT

e PILOT May 2018 Page 9
We are proud to announce Alain Pinel has once again been ranked number ONE in the United States for achieving the highest
average home sale price in the country of over $1.6 million dollars as part of the 2018 Real Trends 500 annual rankings. Additionally
we are ranked as the sixth largest residential real estate brokerage in the nation!! (We are number ONE in Silicon Valley). We are
proud to be a part of this family and have such elite standings. These accomplishments demonstrate how we are serving some of
the most prestigious property owners in the country as the finest real estate professionals in the industry. We look forward to
continuing to service all of our family, friends and neighbors here on our Peninsula. We are always prepared to assist you with
any of your real estates needs and welcome any questions. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Collectively known as The Gable Team, Naomi and

Maureen are a mother and daughter who share a strong
commitment to quality real estate service. Their combined
energy, care and focus make them a reputable resource in
this diverse Peninsula home market. They are a family
helping families. Naomi is a third generation Realtor and
currently resides in Redwood Shores with her husband
Bobby and their two daughters Callie and Taitym who
attend RWS Elementary School. With her intimate
knowledge of the community and involvement in the
school Naomi has built many friendships and a wonderful
reputation in serving their clients. They would love to hear
from you if you are thinking of buying or selling your home!
it’S eleMentAry
MiChael MilliKen, Ph.D.
BRSSD SuPeRintenDent
Greetings from your local public schools! Spring is an exciting
time as we plan for the next school year and complete the
current year. e last day of school for students in the K-8
schools is Wednesday, June 13th. Carlmont High School will
end on ursday, June 7th. In the K-8 school district, we expect
a number of changes for 2018-2019 relevant to the Shores.
PRinCiPal Change foR ReDwooD ShoRe eleMentaRy
RWSE Principal Annie Cahoon has announced that she will be
leaving at the end of this school year. She lives in Oakland, and
the commute has become increasingly challenging. We are sad
to be losing her! e search for Principal Cahoon’s replacement
is in full swing, and we are confident that we will attract a
similarly strong leader to take over the principal role at RWS
Elementary. anks to Ms. Cahoon for her remarkable
leadership in the areas of communication, community building,
instruction, and safety.
extenDing the KinDeRgaRten Day
At two school board meetings last month, the District’s leaders
discussed the pros and cons of lengthening the kindergarten
day. Currently, the kindergarten day is approximately 8:30am
to 12:30pm without lunch, and the first grade day is 8:30am raised California school districts’ contribution to the retirement
to 2:30pm with lunch. Our 4-hour kindergarten day is system from 8.25% in 2014 to 19.1% in 2020. Our 2018
somewhat shorter than those of our comparable districts. San contribution level is 16.3%. is cost increase goes directly to
Carlos has a 5-hour kindergarten day and Burlingame has a our expenditures, making our employees more expensive, but
5.5-hour kindergarten day. More importantly, a longer without giving them more income now or in retirement, as
kindergarten day will allow our students more time for their retirement benefits are staying the same. is state
socialization, exploration, informal learning, and arts activities. mandate has put more and more financial pressure on school
is change has the potential to offer a more developmentally districts, and there is increasing pressure on our state leaders in
appropriate and well-rounded program. Heading into the Sacramento to provide more funding to school districts. Our
April 26th board meeting, District leadership is looking most local State Senator Jerry Hill is sponsoring a budget revision to
closely at extending the day either to 1:45pm or 2:30pm for increase the state’s funding formula for school districts, and we
the 2018-2019 school year, with a decision expected at that are hopeful that this effort will be successful.
meeting. We will keep you informed of the final decision. As always, thank you for your support, and please contact me
BuDget ReDuCtionS directly with questions at <mmilliken@brssd.org>.
In June, the Board will finalize its budget for the 2018-2019
school year. To pursue continued efficiencies, I will be
recommending approximately $750,000 in spending MoRe SChool anD StuDent infoRMation on Page 16
reductions for the 2018-2019 school year. e primary reason
is edition of e PILOT has additional articles related to
for our need to make cuts is that the state legislature has
Redwood Shores schools and students including:
mandated increases in employer contributions to California’s
teacher pension system. Teachers do not get social security from • Redwood Shores Elementary School Newspaper Club
the federal government. Instead, they participate in the • Ralston Middle School and the San Carlos Children’s
California State Teachers Retirement System (CalSTRS). In eater have partnered for a production of Shrek, Jr.!
2014, the governor and legislature passed AB 1469, which May show times and details are available on page 16.

e PILOT May 2018 Page 11

Spring Leaves
and High Tech
by Harvey Radin by Monique Seibel
Spring is a great time to appreciate little things like new leaves e luck of the Irish was with us on St. Patrick’s Day, when
on trees and foliage around the Shores, and nature in dire weather predictions threatened to cancel Membership
unexpected places. When I was working high-velocity in the Mania. But on the morning of March 17th the courts were
City and found time to walk outside, I’d sometimes head to a dry and it was mostly sunny. en at 11am, as if on cue, the
street where Spring leaves on trees along the sidewalk were quite skies opened up and the rain forced us off the courts. By then
a sight. Right there in the heart of the City! I’d stop slightly off everyone in attendance, including at least a half dozen new
the beaten path where I wouldn’t be in the way of people racing faces, had had a chance to play some casual tennis and enjoy
by so I could just appreciate the leaves. Major metropolitan a light courtside breakfast. Others stopped by but didn’t play,
areas are supposed to be bustling, crazy places dominated by and in all it was a successful day.
steel, glass, concrete, traffic and noise. But even in the heart of e following week, we weren’t so lucky. e first tournament
work and commerce, there are nooks and crannies. of the year was canceled due to wet courts. It was a good call
Even along freeways there’s occasionally something special like on the part of tournament director John Hogan. Although the
foliage with maroon-red leaves in Spring, and wildflowers. sun came out early in the morning, occasional light showers
Now, if you’re glued to your high tech device when someone continued throughout the day. Rain, however, is not enough
else is driving, chances are you’ll miss seeing all that and to dampen members’
sometimes wildlife, too. Even deer. Weren’t a few spotted enthusiasm for an evening
several years ago near here grazing just off the 101 freeway? social. Irene and Jay Muzio
Now of course, there’s no substitute for high tech devices, hosted. e theme was a
as long as you’re not missing what’s all around. I’m using a celebration of Italian food,
high tech device right now as I’m writing this article. And if and the many dishes ranged
you’ve ever used a typewriter, even though some people do from homemade focaccia and
and they swear by them, I’m opting for high tech and being chicken cacciatore to lemon
able to move words, sentences, even paragraphs around zabaglione. No tournament
using my high tech device. prizes could be awarded, but
Annette Vernon won Best
Let me tell you, those online dictionaries and thesauruses sure
Mona Lisa Smile.
come in handy. And my good friend, high tech, helps me sail
through grammar and syntax. But having said that and after e Redwood Shores Tennis Club donates a lump sum every
spending a few minutes out back during a break from writing, year to the Redwood City Parks and Recreation Department.
BBQing in the rain, if you can believe that, I’m seeing strong President Nicola Tidwell just received a note from Parks and
winds creating graceful, green waves in the trees. Like ocean Recreation Director Christopher Beth thanking the club for
waves. So dramatic! And just so you know, when I just wrote this year’s donation of $1,000, which goes into a dedicated
that I was BBQing, I was thinking I probably should spell fund for the maintenance and improvement of the four
check that on the computer since there’s that squiggly red line public courts in the Shores.
under my shorthand version Upcoming member events
of the word. include the open play on
(After a career in corporate Saturday, May 12th and the
communication, Harvey Radin monthly tournament on
wrote books and articles about Saturday, May 19th. The
public opinion and PR. His format will be men’s and
articles have been published in women’s doubles.
Business Insider, American For additional information
Banker and Talking Biz News. about the club, or to join,
You may reach him by email at visit www.rstc.org.
<hoastrategic@gmail.com>. Let’s play tennis!
Page 12 May 2018 e PILOT
June 5 t h , 2018
PRiMaRy eleCtion
The next California election date is Tuesday, June 5th 2018.
is is a primary election for candidates to be placed on the
November ballot. In addition, several local measures and state
propositions are on this ballot for approval or rejection by voters.
is election incorporates voting process changes based on the
Voters Choice Act (Senate Bill 450) developed over the past two
years. For information about the Voters Choice Act, review
https://www.smcacre.org/VCa. Here are a few highlights:
• e primary goal of this new legislation is to expand
accessibility and voting opportunities for all voters,
particularly those with disabilities, visual impairments and
language minorities.
• Starting in 2018, all registered voters in San Mateo County
will be mailed their ballot 29 days before the election.
• Voters have three options to cast their ballots:

County and State Voting Information Guides and ballots will

be sent to registered mailing addresses in the month of May.
Please review these important documents for election
information and current processes so you know
wheRe, when & how to Vote.
For more information about voting, please
go to https://www.smcacre.org/voting.

Page 14 May 2018 e PILOT

e PILOT May 2018 Page 15
ReDwooD tiMeS SaVe the Date!
the RWSE School Newspaper Ralston Middle School & the San Carlos Children’s
By Niharika Prachanda eater present the musical “Shrek, JR.”
In the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year, the PTA was asking Director: Eron Block, Choreographer: Daina Block, and Vocal
for parents who would be interested in directing enrichment clubs. Director: Susie Jimenez
Narkees Rosenberg heard about this and took the opportunity. In CaSt anD CRew - All cast and crew are students of Ralston
high school, she had written for her high school newspaper, and Middle School and Nesbit Middle School. Everything you will
actually considered a career in journalism. Narkees had loved see on and behind stage will be run by the students: the actors,
writing and thought it would be an enjoyable experience. She lights and sound, and stagehands. It’s a true team effort. Be
wanted the club’s members to understand that their voice mattered. entertained while supporting the students!
Narkees also believed it was a great way for parents to see what kids StoRy - Once upon a time, in a far away swamp, there lived an
were thinking about and what we are interested in. So she started ogre named Shrek. One day, Shrek finds his swamp invaded by
the Redwood Shores Elementary Newspaper Club. banished fairytale misfits who have been cast off by Lord Farquaad,
Now, the Redwood Times is a very successful school newspaper in a tiny terror with big ambitions. When Shrek sets off with a
terms of popularity. It’s writers, which consist of 3rd, 4th, and 5th wisecracking donkey to confront Farquaad, he’s handed a task – if
graders, enjoy spurting out articles for each newspaper, which come he rescues feisty princess Fiona, his swamp will be righted. Shrek
out every two to three months. On distribution day, club members tries to win Fiona’s love and vanquish Lord Farquaad, but a fairytale
pass out newspapers to everyone. It spreads “like a wildfire” wouldn’t be complete without a few twists and turns along the way.
according to Narkees. Everyone has their heads buried inside the PeRfoRManCe DateS loCation
latest Redwood Times. Everyone is enjoying a “shared experience”. Friday, May 18 at 7:00pm McKinley Auditorium
Articles, for all to enjoy, cover content like food, tech, the Saturday, May 19 at 7:00pm 400 Duane Street
environment and school news. ey also include interviews, Sunday, May 20 at 1:00pm Redwood City
reviews, stories, games, and art. If you didn’t get one, they can tiCKetS anD info
be found in the RWSE school library, the RWSE school office,
Tickets are available at SanCarlosChildreneater.com
at Nob Hill, as well as the main RWS Library. You might also
find it in your kid’s backpack, if he or she attends RWSE. e Questions? Contact Britt Brown at <brittbrown72@gmail.com>.
next distribution date is May 31st. For parents of RWSE children,
you may want to linger at the basketball courts or the playground
to pick up a copy.
In club meetings, we either plan out the next newspaper, or learn
how to write enticing articles. We have already planned out our
June issue. e theme is “We Will Rock You” but we also intend
to focus on the school year. Actually, we are featuring the best of
2017-2018. We are paying special attention to the eventful year
we’ve had. Fifth graders can expect to be interviewed. Of course,
we are still in the process of planning. We plan to make this
newspaper the best of all three!
Unfortunately, only so many people can join the newspaper club.
As a testament to the increasing popularity, an enormous waiting
list of people wanting to join is only increasing. at is the reason
the All School Submission was started. e plan is, a 5th grade
editor will choose an article from each grade’s submission to be
placed in the newspaper. If you are a kid who plans to send an
article in, remember Narkees’ advice, “write with fire and passion
and stay inspired”. I agree. e best articles seem to be ones that
the writers themselves seem interested in. Now, many other
students will have the chance to have an article in the newspaper.
In fact, from my interview with Narkees and what I, myself, have
seen, the purpose of the Redwood Times is to give students a voice.
Sources: Interview with Narkees and my delightful experiences in newspaper club.

Page 16 May 2018 e PILOT

Sanit Bordeianu
650.430.3500 mobile
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1120 17th Avenue, Redwood City 517 Roxbury Way, Belmont

3 Beds, 2 Baths, 1,398 SqFt, 7,140 SqFt Lot 3 Beds, 2 Baths, 1,700 SqFt, 5,220 SqFt Lot
Sold for $1,635,000, Buyer Representation Sold Off Market for $1,490,000, Buyer Representation


401 Portofino Drive, #C, San Carlos 195 Opal Avenue, Redwood City
3 Bed, 2.5 Bath, 2,130 SqFt Townhome with View 3 Bed, 1.5 Bath Home in Desirable Mt. Carmel
Listed at $1,398,000, Buyer Representation Off Market Opportunity, Buyer Representation


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St. MArk’S corner
fRienDS & faMily aRe alwayS welCoMe
(eSPeCially in May)
By Richard Watkins
Remember back in the day, when you would get one of those
“friends and family” discount offers? Maybe you had an aunt or
cousin who worked for a store that would give out little coupons
to its employees and they would pass them along to you in order
to take advantage of a special 30% off sale.
As time went on and technology advanced, those offers started
coming in the form of forwarded emails from friends or relatives
who worked for various companies alerting you to when the sale
was and a special code or word to use at the time of purchase.
Soon, businesses started offering memberships or allowing folks
to be connected via website accounts which would then make you
an electronic “friend” of the company and remove the need to B R e t e Va n S JuSt liSteD
actually know someone who worked there in order to get the perks. 282 Redwood Shores Pkwy 234 Santiago Avenue
Redwood City, CA 94065 Redwood City
Nowadays, all you have to do is walk past a store and secret
Broker Associate 5 bedroom, 4 bath
electronic sonar pulses tap into your subconscious psyche and by
the time you get home you’ll have two emails, three texts, a CalBRE# 01223530 2,440 Square Feet
voicemail message and some guy standing on the street corner (650) 722-6555 list Price $1,788,000
Bretevans@sbcglobal.net hardwood floors, upgraded
twirling around a sign that points in the direction back to that store. bathrooms, private driveway,
Well guess what… St. Mark Catholic Church is having its own Bretevanshomes.com great location just north of Atherton

version of a friend and family event. But instead of a sale, it’s a

friends and family salvation special during Bring a Friend to
Church Month where everyone can take up to a 100% absolution.
What is “Bring a Friend to Mass” month, you ask? It’s very simple.
All parishioners are encouraged to bring a friend or family
member to one (or more) of the 16 masses this May. e idea is
for each member of the parish community to bring someone who
typically doesn’t go to church. ese invitees can be non-believers,
believers who have let their faith lapse or fully functioning, active
and participating believers looking for a new perspective on their
faith. And the invitations do not need to be limited to just friends
and family. Coworkers, casual social acquaintances, parents that
serve on the PTA with you, softball buddies, former roommates,
current roommates, that roommate that always ate your ice cream
and never fessed up about it (after all, it’s not just him that would evangelization. Rather, it’s a friendly and open invitation from
benefit from a good homily on forgiveness). the St. Mark community to all people to get to know or re-
Mass times for May (well… for every month) are Saturdays at familiarize yourself with God. And if you are having trouble
4:30pm, Sundays at 8:00am, 9:45am and 11:30am. ere are also finding the right words to use when asking someone to come
daily masses in the Chapel at 8:30am, Monday through Friday. with you, just say something along the lines of what Curtis said
to Jake and Elwood Blues which was: “e sister’s right. You boys
So why is St. Mark doing this? A part of the parish’s mission is
could use a little churchin’ up. Slide down to the Triple Rock and
to “Promote the living Gospel of Jesus”. By holding a bring a
catch Reverend Cleophus the preacher there. You boys listen to
friend to Mass month and putting the emphasis on those who
what he's got to say.” Or even a quick: “Jake, you get smart. You
don’t normally attend Mass, the hope is that they may be opened
get to church,” will do fine.
to the Word of God. With that, however, it is important to keep
in mind that this is not a mission of insistence. is is not a Saint Mark is located at 325 Marine View Avenue in Belmont.
mission of dogged Dogma, persistent preaching or incessant We hope to see you soon!
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Did you know... CLASSIFIED ADS
... that EVERY residence in the Shores
is covered by Covenants, Codes &
Restrictions (CC&Rs)?
Whether you live in one of our many
Home Owners Associations (HOAs)
or in the original sections of the
Shores, there are CC&Rs on ALL Shores homes!
You should have received a copy of the CC&Rs when REDWOOD SHORES, BELMONT,
20% OFF for
you purchased your home. But if you live west of Shell


and NOT in an HOA, that might have been some time

(Van Available)
ago. If you need a new copy, email <ADB@rsca.org>.

(650) 921-2038


Excellent service, good references.
Call Ana or Edgar 650-924-0406

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Over 35 years of Worldwide Expertise
Affiliated with Travel Advisors of Los Gatos
Call Linda at 650-591-9112 or 408-505-4506

Redwood Shores
Certified Public Accountant
Providing tax preparation and planning,
accounting and bookkeeping services
15+ years experience Shores Resident
Call Kerman at 650-291-4219

Silvia’s Housecleaning Service

License #22085 - Bonded and Insured
San Carlos Aviation & Supply

References available on request

is your local pilot retail shop and also provides

Serving the Shores for 21 years

Taxi as well as Limousine service and rental cars.

(415) 860-6988

Does Your Ad Belong Here?

Classified with 30 words $45 Redwood Shores Handyman
(+$2.00 each additional word) No job too small, can do almost anything.
1/8 Page or Business Card Art $95 Redwood Shores Resident
Call Scott 650-464-3276
email ThePILOT@rsca.org
or email shenderson4@aol.com
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(How a Connecticut Yankee embraced California Cuisine)


– Lynn Kathleen Adams

I hope you are all enjoying our wonderful spring weather!

Now is the time for gardening and planting your butterfly
garden flowers and herb gardens to enjoy later in the summer.


e Japanese Maples have all leafed out, and the birds,
including Mr. Robin Redbreast, are all enjoying bathing in Serves 6 - 8
the little bird bath, much to the delight of my two Manx purr
1 28 oz. bag of frozen O’Brien Hash Brown Potatoes
babies, who watch intently from the kitchen greenhouse
1 lb. Bacon, cut into pieces, fried and drained
1 7 oz. can Diced Green Chilies, drained
My herb garden needs work again, so I am eager to clear out
3 Cups shredded cheddar cheese
some of the weeds and other curious plants that appear to have
1 Dozen Eggs
overtaken my thyme and sage. e rosemary plant seems
1 Cup Milk
indestructible, but the other herbs – marjoram, basil, oregano,
etc. – have long disappeared. We love tarragon, but it needs 1 ½ Teaspoon Kosher Salt
coaxing to grow. (Perhaps it just needs me to leave it alone ½ Teaspoon Dry Mustard
for awhile so it can grow, instead of constant snipping!) ¼ Teaspoon Freshly Ground Black Pepper
Chopped Green Scallions, for garnish
May is always a delight because it affords the opportunity to
celebrate Mother’s Day. For those of us with Moms who live Spray a 9 x 13 baking dish with PAM or other cooking spray.
far away, or are no longer with us (I lost my Mom last year so Pour the frozen potatoes into the prepared baking dish, and
this Mother’s Day will be especially difficult for our family), top with the green chilies, bacon and cheese. Beat the eggs,
we can still celebrate with family and friends. is Cheesy milk, salt, pepper and dry mustard together in a mixing bowl,
Breakfast Casserole is unbelievably easy to make – it is literally and pour it over the potato mixture.
almost “thrown together”. It’s easiest if you prepare it the You can prepare the casserole the night before, and leave it
night before serving, but can also be made early in the (covered) in the refrigerator until the next morning. Let it sit
morning – it just takes a little longer to bake because the hash at room temperature for about 30 minutes or so, before
brown potatoes have not quite thawed! popping it into a preheated 375 degree oven. Bake the
is goes nicely with warm buttery croissants and/or a colorful casserole for approximately 45 minutes or until the edges are
fruit salad (melon and some assorted seasonal berries), freshly brown and the center is firm.
squeezed orange juice and steaming hot coffee. You’ll have Sprinkle with chopped green scallions if you wish for some
energy for working in the garden or taking a leisurely walk added color before serving. Enjoy!
around our beautiful Redwood Shores community. (Lynn has been an RSCA Board member since 1994.)


When school is out for summer, you will have extra time on
your hands. Looking for an internship? Want to help your
neighbors and earn some spending money?! If you’re available
over the summer for jobs or projects such as gardening,
cleaning, childcare, pet sitting, window washing, or
administrative work, email thepilot@rsca.org with information
about your availability, to include in e Pilot for June and
July (as space is available). Please include your name, age,
phone, email and the tasks you are available to do.
(You can work out rates and details with interested neighbors.)
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Star YOUR San Mateo County
Real Estate Team!
The Lim Group Residential, Investment & Commercial
Direct: (650) 704-4100
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www.EmilyLim.com SAMCAR Platinum
Emily@EmilyLim.com BRE#00788579
Emily Ron Jo Ann

Laurelwood Beauty! 3 bedrooms, 2 baths - all on one level with Come live at The Preserve! Spacious 1,812 sf, like new, with
beautiful hardwood floor. Stunning, brand new kitchen! Remodeled 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths. Travertine tile in living room; next level offers
bathrooms. Spacious, tranquil, flat backyard with views! Huge storage. Off dining area, open kitchen with center island and family room! Walk to top
W. Hillsdale with easy access to 92, close to Laurelwood Shopping Center, rated school! Enjoy the park, bike & jogging trails. Coming soon!
Sugarloaf Park. Offered at $1,828,000.

Planning on Selling? With our experience, local market knowledge

plus resources, we help package your home & craft a winning
markeing strategy to get you the maximum potentail!

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