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4 Release Notes – December 20, 2013

This document contains detailed descriptions of release updates that have been made to the TeamMate R10.4
release. TeamMate updates come in the following forms:

 Release – full releases are complete installations that contain significant functionality and often
architectural changes or can be a language edition which require many changes to files. Examples of a
release are: 10.0, 10.1, 10.2, 10.3, and
 Service Pack – is an update installation that is comprised of a bundling of important defect fixes or some
functionality that is considered important to release on a scheduled basis (i.e. every quarter). These
installations only install a subset of the application files impacted and are meant to install over their parent
release. Examples: 10.1.4, 10.2.4, 10.3.1
 Hotfix – is an update installation that addresses one or few critical defects that must be urgently released
to the user base. Hotfixes within a Release or Service Pack are not cumulative and only fix those specific
defects specified. These installations only install a very small subset of application files. Examples:,,

TeamMate R10 Release History

Version Release Date

10.4 Release December 20, 2013 Hotfix November 19, 2013

10.3.1 Service Pack October 31, 2013 Hotfix August 19, 2013 Hotfix August 1, 2013

10.3 Release May 24, 2013

10.2 Release July 3, 2012

10.1 Release February 8, 2012

10.0 Release July 29, 2011

© 2013 TeamMate Licensing B.V. All rights reserved 1 10.4 Release Notes – Dec 2013
TeamMate 10.4 Release – December 20, 2013
The 10.4 release, although not designed for major functionality enhancements, does include important changes
such as:

 Minor enhancements to TeamTalk based on 10.3 user feedback

 Addressed all of the critical 10.3 caveats including some of the HTML editing and hyperlinking items
 Fixed many defects reported in the field with previous versions (these are available, see below)
 Fixed the known critical and high classified web security defects based on penetration testing
 Support of new technology platforms while not supporting some of the older editions (see below)

This is a full installation only for desktop, web server, and tools. This release also works in conjunction with the
TeamMate CM 1.1 release.

More details can be obtained on TeamMate Connect in the “What’s New in TeamMate 10.4” document and there is
also a very detailed list of all enhancements, defects addressed, and caveats in the “TeamMate 10.4 Detailed
Release Notes” document.

Important Platform Changes

1. There is a database conversion between 10.4 and any other previous release. Users on 8.2 must convert
first using the 10.3 release and then convert to 10.4 while all other versions the conversion is built into the
10.4 release.
2. Office 2013 is now fully supported along with Office 2007 and Office 2010 (32 bit editions only). Office
2003 support was dropped with the release of TeamMate R10.3.
3. Windows 8, Windows 2012 Server, and IE10 are now supported with this version.
4. Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server are no longer supported with this version.
5. Oracle is no longer a supported database platform with the release of 10.4. However, it will be supported
until May 2016 within the 10.3.x platform when it’s end of support life cycle completes. Please note there
are TeamMate tools available to migrate a TeamMate database from Oracle to SQL Server.
6. More detailed information about supported platforms is contained in the “TeamMate IT Overview”

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© 2013 TeamMate Licensing B.V. All rights reserved 3 10.4 Release Notes – Dec 2013