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Jack Higgins LO1 Feedback. 14/01/18

Current Grade for LO1: Fail

The current grade is calculated on the work that is present on your blog. You may have missing
items, or vastly incomplete sections of work. Please improve this. If you require help with any of
this work, or need to show me work before re-submitting to check the quality, please do so.

Remember, the highest grade you can achieve on this learning outcome is a Merit Distinction
if youifhave
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this, ifthis,
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any minor
or additions,
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can you
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ensure these are made.

Please ensure all of the work is uploaded on the blog.

Remember – Don’t overwrite the blog posts, make new blog posts that are clearly labelled with
the words “Re-Submission”.

Your blog needs some organisation. Please make sure you clearly label the work and group
it in the appropriate learning outcome. Clearly identify any work you have contributed to by
using a colour code.
Your pre production documentation demonstrates at times a fair plan for a new talk and
music radio programme. For a higher grade, you need to add missing work (detailed below).
Ensure in your proposal you justify your content in relation to current trends in UK radio
(using social media for example). You have produced some fair pre production in the form of
scripts, risk assessment for recording and contingency plan.
To improve: Add the ideas document, add your primary research and develop some charts
/graphs showing the data and explaining your findings, add the secondary research
document, the running order, production schedule, with the budget; make it more relevant.
Search for recording / radio studio hire and identify and explain the PRS / PLL considerations
for broadcasting licenses, then add a total

The resubmission deadline is: 31st January 2018