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Technical data

Type / size 3.5" TFT display
Dimensions 70 x 53 mm (2.8 x 2.1")
Resolution 320 x 240 pixels (RGB)
Backlight LED
Display colors 262 144
Surface non-reflecting

radiomatic® photon. Digital version: Analog version:

(recommended for surveillance tasks) (ideal for use with machine operations)
Safe operation with camera assistance. simultaneous use of up to 4 cameras simultaneous use of up to 8 cameras

Camera Camera
Type day & night IR camera Type high-resolution day & night
TV system PAL / NTSC IR camera
Resolution 320 x 240 pixels TV system PAL
Power supply battery or power adapter, 5 V DC Resolution 752 x 582 pixels (DVD quality)
Power consumption max. 550 mA 600 TV lines (color)
Battery / operating time Li-ion battery with charger, 700 TV lines (b/w)
up to 15 h of continuous Zoom 16 x (manual)
operating time (depending Power supply Power adapter, 9 – 28 V DC (± 10 %)
on the use of the IR LEDs) Power consumption approx. 1 A
Battery pre-warning horn and LED Operating temperature range -10 °C … +50 °C
Operating temperature range -10 °C…+50 °C Housing material aluminum
Housing material aluminum Dimensions 275 x 155 x 89 mm (10.8 x 6.1 x
Dimensions 146 x 113 x 69 mm (5.7 x 4.4 x 3.5") at 90° / 352 x 81 x 89 mm
2.7") at 90° / 153 x 112 x 69 mm (13.8 x 3.2 x 3.5") at 180°
(6.0 x 4.4 x 2.7") at 180° IP protection class according to IP 65
IP protection class according to IP 66 EN 60529
EN 60529 Day / night switching built-in, fully automatic
Day / night switching built-in, fully automatic
Transmission and reception module / radio link Transmission and reception module / radio link
Quality in Control. Position built into the camera for
optimum IP protection
Position built into the camera foot for
optimum IP protection
Frequency band 2.4 GHz Frequency range 5.8 GHz ISM band
Delay time ≤ 250 ms (5.725 MHz – 5.875 MHz)
Antenna SMA reverse 50 Ω Number of channels 16
Delay time ≤ 100 ms
Antenna SMA 50 Ω

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radiomatic® photon.

Highlights at a glance: Easy and flexible installation:

Great image quality
The live images are shown on a
3.5" color display in a resolution
of 320 x 240 pixels. Thus the
operator always has a good view
on the application.

Different versions
For machine operations with video
assistance we recommend the analog
version (5.8 GHz), and the digital
version (2.4 GHz) for surveillance tasks.
With radiomatic® photon, the operator can switch between
various camera views.

radiomatic® photon. Powerful battery (optional)

A powerful Li-ion battery with battery
Installation with screws. Installation with fixation magnets
(ideal for mobile, flexible operations).
Safe operation with camera assistance. charger and fixation magnets is available
for the camera (digital version). This
When controlling cranes and machinery, it occasionally happens that radiomatic® photon is available in two versions. For the control of offers up to 15 hours of continuous
the operator has only a limited view of the working and functioning machinery, we recommend the analog version (5.8 GHz), for surveillance operation.
area of the machine. As a result, the operator has to walk around, tasks, the digital version (2.4 GHz) is recommended. The power for the Accessories:
often into narrow, hardly accessible spaces in order to get a clear view cameras is supplied by high-performing power adapters. For the digital
Enormous range Power adapter
of possible obstacles or any other possible dangers, check the filling version, there is also a Li-ion battery available that offers up to 15 hours
The transmission of the live images • Standard with both camera versions.
level of a container, or position a crane hook precisely above the load. of continuous operating time. radiomatic® photon is optionally available
is implemented on a separate radio • Connection to the camera by cable.
with the technos 2, spectrum D and spectrum E transmitters.
Up to 150 meters (approx. 165 yards) range link with a range of up to 150 meters • Installation with screws or fixation
With radiomatic® photon, HBC-radiomatic now offers technical assis- (165 yards), allowing the user to magnets.
tance that allows for the safe, precise and efficient working, even in operate in a large working area.
very demanding situations. This new feature enables the clear display
of live camera images on the radio control and can work with several
Robust quality Li-ion battery
cameras simultaneously. They can be installed anywhere on the machine
The video camera is extremely robust (optional for digital version)
or in the working environment and transmit live images to the 3.5"
and is protected against rain, snow and • Cable connection to the camera.
display of the radio transmitter with a range of up to 150 meters (approx.
UV radiation, which makes it a valuable • Up to 15 h of continuous operation.
165 yards). The operator always has a good view of the machine
help in long, demanding operations. • Installation with screws or fixation
and the working environment, even if there are dead spots or other
obstacles, and can control the machine with precision and safety.

Automatic day / night switching

Individual settings Charging adapter & charger
For use in conditions with limited lighting, the cameras are equipped
The user can easily perform different (for battery option)
with auto-on switching for infrared opera­tion. In addition to this, there
settings in the camera menu and thus • Easy plug-in of the battery.
are a lot of different settings that the operators can adjust to their
adapt the camera perfectly to individual • Charging time: < 4 hours.
needs. And with the switching to the standard display mode, useful The 2.4 GHz version with Li-ion battery.
requirements. • Charger also suitable for standard
machine information is always ready when needed.
battery BA401_.

Display switching Cable

More safety. More precision. More efficiency. With a switch / button, the operator • Connection between camera and
The operator has a better view of complex In complicated situations, for example when In surveillance tasks and for machine opera­ can easily switch to the standard data battery / power adapter.
surroundings and dead angles, can detect navigating the machine through narrow paths tions, the user can save walking distances indication on the display and access • Connection between power adapter
possible risks early on and accordingly control or moving the machine into areas with limited because he can conveniently check the useful machine data. and power supply of the machine.
the machine with the necessary caution. Thus, visibility, the live video transmission enables machine status by means of the live images. • Cable lengths: 10 / 20 / 25 meters
operator safety is considerably enhanced. precise and exact working. This means a huge increase of efficiency. (approx. 16.4 / 21.9 / 27.3 yards).