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The first. The last. The "only" lubricant
you'll ever need.

Sullube, a reliable, extended-life Increased operating efficiency This eliminates frequent oil
synthetic fluid, specially formulated changes, and results in substantial
for use in rotary screw compres- Sullube is the answer to industry's economies with continuously oper-
sors. demand for a fluid capable of ating compressors. All users can
8,000 hours of continuous opera- reduce downtime and mainte-
The highest performance fluid tion without varnishing or causing nance costs with Sullube™ fluid.
detrimental side effects to the
Sullube™ fluid has proven to be compressor. Inherently high viscosity index
superior to both hydrocarbon oils Sullube synthetic fluid has the
and other synthetic fluids. It high oxidative stability necessary Sullube™ compressor fluid does
exhibits a number of unique char- for extended life in rotary screw air not require additives to achieve an
acteristics which provide measura- compressors under a wide range initially acceptable viscosity/tem-
ble benefits for customers: of operating conditions. perature profile. Since no supple-
Sullube meets the SAE 5W-20 mental viscosity improvers are
• High oxidative stability for long classification. As a result, cold needed, the fluid is shear stable.
life weather startups are easier with As a result, the fluid does not
• High resistance to sludge and Sullube, and less energy is exhibit the rapid and irreversible
varnish formation required to operate compressors. drop in viscosity during use char-
• The ability to dissolve residual In addition, the combination of low acteristic of fluids containing shear
hydrocarbon varnish to clean up viscosity and the high thermal con- unstable polymeric additives. In
old machines ductivity of Sullube enhances heat addition, Sullube™ provides an
• Inherently high viscosity index for transfer in operating compressors, excellent film thickness for lubricat-
shear stability enabling the units to run cooler ing bearings without sacrificing low
• Excellent elastomeric seal with lower bearing temperatures. temperature properties needed for
compatibility The high viscosity index of cold weather startup.
• Low volatility for low makeup Sullube™ makes it equivalent to a
rates 20-weight fluid at normal compres- Excellent elastomer compatibility
• Higher flash point than hydrocar- sor operating temperatures, allow-
bon fluids ing it to be an excellent fluid for hot When compared with petroleum
• Higher thermal conductivity than climates. and diester-based fluids, Sullube™
other synthetics offers improved elastomeric seal
• Very high hydrolytic stability Extended life for greater econo- compatibility. Extensive laboratory
my, reduced downtime testing with Sullube™ shows that
Recyclable most elastomeric seals do not suf-
Sullube™ fluid—which is a syner- fer from the shrinkage commonly
Sullube is a recyclable material. gistic blend of a polyglycol, pen- encountered when using petroleum
Check to see if recycling facilities taerythritol ester, and selected fluids; nor do they swell excessive-
exist in your area by contacting inhibitors—is a unique type of syn- ly, as frequently is the case when
your local Sullair distributor. thetic fluid. As a result, it will not diester fluids are used.
form varnish or sludge, a signifi-
cant improvement over the 1,000-
hour life typical of the best hydro-
carbon fluids.

Always air. Always there.

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don@drgair.com Call 603.598.0891
Sullube Rotary Screw Compressor Fluid

Elastomer recommendations Not Recommended Disposal

Acrylic Paints
Recommended Polyurethane Varnishes When disposing of Sullube™, com-
Buna N, High and Medium Nitrile ABS Plastics ply with applicable federal, state,
Viton® Polystyrene Plastics and local regulations. Do not dump
Teflon® Polycarbonate Plastics any lubricant, including Sullube™,
Silicone PVC Plastic. into sewers, on the ground, or into
Butyl Rubber any body of water.
Ethylene Propylene Rubber Contamination by other fluids
Polyurethane Foams Warning
Acceptable Avoid the addition of detergent oils
Neoprene to Sullube™, because the disper- Sullube™ is not to be used in
Not Recommended sant/detergent present may lead to machines that produce breathing air.
Buna N, Low Nitrile sludge formation and foaming under
Polyurethane Elastomers normal operating conditions.
For more information on Sullair
Paint and plastics DO NOT MIX LUBRICANTS products and services, please
recommendations contact your local Sullair
Adhesive-backed labels stating, “Fill distributor.
Acceptable Only With Sullube™ Fluid” are avail-
Modified Alkyds able from your local Sullair distribu-
Epoxies tor. This label, Part Number
Phonolic Paints 02250069-389, should be placed in
clear view near the compressor fill
Typical Properties of Sullube™* Viscosity
Low volatility means low
cst at 212°F (100°C) 7.3 makeup rates
cst at 210°F (98.9°C) 7.5
cst at 104°F (40°C) 39.3 The excessive fluid required with
cst at 100°F (37.8°C) 42.9 many synthetic fluids in rotary screw
cst at 32°F (0°C) 330
cst at 0°F (17.8°C) 1500
air compressor service is not a prob-
SSU at 210°F (98.9°C) 50.4 lem with Sullube, because of its
SSU at 100°F (37.8°C) 200 inherent lower volatility.
Pour Point F° -58 F°
(50°C) Biodegradable
Viscosity index 153
SAE Viscosity Classification 5W-20
Flash Point, F°, C.O.C. 505 Traces of Sullube™ present in com-
Fire Point, F°, C.O.C. 570 pressor condensate have been
Autoignition Temperature, F° 725 shown to be biodegradable by EPA
Specific Heat, Btu/lb/°F, at 190° 0.497 test method 796.3100, with 82%
Thermal Conductivity, Btu/hr/ft/°F 0.088
Density, g/ml, at 25°C (77°F) 0.9826
degradation in 28 days in the sewage
Ferrous Metal Corrosion, treatment plant environment. For infor-
ASTM D-665 No rust mation on obtaining permits for con-
Copper corrosion, densate discharge to municipal
ASTM D-130, Rating 1B sewage systems, contact your Sullair
Foam Tendency, ASTM D-892 Nil
Rotary Bomb Oxidation Test,
representative or Sullair distributor.
ASTM D-2272, Hrs. >18.0
Product safety information
* Not to be considered as sales specifications.
Notice: The information and recommendations
Safe handling
herein are, to the best of the Seller's knowledge,
accurate and reliable, and Seller's products men-
tioned are reasonably fit for the purposes so recom-
Please consult the current Material
mended. However, as use conditions are not within Safety Data Sheet for detailed infor-
its control, Seller does not guarantee results from
use of said products, and no warranty, express or
mation on the toxicology, regulatory
implied, is given. information, and safe handling
of Sullube™.

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