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REWRITE ( in the base form, in Portuguese, in the Past Tense and Past Participle) each REGULAR verb FIVE TIMES. Follow the model.
1 Base form agree agree agree agree agree agree
Portuguese concordar concordar concordar concordar concordar concordar
Past Tense agreed agreed agreed agreed agreed agreed
Past Participle agreed agreed agreed agreed agreed agreed
2 Base form answer
Portuguese responder
Past Tense answered
Past Participle answered
3 Base form arrive
Portuguese chegar
Past Tense arrived
Past Participle arrived
4 Base form ask
Portuguese perguntar , pedir
Past Tense asked
Past Participle asked
5 Base form believe
Portuguese acreditar , crer
Past Tense believed
Past Participle believed
6 Base form call
Portuguese chamar
Past Tense called
Past Participle called
7 Base form change
Portuguese mudar , trocar
Past Tense changed
Past Participle changed
8 Base form chat
Portuguese conversar, fofocar

Past Tense chatted

Past Participle chatted
9 Base form close
Portuguese fechar
Past Tense closed
Past Participle closed
10 Base form cry
Portuguese chorar
Past Tense cried
Past Participle cried
11 Base form dry
Portuguese secar
Past Tense dried
Past Participle dried
12 Base form enjoy
Portuguese desfrutar, aproveitar
Past Tense enjoyed
Past Participle enjoyed
13 Base form fill
Portuguese preencher
Past Tense filled
Past Participle filled
14 Base form follow
Portuguese seguir
Past Tense followed
Past Participle followed
15 Base form happen
Portuguese acontecer
Past Tense happened
Past Participle happened
16 Base form hate
Portuguese odiar
Past Tense hated

Past Participle hated

17 Base form help
Portuguese ajudar, socorrer
Past Tense helped
Past Participle helped
18 Base form hurry
Portuguese apressar (- se)
Past Tense hurried
Past Participle hurried
19 Base form like
Portuguese gostar
Past Tense liked
Past Participle liked
20 Base form listen
Portuguese ouvir
Past Tense listened
Past Participle listened
21 Base form live
Portuguese viver, morar,residir
Past Tense lived

Past Participle lived

22 Base form love
Portuguese amar
Past Tense loved
Past Participle loved
23 Base form need
Portuguese precisar
Past Tense needed
Past Participle needed
24 Base form open
Portuguese abrir
Past Tense opened
Past Participle opened
25 Base form play
Portuguese jogar, brincar, tocar
Past Tense played
Past Participle played
26 Base form pull
Portuguese puxar
Past Tense pulled
Past Participle pulled
27 Base form push
Portuguese empurrar
Past Tense pushed
Past Participle pushed
28 Base form remember
Portuguese lembrar
Past Tense remembered
Past Participle remembered
29 Base form replace
Portuguese substituir
Past Tense replaced
Past Participle replaced
30 Base form reply,replicar
Portuguese responder
Past Tense replied
Past Participle replied
31 Base form spell
Portuguese soletrar
Past Tense spelled
Past Participle spelled
32 Base form start
Portuguese começar, iniciar
Past Tense started
Past Participle started
33 Base form stop

Portuguese parar, desistir

Past Tense stopped
Past Participle stopped
34 Base form study
Portuguese estudar
Past Tense studied
Past Participle studied
35 Base form talk
Portuguese conversar
Past Tense talked
Past Participle talked
36 Base form try, experimentar
Portuguese tentar
Past Tense tried
Past Participle tried
37 Base form wait
Portuguese esperar
Past Tense waited
Past Participle waited
38 Base form want
Portuguese querer,desejar
Past Tense wanted
Past Participle wanted
39 Base form watch
Portuguese observar
Past Tense watched
Past Participle watched
40 Base form work
Portuguese trabalhar
Past Tense worked
Past Participle worked
1 Base form beat
Portuguese bater
Past Tense beat
Past Participle beat
2 Base form cost
Portuguese custar
Past Tense cost
Past Participle cost
3 Base form cut
Portuguese cortar
Past Tense cut
Past Participle cut
4 Base form fit
Portuguese servir em
Past Tense fit
Past Participle fit
5 Base form hit
Portuguese bater
Past Tense hit
Past Participle hit
6 Base form hurt
Portuguese machucar
Past Tense hurt
Past Participle hurt
7 Base form let
Portuguese deixar,permitir
Past Tense let
Past Participle let
8 Base form put
Portuguese pôr,colocar
Past Tense put
Past Participle put
9 Base form read

Portuguese ler
Past Tense read
Past Participle read
10 Base form set
colocar, ajustar ,
Past Tense set
Past Participle set
11 Base form shut
Portuguese fechar
Past Tense shut
Past Participle shut
12 Base form spread
Portuguese espalhar, difundir
Past Tense spread
Past Participle spread
13 Base form wed
Portuguese casar
Past Tense wed
Past Participle wed
14 Base form wet
Portuguese molhar, umedecer
Past Tense wet
Past Participle wet
1 Base form become
Portuguese tornar-se
Past Tense became
Past Participle become
2 Base form bring
Portuguese trazer
Past Tense brought
Past Participle brought
3 Base form build

Portuguese construir
Past Tense buit
Past Participle built
4 Base form burn
Portuguese queimar
Past Tense burned / burnt
Past Participle burned / burnt
5 Base form buy
Portuguese comprar
Past Tense bought
Past Participle bought
6 Base form catch
Portuguese pegar, agarrar
Past Tense caught
Past Participle caught
7 Base form come
Portuguese vir
Past Tense came
Past Participle come
8 Base form deal
Portuguese lidar
Past Tense dealt
Past Participle dealt
9 Base form dream
Portuguese sonhar
Past Tense dreamed / dreamt
Past Participle dreamed / dreamt
10 Base form feed
Portuguese alimentar
Past Tense fed
Past Participle fed
11 Base form feel
Portuguese sentir

Past Tense felt

Past Participle felt
12 Base form fight
Portuguese lutar
Past Tense fought
Past Participle fought
13 Base form find
Portuguese encontrar (algo)
Past Tense found
Past Participle found
14 Base form hang
Portuguese pendurar
Past Tense hung
Past Participle hung
15 Base form have
Portuguese ter, obter
Past Tense had
Past Participle had
16 Base form hear
Portuguese ouvir
Past Tense heard
Past Participle heard
17 Base form hold
Portuguese segurar
Past Tense held
Past Participle held
18 Base form keep
Portuguese manter, guardar
Past Tense kept
Past Participle kept
19 Base form lead
Portuguese liderar
Past Tense led

Past Participle led

20 Base form learn
Portuguese aprender
Past Tense learned / learnt
Past Participle learned / learnt
21 Base form leave
deixar,permitir, sair
Past Tense lef

Past Participle left

22 Base form lend
Portuguese emprestar a
Past Tense lent
Past Participle lent
23 Base form lose
Portuguese perder
Past Tense lost
Past Participle lost
24 Base form mean
significar, ter a
intenção de
Past Tense meant
Past Participle meant
25 Base form make
Portuguese fazer
Past Tense made
Past Participle made
26 Base form meet
Portuguese encontrar(alguém)
Past Tense met
Past Participle met
27 Base form pay
Portuguese pagar
Past Tense paid
Past Participle paid
28 Base form run
Portuguese correr
Past Tense ran
Past Participle run
29 Base form say
Portuguese dizer
Past Tense said
Past Participle said
30 Base form sell
Portuguese vender
Past Tense sold
Past Participle sold
31 Base form send
Portuguese enviar
Past Tense sold
Past Participle sold
32 Base form shine
Portuguese brilhar
Past Tense shone
Past Participle shone
33 Base form sit
Portuguese sentar - se
Past Tense sat
Past Participle sat
34 Base form sleep
Portuguese dormir
Past Tense slept
Past Participle slept
35 Base form spend
Portuguese gastar
Past Tense spent
Past Participle spent
36 Base form stand
levantar-se, ficar
em pé
Past Tense stood
Past Participle stood
37 Base form teach
Portuguese ensinar
Past Tense taught
Past Participle taught
38 Base form tell
Portuguese contar,narrar
Past Tense told
Past Participle told
39 Base form think
Portuguese pensar,achar
Past Tense thought
Past Participle thought
40 Base form understand
Past Tense understood
Past Participle understood
41 Base form win
Portuguese vencer, ganhar
Past Tense won
Past Participle won
1 Base form be
Portuguese ser,estar
Past Tense was, were
Past Participle been
2 Base form begin
Portuguese começar
Past Tense began
Past Participle begun
3 Base form blow

Portuguese soprar
Past Tense blew
Past Participle blown
4 Base form break
Portuguese quebrar
Past Tense broke
Past Participle broken
5 Base form choose
Portuguese escolher
Past Tense chose
Past Participle chosen
6 Base form do
Portuguese fazer
Past Tense did
Past Participle done
7 Base form draw
Portuguese desenhar
Past Tense drew
Past Participle drawn
8 Base form drink
Portuguese beber
Past Tense drank
Past Participle drunk
9 Base form drive
Portuguese dirigir
Past Tense drove
Past Participle driven
10 Base form eat
Portuguese comer
Past Tense ate
Past Participle eaten
11 Base form fall
Portuguese cair

Past Tense fell

Past Participle fallen
12 Base form fly
Portuguese voar
Past Tense flew
Past Participle flown
13 Base form forget
Portuguese esquecer
Past Tense forgot
Past Participle forgotten
14 Base form forgive
Portuguese perdoar
Past Tense forgave
Past Participle forgiven
15 Base form freeze
Portuguese congelar
Past Tense froze
Past Participle frozen
16 Base form get
Portuguese obter
Past Tense got
Past Participle got / gotten
17 Base form give
Portuguese dar
Past Tense gave
Past Participle given
18 Base form go
Portuguese ir
Past Tense went
Past Participle gone
19 Base form grow
Portuguese crescer
Past Tense grew

Past Participle grown

20 Base form hide
Portuguese esconder
Past Tense hid
Past Participle hidden
21 Base form know
Portuguese saber, conhecer
Past Tense knew
Past Participle known
22 Base form ride
Portuguese andar a / de
Past Tense rode
Past Participle ridden
23 Base form rise
Portuguese levantar –se, subir
Past Tense rose
Past Participle risen
Base form see
24 Portuguese ver
Past Tense saw
Past Participle seen
25 Base form sing
Portuguese cantar
Past Tense sang
Past Participle sung
26 Base form sink
Portuguese afundar
Past Tense sank
Past Participle sunk
27 Base form speak
Portuguese falar
Past Tense spoke
Past Participle spoken
28 Base form steal
Portuguese furtar
Past Tense stole
Past Participle stolen
29 Base form strike
Portuguese bater, atingir
Past Tense struck
Past Participle stricken
30 Base form swim
Portuguese nadar
Past Tense swam
Past Participle swum
31 Base form take
Portuguese pegar, tomar, levar
Past Tense took
Past Participle taken
32 Base form throw
Portuguese jogar, arremessar
Past Tense threw
Past Participle thrown
33 Base form wake
Portuguese acordar
Past Tense woke
Past Participle woken
34 Base form wear
Portuguese usar, vestir
Past Tense wore
Past Participle worn
35 Base form write
Portuguese escrever
Past Tense wrote
Past Participle written

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