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Company’s Profile

Radio controls

© HBC-radiomatic GmbH created by: Oliver Meister Date: 2014-01-20


HBC-radiomatic’s headquarters in Crailsheim, Germany.

© HBC-radiomatic GmbH
Facts & Figures

69 Years • Headquarters in Crailsheim, Germany.

• Subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and USA.
• One of world‘s leading manufacturers of
radio controls.
• More than 400 staff worldwide.
• More than 40,000 systems sold in 2013.

© HBC-radiomatic GmbH
Facts & Figures

Stages of a Success Story

1945 Huber & Brendel founded in Crailsheim 1963 Introduction of the first radio-controlled
storm warning system at Lake Constance
1950 Introduction of the first portable radio-
telephone for civil use in Germany
(Portafon 6)

Portafon 6.

© HBC-radiomatic GmbH
Facts & Figures

Stages of a Success Story

1968 Production of HBC‘s first crane control 2003 Founding of HBC-radiomatic Vertriebs-
gesellschaft mbH in Dortmund, Germany
1970 Production of HBC‘s first radio control for
forestry applications 2004 Founding of HBC-radiomatic Ibérica S.L. in
Barcelona, Spain
1975 Introduction of HBC‘s first radio control for
explosion-proof areas 2005 Founding of HBC-radiomatic Schweiz AG in
Neuenhof, Switzerland
1986 HBC‘s first proportional control
2007 Opening of the new components production
1991 Founding of our service station in
at Emil-Rathenau-Strasse in Crailsheim
Stollberg / Germany and our sales and
service office in Berlin, Germany 2008 Relocation of HBC-radiomatic, Inc. to the
new facility in Hebron, Kentucky
1997 Founding of HBC-radiomatic,
CZ S.R.O in Brno, Czech Republic 2009 Founding of HBC-radiomatic Japan in
Osaka, Japan
1998 Founding of HBC-radiomatic France
in La Wantzenau, France 2012 Relocation of HBC-radiomatic Schweiz AG to
the new facility in Othmarsingen, Switzerland
1998 Founding of HBC-radiomatic, Inc.
in Cincinnati, USA 2013 Founding of HBC-radiomatic India in Pune,

© HBC-radiomatic GmbH
Facts & Figures

Sales Markets of HBC-radiomatic

North America South America Africa
4% 1% 1%
Germany Southeast Asia
37 % 3%
(thereof 50 % for further
export) Asia
21 %

Middle East

(non-EU countries)

European Union
25 % Regional allocation of sold units in %

© HBC-radiomatic GmbH
© HBC-radiomatic GmbH
HBC-radiomatic Subsidiaries

• HBC-radiomatic GmbH Crailsheim
Subsidiaries in Germany:
• HBC-radiomatic GmbH Buero Berlin
• HBC-radiomatic Vertriebs GmbH Dortmund
• HBC-radiomatic GmbH Zwoenitz (repairs and spare parts only)
Subsidiaries in Europe:
• HBC-radiomatic Schweiz AG
• HBC-radiomatic, CZ S. R. O., Czech Republic
• HBC-radiomatic Ibérica, S. L., Spain
• HBC-radiomatic France, France
Subsidiaries in Asia:
• HBC-radiomatic Japan K. K., Japan
• HBC-radiomatic India, India
Subsidiaries in North America:
• HBC-radiomatic, Inc., USA
Worldwide Partner Network

Partners in Europe

• AT: Funk Fuchs GmbH & Co. KG • LT, LV, EE: VSF Baltic
• BE: CRCS BVBA. • LU: Skyliners S. A. R. L.
• BG: Technomontaj Grup Ltd • NL, BE: ABB B. V.
• BY, UA: Mark Lukanevich • NO: HBC-radiomatic Norge AS
• DE: Telcat GmbH • PL: PPUH PAS Sp. z. o. o.
• DK: Temac Automation ApS • PT: Ferrometal, LDA.
• FI: HBC-radiomatic Finland • RO: Recont S. A.
• GB: HBC-radiomatic (UK) Ltd. • RUS: KEN-TRANS Ltd.
• HR: Tehnokran D. O. O. • SE: IRC AB
• HU: ACÉLTERV Kft. • SI: UFM-uvera d. o. o.
• IS: Reykjafell Ltd. • TR: HBC-radiomatic Turkey
• IT: HBC-radiomatic Italia Snc
Worldwide Partner Network

Asia and Oceania Partners in America

• AE: HBC-radiomatic FZC • CL, BO, PE: Integración de Sistemas
• AU: Crane Technical Service Pty Ltd. • BR: EVL radiocontroles Ltda.
• CN: Shanghai Haixi Industrial • CA: Custom Controls Inc., Canada
Communications Ltd.
• KR: HBC-radiomatic Korea Partners in Africa
• SG, MY, RI, TH: SalesTrade Corp. Pte. Ltd. • ZA: HBC-radiomatic South Africa
• VN: Saigon Engineering Control Co., Ltd.

More than 60 years of experience in radio technology
is our foundation for excellent products!

Portafon 6 Storm warning Industrial crane Winch controls Construction Mobile

1950 system at Lake controls in the from 1971. crane control application
Constance late 60’s. from 1978. controls from
1963 1980.

© HBC-radiomatic GmbH

Meeting the needs of our customers at any time –
that‘s been our achievement for more than 60 years!

Consulting. Development. Production. Service.

© HBC-radiomatic GmbH

Thanks to the depth of production on our own premises, we
keep all aspects of “quality in control” close at hand.

CNC housing Joystick Module System

processing. production. production. production.

© HBC-radiomatic GmbH

Expertise and experience

With their knowledge and experience, our workforce
is a key factor in our success!

© HBC-radiomatic GmbH
Products – Transmitters

© HBC-radiomatic GmbH
Products – Receivers

A small selection:

FSE 511 FSE 727

FSE 516 radiobus®

FSE 737 FSE 776

radiobus® radiobus®

© HBC-radiomatic GmbH
Customized Systems

Individuality is the standard!

A major strength of ours is in the area of special applications.
Thanks to the enormous number of features that can be
combined, our product range leaves nothing to be desired!

Transmitter with LCD, joysticks, Transmitter with deadman switch Transmitter with LCD and
and various other customized and various other customized acid-proof front panel.
operating elements. operating elements.

© HBC-radiomatic GmbH

Construction cranes.

Lift equipment.


Mobile hydraulics.

Forestry applications.

Data transmission.

© HBC-radiomatic GmbH
Construction Cranes

© HBC-radiomatic GmbH
Lift Equipment

© HBC-radiomatic GmbH

© HBC-radiomatic GmbH
Mobile Hydraulics

© HBC-radiomatic GmbH
Forestry Applications

© HBC-radiomatic GmbH
Data Transmission

© HBC-radiomatic GmbH
Examples of Special Applications

Lignite mining.

© HBC-radiomatic GmbH
Examples of Special Applications


© HBC-radiomatic GmbH
Special Applications

Special transport vehicles.

© HBC-radiomatic GmbH
Special Applications

Asphalt machinery.

© HBC-radiomatic GmbH
Special Applications


© HBC-radiomatic GmbH
Special Applications

Heavy transport vehicles.

© HBC-radiomatic GmbH
Special Applications

Straddle carriers.

© HBC-radiomatic GmbH