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Sub-Processes Quiz
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 Process Modeling
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1) You should always test your sub-process independently of the main process before connecting them

 True


Score: 33.33

Single choice
2) What does it mean if the sub-process is set to run synchronously?

The parent process will continue immediately

The parent process cannot access any data from the sub-process

The nodes from the sub-process model will be imported into the main process model

 The parent process will wait for the sub-process to complete before continuing

Score: 33.34

Multiple Choice
3) Which of the following is true about passing a variable as reference?

 You should never pass a CDT as reference

If you pass a variable as reference, the value won’t change while the sub-process is active

 Any updates made to the variable in either the parent process or sub-process will be automatically passed to the
other process

You can only pass a variable as reference within an Asynchronous process model

Score: 33.33

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