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Plant Availability ' shall mean the ratio of actual number of annual hours for which the
Power Plant are in a state of complete readiness to generate power subject to the External
Grid availability, and all other parameters referred hereunder, to the total number of available
hour. Plant Availability will be calculated as follows.

On every anniversary from date of Commissioning:


Where terms means as below:

n : Number of Inverters*
Y : Total hours of when irradiance >100 W/m2, (such irradiance
measurement shall be done by the weather stations installed at the PV
GF (which : Grid Failure hours, including but not limited to:
means GF1,  GF1 - <Grid Failure> = Grid failure beyond metering point at PV
GF2, GF3 or Plant
GF4, as the  GF2 - <Grid out of specification> = a) Electrical outage not caused
case may be) by the Equipment of the Project, or where the External Grid quality
is outside the operational parameter of the Equipment of the
Project. b) When External Grid fluctuation/interruption is very
severe, then the entire breakdown time of Project will be allocated
to GF2
 GF3 - Curtailment = Evacuation restriction/Forced backdown from
distribution utility or state load dispatch centre due to import and
export limitation
 GF4 – Testing activity in Pooling Substation by distribution Utility

FM (which Force Majeure hours, including but not limited to:

means FM1  FM1 - Force Majeure = Stoppage of the Project on account of
or FM2, as Force Majeure Conditions
the case may  FM2 - Force Majeure: Compliance = Stoppage ordered by the
be) Government Authorities/Court and any such constitutional
authorities (provided the stoppage is not attributable to any default
by O&M Contractor under the Contracts) other than Grid
Curtailment, provided that O&M Contractor is adhering to its
obligation under the Agreement

S : Scheduled Maintenance hours as per the scope of work for O&M to be

detailed in the Agreement

U : Unscheduled Breakdown hours

NOR : Non Operational Reasons = Reasons/conditions out of Contractor's
scope/control including but not limited to:

 NOR1 = To the extent not attributable to Contractor, any stoppage

caused by Employer, which includes not giving clearance to
Contractor to proceed with any repair job, stoppages caused due to
disagreement between Employer and third party (such as insurer) to
which Contractor is not a party to.

* The availability shall be calculated at inverter level and in relation to inverter down time,
log shall be maintained at site capturing that number of hours a inverter is down. The Protocol
for maintaining such log shall be mutually agreed at site.

GM, FM and NOR are collectively referred as Excusable Event

The Parties acknowledge that the liquidated damages are a genuine pre-estimate of, and reasonable
compensation for, the loss and damage that shall be suffered by the Employer in the event of any such
failure on the part of the Contractor to meet the relevant Warranties obligations set forth under this