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Dear Readers

The Half Birthday

When you ask a young child his or her age, you may discover that every
month counts. Young children will often clarify that they are three and a
half, not just three. Or they’re three but they’re almost four. Age is a big
deal, even when you don’t want them to grow up too quickly.
In “Half Birthday” (pages 16–17), a little boy is excitedly celebrating
that he is “six months more.” This, he explains, is what “half cakes” are
for. Readers will enjoy the half-birthday occasion as they look for halves of
e hearr om ou! items in the kitchen.
eds@ lights.c Over the years, I’ve heard adults say that they wait until a child’s
birthday before switching or renewing his or her subscription to Highlights
High Five™. That’s a great way to mark the event, but sometimes children
are ready to move from Highlights Hello™ or to Highlights® before their
birthday. The good news is that a subscription can be transferred from one
magazine to another at any time—including half birthdays.


h ombrink-Gr
b reen, Editor

Highlights High Five™ celebrates the early years of childhood—a time of discovery when
learning happens at every turn. Our magazine is dedicated to helping parents,
educators, and other caregivers nurture young children by
• encouraging their natural sense of wonder about the world;
• promoting reasoning, problem solving, and creative self-expression;
• fostering a love of language and a rich vocabulary;
• and inspiring them to be kind, to get along with others,
and to grow in self-confidence . . . for children
are the world’s most important people®.

High Five has received the Family Choice Award, the Association
of Educational Publishers Distinguished Achievement Award for
Preschool Fiction and the Preschool Periodical of the Year Award,
the Learning Magazine Teachers’ Choice SM Award for the Family,
the NAPPA Gold and Silver Awards, and awards from Parents’
Choice and the National Parenting Center.
Finished with this issue? Save it to reread in the
future, or pass it along to a friend, classroom, library,
or business with a waiting room. If it’s too worn to be
read anymore, please recycle it.
As part of our mission to help make the world a better
place for the children of today and tomorrow, Highlights
is committed to making responsible business decisions
that will protect our natural resources and reduce our
environmental impact.
Photos: (top) by Kyle Anderson; (bottom) by Guy Cali
Associates, Inc. Cover photo by Gl0ck/Alamy Stock Photo
Background pattern by iStock/GettyImagesPlus/Ekaterina Romanova
May 2018

Highlights High Five ™ Reading

May 2018 • Volume 12 • Number 5 4 Spring Garden
Issue No. 137
Editor in Chief: Christine French Cully 5 The Adventures of Spot
Vice President, Magazine Group Editorial:
Jamie Bryant
6 Welcoming a New Neighbor (Tex and Indi)
Creative Director: Marie O’Neill 12 Where’s Jasper?
Editor: Meghan Dombrink-Green
Senior Art Director: 20 Thunderstorm in the Jungle (English/Spanish)
Kelley Cunningham Lanuto
Copy Editor: Joan Prevete Hyman
26 Little Bunny and the School Nurse
Editorial Offices: 807 Church Street,

Honesdale, PA 18431-1895.
E-mail: eds@highlights.com
CEO: Kent S. Johnson 10 My First Hidden Pictures Puzzle

Vice President, International:

Andy Shafran 16 Half Birthday
Senior Editor, International:
Julie Stoehr 18 That’s Silly!

Copyright © 2018, Highlights for Children, Inc. 24 Let’s Swim (Look and Look Again)
All rights reserved.
Designed for use in all the classrooms of early
childhood, including child-care centers,
preschools, schools, and the home.
Highlights High Five is published monthly. 31 Seaside Stepping Stone
ISSN 1943-1465 (print)
ISSN 2330-6955 (online) 32 Super Hands
Highlights for Children, Inc.,
1800 Watermark Drive, P.O. Box 269,
34 ABC Quesadillas
Columbus, OH 43216-0269.

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Toronto, ON; and at additional mailing offices.
If yo u
T S:
has o u child
U.S. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to
Highlights High Five, P.O. Box 6038, t g r ow
High F n
Harlan, IA 51593-1538. ive , ca
to sw ll
Canada Post: Publications Mail Agreement Highli ch to
g ht s ®
No. 40065670. Return undeliverable a ny tim at
Canadian addresses to P.O. Box 99 Stn. Main, e.
Milton, ON L9T 9Z9.

About mailing lists: Sometimes we make our

list of customer names available to other
carefully screened companies whose products
and services might be of interest to you. We never
provide children’s names. If you do not wish to
receive these mailings, please contact us and
include your High Five account number.
To subscribe to High Five or transfer your
subscription to High Five Bilingüe TM or
Highlights®, make a payment, change your
address, or for other customer-service needs,
such as changing your contact preference,
please contact us:
• Online: www.Highlights.com
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• Write: P.O. Box 5878, Harlan, IA 51593-1378
Cover art by Anja Boretzki
Printed by LSC Communications, Glasgow, KY May 2018 3
Spring Garden
By Diana Murray

All around the garden bed,

digging down below,
squiggly, wiggly, squirmy worms
help the flowers grow.
All around the garden bed,
sprouting toward the light,
cheery little flower buds
make the springtime bright.

Photo by iStock/ArtMarie

4 May 2018

By Marileta Robinson • Art by Ron Zalme

Spot sees something new in the yard. Flowers!

And tiny new leaves. And crawly caterpillars.

And chirping birds. Spot loves the month of May!

May 2018 5

Welcoming a New Neighbor

By Lissa Rovetch • Art by Amy Wummer

“How great that our new neighbors have a girl

your age,” said Mom.
“I can’t wait to play with her!” said Indi.
“Me too!” said Tex.

6 May 2018
x and Ind

Tex, Indi, and Mom went to welcome them.
“Thank you for the treats,” said Mrs. Reddy.
“This is Mira,” she said, smiling at her daughter.
“She’s a little unsure about the new house.”
“I’m Tex and this is Indi. Do you want to play a game
with us?” asked Tex.
Mira shook her head.

May 2018 7
“It can be hard to move to a new place and meet new
people,” said Mom.
“Yes, we’re all feeling a little shy and uncertain,” said
Mrs. Reddy.
“Oh!” said Indi. “We felt that way on our first day
of kindergarten.”
“Really?” asked Mira.
“Really,” said Indi.

8 May 2018
Mrs. Reddy welcomed them inside the house.
Mira smiled. “There’s a swing set in our
backyard. Do you want to try it?”
“Sure!” said Tex. “And maybe after that, you
can meet our silly cats, Charlie and Cow.”

May 2018 9

My First

Find t h ese objects hidden in the big picture.

Banana Lollipop Whistle Envelope

Pencil Domino

Straw Ruler Arrow

Playground Dragon
By Elizabeth Steinglass

I tiptoe up the dragon’s tail,

stepping on each spiky scale.
“I’m standing on your head!” I shout,
before I rocket down his snout.
10 May 2018
Art by Peter Grosshauser
May 2018 11

Where’s Jasper?
By Teresa Kraus • Art by Gerald Kelley

Maria could hear Jasper, her orange kitten, but
she couldn’t see him. Maria looked behind the
marigolds in the planter. He wasn’t there.

12 May 2018
She climbed
into the big
elm tree.

Maria worried. Jasper had

cried every night since leaving
She checked under the the other kittens and coming
porch. Jasper wasn’t in home with her. Maria knew he
any of his favorite places. was lonely. Where could he be?

May 2018 13
Maria followed the kitten’s cry. She ran around
the swing set. She zoomed past the lilac hedge.
Jasper’s cry was getting louder.
Maria ran to Buster’s doghouse.

14 May 2018
When she peeked around the side of the doghouse,
Maria heard Buster’s tail going thump, thump, thump.
And next to Buster was Jasper, who was happily
batting at Buster’s tail.
Maria giggled. Jasper had found a new friend.

May 2018 15

By Christine Van Zandt • Art by Natali Sejuro Aliaga

It’s my half birthday.

Now I’m six months more.
It’s my half birthday.
That’s what half cakes are for!

16 May 2018
What other
halves do
you see?
What else do
you see?

May 2018 17

hat’s Silly!

Art by Pat Lewis

18 May 2018
W hat
silly things
do you see?

May 2018 19
Read Aloud in English and Spanish

Meet Spunky
Monkey and his
pal Pepe Parrot.

in the Jungle
They live in the
Costa Rican
rain forest.
By Ana Galán • Art by John Nez

Pepe and Spunky were walking in the rain forest when

they heard a low SWOOSH sound.
“What is that noise?” asked Spunky.
“Es el viento,” said Pepe.
The wind was blowing and moving the clouds in the sky.
20 May 2018
Soon the sky turned
dark. Pepe and Spunky
heard another noise, a
loud WROOOM. A bright bolt of lightning
“Did you hear that?” appeared far away in the sky.
asked Spunky. “Did you see that?”
“Sí,” said Pepe, asked Spunky.
listening to the thunder. “Sí. Es un relámpago,”
“Es un trueno.” said Pepe.

Es el viento. Sí. Es un trueno. Es un relámpago.

EHS ELL VYEHN-toh SEE EHS oon TROOEH-noh EHS oon reh-LAHM-pah-goh
It’s the wind. Yes. It’s thunder. It’s lightning.

Spanish pronunciation by Linda Elman

May 2018 21
The thunder and lightning stopped. Then they
heard another noise over the treetops.
“What is that?” asked Spunky.
“Es la lluvia,” said Pepe.
Soon it started to rain hard. Pepe and Spunky
were getting soaked!

Es la lluvia. ¡Es un paraguas!

EHS LAH YOU-vee-ah EHS oon pah-RAH-gwahs
It’s the rain. It’s an umbrella!

22 May 2018
Pepe flew to a tree and cut a branch with his beak.
He carried the big leaf back to Spunky.
“What is that?” said Spunky.
“¡Es un paraguas!” said Pepe.
“An umbrella! What a great idea,” said Spunky.
And they both watched the rain under their umbrella.
May 2018 23

Let’s Swim
Art by Leire Martin

How are these pictures the same?

24 May 2018
Look and
Look Again

How are they different?

May 2018 25

Little Bunny and

the School Nurse
By Eileen Spinelli • Art by Mike Brownlow

On the way to school, Little Bunny slipped and

bruised his knee. He went to the school nurse,
Ms. Woodchuck. She gave him ice to put on his bruise.

26 May 2018
That same day, Little Bunny’s friend Raccoon
had a loose tooth. Ms. Woodchuck gently wiggled
Raccoon’s tooth. Out it came.

May 2018 27
Later, Little Bunny saw that Squirrel was crying.
“What’s the matter?” asked Little Bunny.
Squirrel sniffled. “Weasel said a mean thing to me.”
“Ms. Woodchuck can help,” said Little Bunny.

Ms. Woodchuck talked with Squirrel and Weasel.

Soon the two were shaking hands.

28 May 2018
That night, Mama looked at her calendar.
She pointed out that tomorrow was a special day.
Little Bunny had an idea. He called Raccoon, Squirrel,
and Weasel and told them about the special day.

May 2018 29
The next day, the friends went to see Ms. Woodchuck.
“We are here to celebrate a special day,” said Little Bunny.
Then Little Bunny held out a box of candy. Squirrel
held out an apple. Raccoon pulled paper flowers from her
backpack. And Weasel gave her a greeting card.
Together they said, “Happy School Nurse Day,
Ms. Woodchuck!”

30 May 2018

easide Stepping Stone

annah Bersee

You Need
• Rolling pin
• Air-dry clay
• Waxed paper
• Wide bowl
• Shells
• Large craft gems

1. Use a rolling pin to latten the clay

on waxed paper.

2. Place a wide bowl

upside down on the
clay. Push the bowl Press your hand or
into the clay and twist foot into the middle of the
slightly. Remove the cl y. Decorate the edges . Let dry in a sunny
extra clay. w th shells and gems. win
ndow for 24 hours.
Photos by Guy Cali Associates, Inc. M 201
2018 31
Background photo by gettyimages/ithinksky
An Action
By Barbara L. Scanlan
1. Hands
up high.

6. Point
to your
5. Touch your head.

up high.

32 May 2018
Photos: 1 by iStock/RichLegg; 9 by iStock/Wavebreakmedia; 2, 3, 8, and 11 by
Nannette Bedway; 4, 5, 6, and 10 by Guy Cali Associates, Inc.; 7 by Ken Karp

3. Hands
roll fast.
4. Hands roll slow.

8. Touch

your nose.
your ingers.

in your lap.
just so.

s down l
Hands . 33

ABC Quesadillas
By Pat Tanumihardja

You Need Before You Beg in Adult: Cook bacon and cut into pieces. Cut the
avocado and remove the skin. Preheat the oven
• 4 bacon slices to 400°F.
or ½ cup black beans
• 1 ripe avocado
• 8 six-inch tortillas
• Vegetable oil spray
• 2 cups shredded cheese

Cut the
avocado into

2. Place four
tortillas on an
baking sheet.
Coat with
vegetable oil
spray. Flip them
over so the
coated sides are
3. Sprinkle 2 cups of cheese evenly
over the tortillas. Place the avocado
Photos by Guy Cali
slices, bacon (or black beans), and
Associates, Inc. remaining cheese on the tortillas.
As easy as A-B-C—
avocado, bacon,
and cheese!

4. Top each with a tortilla

and press down with your
hands to flatten. Coat with
vegetable oil spray.
Adult: Bake for 10 minutes or until
golden brown. Cut into wedges.

5. Serve with
sour cream and

May 2018 35
Thanks for reading
Spunky Monkey and
Pepe Parrot are caught
in the rain!
What’s the weather like
today where you are?

Puzzle! A
What is missing
in the patterns?

Look for these pictures

inside the magazine.
? A. page 13 B. page 16 C. page 11 D. page 5

? Look for the hidden “Smiling

on the front cover.

Art by iStock/robuart

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