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Absences / Late Work Policy

Frequent absences are one of the main reasons students in photography earn poor grades. If you are absent it is
your responsibility to figure out what you missed and make it up.


1. Check the posted schedule on the whiteboard
2. Ask a classmate to fill you in
3. Visit class website for any directions
4. Make up missed work ASAP


1. Ask teacher “Did we do anything yesterday?”
2. Ask teacher to drop everything and get you caught up while the rest of the class waits.
3. Do nothing

Due to the nature of the class and the fact that many assignments require classroom equipment late work will
sometimes be accepted. Below are some guidelines:

Photographs and Photoshop Assignments and Classwork

Accepted late. The student must find time to finish the work. The assignment will be graded as soon as possible, not
on demand.

Bell Work (Tues & Thurs)

NOT ​accepted late. Because we go over the answers immediately you can not turn in bell work late. If you anticipate
an absence do the bell work ahead of time. If you’re absent unexpectedly email your answers. Frequent absences will
have a negative impact on your bell work grade unless you are very proactive.