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In the room of jasmine, morning conference among nurses. Incidentally, at

that time there was a new nurse. The head of the ward room jasmine ask the
new nurse to introduce herself to all the nurses who attend at the time. Not
only that, but also the head of the ward of jasmine room also explains some
things to the new nurse.
Head of ward: Good morning all
All: Good morning
Head of the ward: Before we start this conference, let’s pray according to each
belief. Praying begins ...... .. praying is over. Thanks. Please nurse’s night shift
reports the condition of the patient to the nurse's morning shift.
Then, after the nurses do the morning conference, the ward's head allows the
new nurse to introduce herself.
Head of the ward: Pay attention please. Today we have a new partner. She will
introduce herself. I kindly respect the attention of all colleagues. Please introduce
yourself (while inviting a new nurse)
Ns. Naning: For all, good morning. Let me introduce my self. I amNs. Naning. I
am a graduate of surgical medical specialist. Previously I had worked in the
surgery room in Palembang before I moved to Surabaya. I hope we can cooperate
as long as I work here. I come from Makassar. Here I live on Karang Menjangan
Head of the ward: Okay. Hope you are comfortable to work here. Furthermore Ns.
Naning, there are some things you need to know.
The head of ward then notifies the schedule of actions to be taken during working
hours to the new nurse. And Ns. Naning records the timetable informed in the
Head of the ward: For you Ns. Naning. I will explain you about the daily
schedule. The morning shift starts at 07.00 and ends at 14.00. While the afternoon
shift begins at 14:00 until 21:00. While the night shift starts at 21:00 and ends at
Ns Naning: Okay.
Head of the ward: For checking vital signs is done 4 times a day, at 06.00, at
12.00, at 16.00, at 20.00. But checking the vital signs can be done at any time if
the patient requires checking the vital signs again. Next will be added by Ns.
Ns. Nobia: Routine activities are carried out in this room include injection, wound
care, and replacement of infusions. Injection action is done daily at 08.00 am, at
12.00, and at 20.00. While wound care is done every 2 days once in the morning
after handover. Infusion replacement is done every 3 days. Maybe the other nurse
is wants to add?
Ns. Nindya: I also want to add, do not forget to replace verbed patient after
handover. Then after we receive the morning, we always make an observation to
all patients about the situation at that time
Head of the ward: The other action adjusts to the situation. Such as blood
sampling, radiological examination, acceptance and discharge of patients.
Ns Naning: Okay, thanks for the information
After explaining the daily course of action, the head of ward and other nurses
also explain the applicable rules of the room.
Head of the ward: Okay, Ns. Naning. Next I will inform about the nursing rules in
this room.
Ns. Naning: Okay.
Head of the ward: Try to arrive on time, use a neat outfit, every Monday is
wearing white clothing, Tuesday and Thursday wear batik, Wednesday and Friday
using corprial clothes. I think its enough. Because I have a meeting agenda, so the
next information will be delivered by Ns. Alif as CI. I ask permission to leave the
room. (Head of the ward goes out of the room)
Ns. Alif: Okay. Now let me inform you about the rules for patient’s families and
visitors. The patient's family have to keep clean and do not make noise. The
patient's family is also prohibited from carrying excessive items. Please note that
the patient visiting hours is at 09:00 to 11:00 and 17:00 to 20:00 with a maximum
of 3 visitors, if visitors are more than 3 people, then can be alternated.
Ns. Nindya: The patient’s family is forbidden to dispose of garbage in medical
bins and is prohibited from using patient’s toilet or employee’s toilet. In addition,
try not to provide patients with outside foods that doctors do not recommend.
Ns. Nobia: Addition from me, don’t forget every new patient always read the
rules that have been attached to each room, reminiscent of visitor visits, so that
patients can take rest, always pay attention to visitors who come, and fill the
visitor book
Ns. Alif: Thanks for the info. For the rules that have not been delivered, you can
read the rules in the nurse station.
Ns. Naning: Okay, I'll read. The ward head allowed me to have shift in the
morning on my first day of work Ns. Alif..
Ns. Alif: Okay, if there is something you do not understand, you can ask to
another nurse colleague
Ns. Naning: Okay, thanks for the information.
Then the conference morning is closed by Ns. Alif and it’s continued with
patient observation led by Ns. Alif.