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First of all, I found the year that I want to do the research. It contains two international news
and two domestic news. I did the year 1973 because it’s easy to find important historical events in
Thailand. Normally, Thai historical news are hard to find because there were no high technology at
that time. So, some of significant news weren’t posted on the internet or some of them are
disappeared. Finally, I selected four topics, which are last US. soldier leave Vietnam during
Vietnam war, Paris peace accords, 14 oct Uprising, and Opened Siam center. I had been
researched during all class period. Firstly, I found an information about “Last U.S. soldier leave
Vietnam”. There are a lot of information on the internet. So, I have to summarise them before
conclude it in my own ways. Followed by research for Paris peace accord, which is related to
Vietnam wars as the previous one. After I found all four information for the topics that I chose. I
gathered all of them together and make it in ordered. Then, I created a Newspaper format. I also
included some of advertisement and map on it and there are two pages. I decorated it as the old
version newspaper style to make it as beautiful as I can.

There are many things that I achieved from this project, which are skills and knowledge. I
have been improved a lot for using Pages and Microsoft word. At first, it made me annoying
because I cannot move the format freely as I want. However, I asked Miu for help and she is quite
export on it because of Economic project last year. Finally, I become more familiar and improve the
skilled to use this application. Furthermore, I didn’t know before how the old version newspaper
look like. I just know that it will look dirty and made from brown paper. After that I find a picture of it
on the internet and I was looking on its format and applied it on my own idea. I think I am not too
bad to create a beautiful work by using computer and I have been learnt new things in it. It make
me enjoyed while doing that works. Another skill that I learnt is ordering the event. It should have
format, which are cause, effect, and future prediction. At first, I mixed them together and it was a
little bit confused. However, I try to fix it and it looks a little bit better. In addition, I gained more
knowledge about Vietnam wars and 14 October uprising. I understand why the political system
affect the country. The countries which is communism may be supported by USSR. However, U.S
believe in the domino theory so they try to stop from spreading. I also understand how Vietnamese
felt at that time because their countries were separated and fight with each other. On the other
hand, there was a fight between student and dictatorship government. This happened because of
corruption of the government. So, this event ended by the president leave the country and we
have an election after that. From this event, Thailand shouldn’t have dictator as a political system
because people don’t want to share things equal with others. For example, someone who works
very hard but gain the same salary as a lazy people. It’s unfair.

In this projects, there are somethings that I did well and somethings that I didn’t. For thing
that I did well was decoration part. Even though I was annoying by the application that I use but I
can get through it and decorated it as beautiful as I can. I try to fix the templated many time
because there were many problems about the technique tools. Furthermore, I change tone of the
image into darker tone to make it be like the old version of newspaper. However, there are many
mistakes on the newspaper. Some of them, I already fixed it. For example, my explanation was
confusing so I reread and change it a little bit. But, some of them I cannot do anything. For
instance, there was more space than the text. So, I add some of advertisement but it still have
some blanking area. If I have a chance to do it next time, I will improve all of my mistakes. I won’t
use Microsoft word because it’s so difficult and wasted time. I will use canvas instead. Also, I will
be better in summerize an information that I did. I will separated cause and effect from each other
and ordered before and after event. Even though I still need to improve my reading and
summarizing skill but I will try my best next time.

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