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Liturgical Leaflet for an Active Participation in the Celebration of the Eucharist

3 June 2018 Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ Year B

The Seal of Our Alliance with God
he Eucharist is a constant reminder that it was with his
sacrifice on the Cross that Jesus sealed the alliance be-
tween the Father and the whole of humankind. Every
time we celebrate the Eucharist, we renew this alliance with God
as members of His new Chosen People, the Church.
This should be a sufficient reason why we cannot be de-
tached or distracted onlookers while the Eucharist is being cele-
brated. We are among the “contracting parties” and the benefi-
ciaries of the Covenant. Our wholehearted active participation in
the celebration manifests our determination to keep the terms
of the Covenant by loving God and our neighbor as Jesus taught
and did.
As we celebrate the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of
Christ, may we be able to express our ardent love for the Eu-
charist not only today but throughout our lives.

P –Lord Jesus, you are the Me- glorify you, we give you thanks
diator who has enabled us for your great glory, Lord God,
to enter into an alliance of heavenly King, O God, almighty
love with the Blessed Trin- Father.
Entrance Antiphon ity. Lord, have mercy! Lord Jesus Christ, Only
(To be recited only when no Entrance All – Lord, have mercy! Begotten Son, Lord God, Lamb
Hymn is sung.) P –Lord Jesus, you are the of God, Son of the Father, you
He fed them with the finest Victim in whose blood we take away the sins of the world,
wheat and satisfied them with ratify our Covenant with have mercy on us; you take away
honey from the rock. God. Christ, have mercy! the sins of the world, receive our
All – Christ, have mercy! prayer; you are seated at the
Greeting right hand of the Father, have
P –Lord Jesus, you are the mercy on us. For you alone are
P –Praise and honor to Jesus source of the grace we need the Holy One, you alone are the
Christ, the Mediator of the New to be faithful to the Cov- Lord, you alone are the Most
Covenant. May his grace and enant. Lord, have mercy! High, Jesus Christ, with the
peace be with you all! All – Lord, have mercy! Holy Spirit, in the glory of God
All – And with your spirit! P –May almighty God have the Father. Amen!
mercy on us, forgive us our
Penitential Act sins, and bring us to everlasting Collect (Opening Prayer)
P –Every Eucharistic sacrifice life. P –O God, who in this won-
is a renewal of the saving Cov- All – Amen! derful Sacrament have left us a
enant that binds us with God. memorial of your Passion, grant
Let us pause for a while and Gloria us, we pray, so to revere the sa-
ask ourselves how faithful we All – Glory to God in the high- cred mysteries of your Body and
have been to the commitments est, and on earth peace to people Blood that we may always expe-
that such a Covenant entails. of good will. We praise you, rience in ourselves the fruits of
(Pause) we bless you, we adore you, we your redemption.

Who live and reign with God The Word of the Lord!

    
the Father in the unity of the All – Thanks be to God!
Holy Spirit, one God, for ever
and ever. and call on the name of the Lord! Sequence
All – Amen! Lo! The angel’s food is given
* How shall I make a return
to the Lord for all the good he To the pilgrim who has striven;
has done for me? The cup of See the children’s bread from
salvation I will take up, and I heaven,
will call upon the name of the Which on dogs may not be
1st Reading Ex 24:3-8 Lord. R. spent.
The Sinai Covenant was a Truth the ancient types fulfill-
* Precious in the eyes of the
“ foundational moment” in the ing,
Lord is the death of his faithful
history of the Chosen People. Isaac bound, a victim willing,
ones. I am your servant, the son
That is why its ratification was Paschal lamb, its lifeblood
of your handmaid; you have
faithfully recorded in the Bible spilling,
loosed my bonds. R.
for all generations to remember Manna to the fathers sent.
it and make it their own. * To you will I offer sac-
rifice of thanksgiving, and I Very bread, good shepherd,
R –A proclamation from the tend us,
will call upon the name of the
Book of Exodus Jesus, of your love befriend us,
Lord. My vows to the Lord I
When Moses came to will pay in the presence of all You refresh us, you defend us,
the people and related all the his people. R. Your eternal goodness send us
words and ordinances of the In the land of life to see.
Lord, they all answered with 2nd Reading Heb 9:11-15 You who all things can and know,
one voice, “We will do every- Jesus Christ is not only the Who on earth such food
thing that the Lord has told us.” Mediator and High Priest of bestow,
Moses then wrote down all the New Covenant, but also the Grant us with your saints,
the words of the Lord and, ris- Victim itself. In his blood the though lowest,
ing early the next day, he erect- New Covenant was sealed. Where the heav’nly feast you
ed at the foot of the mountain R –A proclamation from the show,
an altar and twelve pillars for Letter to the Hebrews Fellow heirs and guests to be.
the twelve tribes of Israel. Then, Amen! Alleluia!
having sent certain young men Brothers and sisters:
of the Israelites to offer holo- When Christ came as
high priest of the good things Gospel Acclamation Jn 6:51
causts and sacrifice young bulls
as peace offerings to the Lord, that have come to be, passing All –Alleluia! Alleluia!
Moses took half of the blood through the greater and more I am the living bread that
and put it in large bowls; the perfect tabernacle not made came down from heaven,
other half he splashed on the by hands, that is, not belong- says the Lord. Whoever
altar. Taking the book of the ing to this creation, he entered eats this bread will live for
covenant, he read it aloud to the once for all into the sanctuary, ever.
people, who answered, “All that not with the blood of goats and Alleluia! Alleluia!
the Lord has said, we will heed calves but with his own blood,
and do.” Then he took the blood thus obtaining eternal redemp- Gospel Mk 14:12-16.22-26
and sprinkled it on the people, tion. Jesus knew that the time had
saying, “This is the blood of For if the blood of goats arrived when he would be put to
the covenant that the Lord has and bulls and the sprinkling death as the victim of the New
made with you in accordance of a heifer’s ashes can sanc- Covenant. In an act of supreme
with all these words of his.” tify those who are defiled so love, he anticipated his self-
that their flesh is cleansed, how offering on the cross by insti-
The Word of the Lord! much more will the blood of tuting the Eucharist through
All – Thanks be to God! Christ, who through the eter- which the new and eternal Cov-
nal Spirit offered himself un- enant is constantly renewed in
Responsorial Psalm Ps 116 blemished to God, cleanse our the Church.
R –I will take the cup of salva- consciences from dead works
P –The Lord be with you!
tion, and call on the name to worship the living God!
All –And with your spirit!
of the Lord! For this reason he is me-
P – A proclamation from the
R. M. Velez diator of a new covenant: since
holy Gospel according to
Dm Bb
a death has taken place for de-
     
liverance from transgressions
All – Glory to you, O Lord!
under the first covenant, those
who are called may receive the On the first day of the Feast
I will take the cup of sal- va-tion, promised eternal inheritance. of Unleavened Bread, when

3 June 2018
they sacrificed the Passover gin Mary, and became man.* For rist our source of unity and our
lamb, Jesus’ disciples said to our sake he was crucified under inspiration for a life of service.
him, “Where do you want us Pontius Pilate, he suffered death Let us pray! R.
to go and prepare for you to eat and was buried, and rose again C – Let us pray in silence for our
the Passover?” He sent two of on the third day in accordance personal intentions. (Pause)
his disciples and said to them, with the Scriptures. He ascended Let us pray! R.
“Go into the city and a man into heaven and is seated at the
will meet you, carrying a jar of right hand of the Father. He will P –Lord God, may our par-
water. Follow him. Wherever come again in glory to judge ticipation in this Eucharistic
he enters, say to the master of the living and the dead and his Sacrifice strengthen our deter-
the house, ‘The Teacher says, kingdom will have no end. mination to be faithful to our
“Where is my guest room where I believe in the Holy Spirit, Covenant with you, till we reach
I may eat the Passover with my the Lord, the giver of life, who the eternal Banquet you have
disciples?” ’ Then he will show proceeds from the Father and prepared for us, through Christ
you a large upper room fur- the Son, who with the Father our Lord.
nished and ready. Make the and the Son is adored and glori- All – Amen!
preparations for us there.” fied, who has spoken through
The disciples then went the prophets.
off, entered the city, and found I believe in one, holy, cath-
it just as he had told them; and olic and apostolic Church. I
they prepared the Passover. confess one Baptism for the
While they were eating, forgiveness of sins and I look Preparation of the Gifts
Jesus took bread, said the forward to the resurrection of P –Pray, brethren . . .
blessing, broke it, gave it to the dead and the life of the world All – May the Lord accept the
them, and said, “Take it; this to come. Amen! sacrifice at your hands, for the
is my body.” Then he took a praise and glory of his name,
cup, gave thanks, and gave it Prayer of the Faithful for our good and the good of all
to them, and they all drank P –With gratitude for the won- his holy Church.
from it. He said to them, “This derful gift of the Eucharist, and
is my blood of the covenant, full of confidence in the infinite Prayer over the Offerings
which will be shed for many. mercy of our Divine Savior, let
Amen, I say to you, I shall P –Grant your Church, O Lord,
us address our petitions to him, we pray, the gifts of unity and
not drink again the fruit of saying:
the vine until the day when I peace, whose signs are to be seen
drink it new in the Kingdom All – Jesus, Bread of Life, in mystery in the offerings we
of God.” hear our prayer! here present.
Then, after singing a C –For the Church, the Mysti- Through Christ our Lord.
hymn, they went out to the cal Body of Christ: May she All – Amen!
Mount of Olives. find in the Eucharist the source
The Gospel of the Lord! of her growth and unity. Let us Preface of the
All – Praise to you, Lord Jesus pray! R. Holy Eucharist I
Christ! C –For the Holy Father, the P –It is truly right and just,
bishops, priests, and lay minis- our duty and our salvation, al-
Homily ways and everywhere to give
ters of the Eucharist: May their
lives be a convincing witness to you thanks, Lord, holy Father,
Profession of Faith almighty and eternal God,
(Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed) the holiness of the Eucharist and
to the commitment to service it through Christ our Lord.
All –I believe in one God, the Fa- entails. Let us pray! R. For he is the true and eter-
ther almighty, maker of heaven nal Priest, who instituted the
and earth, of all things visible C –For the sick, the oppressed, pattern of an everlasting sac-
and invisible. and the lonely: May they find in rifice and was the first to offer
I believe in one Lord Jesus the Eucharistic sacrifice a sure himself as the saving Victim,
Christ, the Only Begotten Son source of hope and salvation. commanding us to make this
of God, born of the Father be- Let us pray! R. offering as his memorial. As we
fore all ages. God from God, C –For the youth of our coun- eat his flesh that was sacrificed
Light from Light, true God from try: May they find in the Eucha- for us, we are made strong,
true God, begotten, not made, rist a vision for their lives and and, as we drink his Blood that
consubstantial with the Father; the spiritual nourishment they was poured out for us, we are
through him all things were need for the fulfillment of their washed clean.
made. For us men and for our dreams. Let us pray! R. And so, with Angels and
salvation he came down from Archangels, with Thrones and
heaven, (bow)* and by the Holy C –For our community and each Dominions, and with all the
Spirit was incarnate of the Vir- of us: May we find in the Eucha- hosts and Powers of heaven, we

Solemnity of the Body & Blood of Christ (B)

sing the hymn of your glory, as your precious Body and Blood. P –May He give you all the
without end we acclaim: Who live and reign for ever moral strength that you
All – Holy, holy, holy . . . and ever. need to transform your lives
All – Amen! into a constant Eucharist.
Memorial Acclamation All – Amen!
P –The mystery of faith! P –May He protect you from
All –When we eat this Bread all dangers and lead you
and drink this Cup, we pro- into the way of peace.
claim your Death, O Lord, P –The Lord be with you. All – Amen!
until you come again! All –And with your spirit! P –May almighty God bless
P –Bow your heads and pray you: the Father, and the
for God’s blessing. (Pause) Son, and the Holy Spirit.
May God, the Father of All – Amen!
mercy, keep you faithful to P –Go in the peace of Christ
the Covenant sealed in the and bring the Eucharist into
All – Our Father . . . blood of Christ. your lives.
P –Deliver us, Lord . . . All – Amen! All – Thanks be to God!
All –For the kingdom, the
power, and the glory are
yours, now and for ever. THE SACRIFICE OF THE NEW
Breaking of the Bread
All – Lamb of God, you take
N owadays, important commitments and contracts are signed
by the people concerned, in the presence of witnesses, and
then they are notarized. This is what gives the commitment/con-
away the sins of the world: have tract/agreement its legal binding force.
mercy on us. (2x) Earlier in history, however, important agreements and com-
Lamb of God, you take mitments were signed or sealed not with ink but with blood. That
away the sins of the world: is what the Katipuneros did in their famous Sanduguan (Blood
grant us peace. Compact), and what Rajah Humabon and Ferdinand Magellan did
in 1521 to seal their friendship when the Spaniards first set foot on
Communion the Philippine islands. The use of blood drawn from each of the
contracting parties gave the promise/commitment a “sacredness”
P –Behold the Lamb of God, and a binding power that are far superior to any form of written
behold him who takes away the agreement signed with ink.
sins of the world. Blessed are This concept of sacredness coming from the letting of blood
those called to the Supper of the has its roots in very ancient civilizations and cultures, including
Lamb. that of the Hebrews who had several “covenants/agreements”
All –Lord, I am not worthy with God Himself, the most important of which was the so-
that you should enter under called “Sinai Covenant,” which was sealed through the blood of
my roof, but only say the word victims offered to God in sacrifice. (See Ex 24:1-8.) But for all its
and my soul shall be healed. importance, that covenant had a provisional nature. It remained
in force, in spite of the many shortcomings of the Israelites, until
Communion Antiphon the Lord fulfilled His promise to send the Messiah “in the fullness
(To be recited only when no Communion of time.” It was in him – Jesus Christ, the “new Moses,” and the
Mediator par excellence – that a new and everlasting Covenant
Hymn is sung.)
between God and the whole of mankind was sealed.
Whoever eats my flesh and That Covenant was extraordinary in more than one way. It
drinks my blood remains in me was extraordinary especially because, though ratified and sealed
and I in him, says the Lord. once and for all in the blood of Christ, that Covenant is renewed
every time the Christian community celebrates the Eucharist, in
Prayer after Communion accordance with the mandate of Christ. (See Lk 22:19-20 and 1 Cor
P –Grant, O Lord, we pray, that This is, indeed, a wonderful, divine “invention” of the Lord
we may delight for all eternity Jesus to enable all generations and peoples to feel that they are
in that share in your divine life, “active partners” in the ratification of the saving Covenant with
which is foreshadowed in the God and thereby participate in its fruits in the same way in which
present age by our reception of the apostles and the other believers of the first generation did.

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