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Case 3 and 4


Case 3


It is wise to note that Chipotle is one of the first growing firm in the USA. In addition,

it has started its expansion to many other nations such as the UK and Canada. The founder is

known with one of the best mission statement” Food with Integrity”. The business is

operating in more than 40 states in the US and total to more than 1000 location outlets in the

world. The first step that was handy in the entire business strategy that the founder noted is

the use of location as a key strain in the process formation and establishment of the company

(Benson & Magee, 2018).

There are known two strategies that the firm used to make distinctive value for the

clients in the past. First, it was able to use low cost strategies to be able to meet the needs of

the clients and the second approach was the ability to make or produce quality food related

products (Benson & Magee, 2018).

The firm has various type of plans that it intends to create value in the future (Benson

& Magee, 2018). One of them is using promotional campaigns that increase the customer

base and the second one is to improve quality management by having a quality management



The strategy to create distinctive value for clients in the future will work for the

company since it is easy to implement or adopt the noted strategies. In addition, other firms in

the same industry before have used the plan and it has worked.
Case 4

Strategic Recommendations

Strategic Recommendation 1: Better its quality department with the help of technologies:

The best way that the firm is able to increase its investment as well as to add value as in case

3 is to better its quality management department. There are two ways that it should undertake

this change; first is to hire the competent experts who are able to transform the current analog

systems to digitized systems (Shiwakoti, Iqbal & Funnell, 2018). The other is to automate the

entire process with barcode and blockchain technology in its payment systems. All the above

changes calls for high-levelled persons to be in the workplace.

Strategic Recommendation 2: Use Social Media Platforms as a marketing strategy among

the others: the use of social media platforms is one of the ways that organizations have

changed their status to make sure that quality is attained and results are bettered. In view of

the same, there is need to make sure that the current customer bases and value are increased

hence there is need to accept the use of social media as it has turned to be the main areas for

advertisement and marketing (Shiwakoti, Iqbal & Funnell, 2018).

Strategic Recommendation 3: Embrace technology in its operations:

The entire firm needs to accept that technology is currently taking face in all department.

Without the use of better technologies, it will be hard for the organizations to compete.

Chipotle needs to make use of the available technologies to be able to meet the interest of the

clients thereby adding and maintaining the distinctive values.


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