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Mapeh 8

Chelsea Nicole r. bitera

grade 8- botany
activity 1: quest for fitness
reflect on your daily activities and write them on the table below.
Focus your attention on activities that will help improve your hrf and
maximize your body potential. After a few minutes, group yourselves
into 5 or 8 and discuss your answers with the group. Present your output
in class.

My daily routine/tasks Hrf components

1. Getting ready for school Body composition
2. Carrying my bookbag to Flexibility
3. Playing with my dog Flexibility
4. Atleast exercise everyday Flexibility and cardiovascular
Activity 2: picture parade
Bring pictures showing people doing different activities. Display
each picture. Describe the action shown and how the person doing it
might be feeling. List the benefits associated with each activity.

A child praying
Feeling grateful and religious
A person painting
Feeling creative and artsy

A girl sleeping
Feeling tired
Activity 3: family connection
Identify the usual physical activities of your family members in
terms of health-related fitness components. List the important
information regarding the family members in the table provided. These
will be useful in designing your family hrf activity plan.

Family Ag Occupatio In hrf Househo Hrf
membe e n/ relation compone ld Compone
rs Work/job to nt chores nt
occupatio involved invovled
Father 47 quality inspects
assurance and Body
checks all compostion To clean
manager the cars Flexibility
including and bathe
and the dogs
Mother 46 Head of Get Muscular
Takes everything
supplies in requests flexibility strength
dep.ed organized and
delivers it muscular
to those
people endurance
Sister 20 Medical Studyin Muscular Wash the
strength and
student g muscular dishes Body
endurance compositi
Brother 19 student Studyin Body To help dad Flexiblity
composition with his
g chores
me 14 student Muscular Fold my
strength and own clothes
studyin muscular and put then Body
g endurance in the right compositi
drawers on

Activity 4: because I care

Review and assess your output in the “family connection” activity.
Focus on the strengths and weaknesses of each family member with
regard to the health-related fitness. Give special attention to the aging
family members and those with physical disabilities. Copy the following
table and do your own assessment:

Body (hrf components) (hrf components)

Family ag Compositio Medica
weaknesses strengths
Member e n l
s (bmi) history
Father 47 Overweight Kidney Body flexibilty
infectio composition
Mother 46 Overweight none Flexibility
r fitness
Sister 20 Healthy Asthma Body Cardiovascula
composition r fitness
Brother 19 Healthy none Cardiovascula Flexibility
r fitness
me 14 healthy Typhoi Muscular Body
d strength and composition