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Jesuits vs. Illuminati – The American Power Struggle

Libertarians and conspiracy buffs like to say that there is no difference between the
Republicans and Democrats. That both right and left are only sock puppets deployed
by one grand conspiracy to effect an Hegelian Dialectic to dupe the masses during the
march toward global totalitarian dictatorship. However, this view just doesn’t hold
I think it makes much more sense to view today’s political divisions as the continuation
of the primary ideological schism of Western civilization: the long and bloody battle
between Catholics and Protestants. For centuries, the Catholic church was The Man,
and the Protestants were the original protestors, hence their name. The Jesuits were
created and deployed as “God’s Marines” to beat back the protestors, which they did
indeed do.
Then Adam Weishaupt founded the Illuminati to recruit allies in his own personal
vendetta with the Jesuits at the University of Ingolstadt. The Illuminati quickly became
the vanguard of the Protestant battle against the Church. However, Weishaupt was
enthralled with the power of the Church, and wanted that power for himself. So he
modeled his organization on the Jesuits, and both became different flavors of the same
thing: authoritarian power organizations bent on global dominance. Hence the illusion
that they are factions of the same conspiracy.
The Illuminati even copied the architecture of the Church. In the first nation that they
seized control of, the USA, they reproduced the Womb-and-Phallic Symbol motif of
Saint Peter’s Square in Vatican City:

Photo by Andreas Tille via Wikipedia.

It worked for the Church, so why not copy the same voodoo in D.C.:

Phallic Washington Monument

with Capitol Dome womb.
There is pretty good evidence that the Illuminati set-up at Yale University as Skull and
Bones. Yale was the Protestant flagship school of the Ivy League. As late as 1970, they
had rules to ensure a Protestant (WASP elite) student body.
The Jesuit flagship university is Georgetown in Washington D.C., which is famous for
training America’s diplomats. That’s where Democrat Bill Clinton got his Foreign
Service degree. One of the most-celebrated events of Deep Politics is when Clinton
mentioned his professor, Carroll Quigley, in 1992 during his presidential nomination
speech. Conspiracy buffs went wild because Quigley was known for having outed the
Anglo-American, Protestant, Skull & Bones cabal in his book, Tragedy & Hope. What did
it mean? Clinton was just tweaking his Bonesman opponent, George H. W. Bush.
Was Quigley a Vatican agent publishing dirt on the Illuminati enemy? Maybe. In
Tragedy and Hope, a gigantic book, the word “Jesuit” appears exactly one time, on
page 1,038 and it is a favorable mention:

“The large number of Catholic men’s colleges in the country, especially

those operated by the Jesuits, had as their basic, if often unrecognized,
aim the desire to transform the sons of working class, and often of
immigrant, origins into middle-class people in professional occupations
(chiefly law, medicine, business, and teaching).”
But it looks to me like the Jesuits do the exact opposite: run expensive
private schools that cater to rich kids. In any case, surely the Jesuits
played a larger historical role than Quigley would have us believe.
Speaking of Bonesman George H.W. Bush, he was also director of the CIA, and the CIA,
having recruited numerous Bonesmen, is the ultimate expression of Adam Weishaupt’s
Illuminati: a secret society with virtually unlimited resources and power. After World
War II, the CIA infiltrated and superseded the Pentagon. The Bay of Pigs, the Vietnam
War, Central American death squads, etc. were all CIA projects, and the CIA is still
actively trying to take over the world. Weishaupt would be proud.
The Catholic/Protestant conflict has been more of a rivalry than a war in the USA, but
there have been violent incidents. For example, in 1834, a Protestant mob burned
down a Catholic convent near Boston during the Ursuline Convent Riots.
Quite a lot of violence occurred in the 1980s when CIA-trained death-squads in Central
America killed Catholic priests and nuns. The most egregious incident was probably
the November 1989 massacre of six Jesuits, their housekeeper and her daughter in El
Salvador. The CIA knew about the attack, and didn’t warn the Jesuits, maybe because
the CIA had ordered the hit itself.
The Jesuits extracted a measure of revenge when their Christic Institute broke the Iran-
Contra scandal. While the Illuminati is far more powerful than the Jesuits today, the
Jesuits can still be quite the thorn in the side.
This theory explains the divide between the USA and South America. In the 1700s, the
Jesuits were running large operations (“reductions“) in South America, leaving North
America open to Illuminati designs. The CIA has campaigned extensively in the Jesuit
turf south of the border, but with mixed results, and recently losing ground to the Pink
Much of what the CIA does is to make the world safe for Rockefeller Oil and the
Rockefeller Bank. And in Manhattan, we see the church and the Illuminati glaring at
each other across 5th Avenue. On one side is Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, and on the
other is Rockefeller Center. The Illuminati deploys a sculpture of Atlas, which
resembles Fascist dictator Mussolini. The sculpture also brings to mind the rabid
atheist, Ayn Rand, whose book Atlas Shrugged contains numerous anti-God passages.
The priests across the street probably fantasize about blowing it up:
Atlas sculpture at Rockefeller Center across the street from Saint Patrick’s Cathedral
in Manhattan (from Wikipedia.)
So on one side, we have the Republican, fascist, right wing, conservative, capitalist
Illuminati. And on the other, we have the Democratic, communist, left wing, liberal,
socialist Church. The Fascists like to persecute poor people. The Communists like to
persecute rich people. The Fascists would destroy the world with a rapacious, slaving,
robber-baron, monopolistic economy. The Jesuits would destroy the world with an
incompetent, backward, chaos of collapsing communism.
Take your pick.
Both sides relish their turn at the controls of an increasingly authoritarian system. And
indeed, both work to extend the system. For example, Viet D. Dinh, who wrote the
Patriot Act for George W. Bush is now a professor at Georgetown.
So, the two factions collaborate on common interests, and are similarly authoritarian,
but make no mistake; these are real factions fighting each other, often savagely.
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