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Our Mission
FNF India performs a
Title / Mortgage Training
Knowledge IT
Augment US-based
broad range of Partnership
workforce with best-in-class
outsourced B2B
outsourcing services delivered
via cost-effective execution
processing functions
Culture Information

and with a full complement of


on behalf of FNF, its Workforce

Ready to Deploy
Pricing quality controls.

affiliated companies,
Building Capabilities Since 2005 - 50% FNF-owned company

and the title insurance 2005-2007 - FTE-based pricing

- Scale in Title Plant operations

and residential -
Fully-owned FNF company
Ramp-up from 300 to 600 employees
mortgage clients they
- Variable pricing introduced
- Title production for ServiceLink in CA, FL

serve. 2010-2011
Ramp-up to 1,000 employees
Title production expansion beyond CA & FL
Technology Development/Support Services
- Corporate support functions

· Wholly-owned subsidiary of - Ramp-up to 1,500 employees

- Expansion across all service functions
Fidelity National Financial (FNF) 2012-2013 -
Legal Support Services
BCP-driven expansion to multi-site operating environment
established in 2005
- 10-year Anniversary! Ramp-up to 2,500 employees
- Compliance with SOC2Type 2 trust service principles
2014-2015 - Mortgage operations processing
· Three facilities operational - National Direct and Agency support functions

24 x 5 in Bangalore
Our Partners
· 2,500+ college-educated, Value is delivered as a low-cost alternative to 3rd party
English-speaking employees outsourcers based on proven quality, efficiency and controlled
risk. Together, we collaborate in planning, decision-making,
· All FNF India operations and and the pursuit of agreed-upon goals.
support functions are managed
onsite in Bangalore with direct
managerial oversight by
Jacksonville-based CEO
Andy Giddings
Our Employees
FNF India employs 2,500+ staff with diverse capabilities to
support client requirements, from data entry and search / data
mining, to document review / drafting, quality audits, research,
analysis, data interpretation, decisioning, design and more.

20% annual Diversified 2/3 cross-trained Title production

6% of staff with More than 1/3 attrition rate is workforce with to process staff includes
FNF India on-the-job half the BPO 60% men / more than 2 100+ certified
6+ years 2+ years offshore industry 40% women service types Title Examiners
Andy Giddings average

FNF Senior Vice President and FNF India CEO

© 2016 Fidelity National Financial India

FNF India...Service Offerings FNF India...Transition Model
Transition model is fluid, responsive to the unique requirements
of our onshore partners, and cost-effective. A systematic
Title approach is deployed to quickly transition services and deliver
Plant sustainable results.

Technical Collaborative
One-stop Title • Domain knowledge Expertise • Pricing derived from due Implementation
diligence review of process,
Service Insurance • Train-the-trainer approach
• Process training of team led • Workflow automation volumes and technology • Jointly-developed training
by FNF India capability • Time and motion studies materials, process flows and
Delivery • Excess capacity to meet • MPLS point-to-point network
• Transactional pricing option test plans
• Implementation cycle ranging
fluctuating transaction flow • Competitive rates
Finance & • Internally-administered user
provisioning capability
from 30-90 days

Accounting Trained Team Flexible

Ready to Deploy Pricing

Services FNF India...Integrated Solutions
FNF India is committed to creating incremental lift throughout
FNF India touches all Title Production the lifecycle of each partner engagement.
systems across all FNF / Black Knight
companies. SmartQ Order Tracking System

Current title coverage areas include AZ,

QC checklist used by Allocation / tracking used
CA, CO, FL, HI, IL, IN, MI, NJ, NV, OH, FNF India integrates Title Production team by Title Production team
OR, TN, TX, WA. internally-developed
applications with BPO
Mortgage processing capabilities processes. Data entry application Indexing used by Title Plant
encompass lifecycle functions from used by Title Plant team team to sort images
originations, to closing, servicing and
default management. Title Plant Builder Image Sorting

Legal services include contract

management support services. Integrated an affiliated print, pack and
ship function in conjunction with the
typing and review of title policies
Accounting knowledge is applied to
prepare and file tax returns, and to FNF India leverages Offered GUI solution to shorten
process invoices and bank statements. FNF corporate resources processing timeframes and reduce
associated data entry errors
and business relationships.
Technical proficiency in .NET, Java/J2EE, Aided partner in forging direct relationship
Flex, SSIS, SSRS, WESB, QTP, RFT, with data providers to obtain document
images for lien releases
LoadRunner, MDX and SQL.

FNF Global Headquarters:

FNF India...Industry Recognition
601 Riverside Avenue, Jacksonville, Florida 32204
FNF India is ISO 27001-2005, GLBA and COBIT-compliant and
FNF India Locations: SOC 2-certified.
Pritech SEZ Park, 11th Block, A Wing, Bellandur
Bangalore, India - 560 103
FNF India has received numerous awards in recognition of
46P & 47P, Electronic City Phase II, demonstrated operational excellence and employee engagement.
Bangalore, India - 560 100
Asia Pacific HRM India Human Capital Asia Pacific HRM World CSR IACC Award World HRD
Congress 2010 Summit 2011 Congress Awards 2012 Congress 2013 2013 Congress 2014
Cessna Business Park, Kadubeesanahalli Village,
Bangalore, India - 560 100
Outstanding Exemplary Leadership Organization with Innovation Labor & Employee Best US based Fun At Work
Leadership & Institution Building in HR Practices Engagement Company in India Award
Learn more about us at www.FNFIndia.in

© 2016 Fidelity National Financial India