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Fluid Analysis Services


• PQ Index
• Water
Incorrect grease selection can lead to • Filter Patch
costly downtime and repairs. Analysis • Moisture content by Karl Fischer
from the Hastings Deering Condition Coulometer
Monitoring Centre ensures the grease Elemental composition
is suitable for application and in good • Sulphur
condition. Contamination and wear • Iron
levels are easily identified and reported • Silicon
along with a photograph of the debris • Aluminium
and a wear severity graph to highlight • Vanadium
compartment condition. • Sodium
• Phosphorous
• Lithium
Grease samples can be collected in • Copper
S.O.S sample bottles (Part # SOS011)
• Chromium
and forwarded to the laboratory. • Tin
• Nickel

Inherent characteristics and

quality indicators.
• Drop Point
• Cone Penetration
• NLGI Classification

For more about fluid analysis

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