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LITERATURA INGLESA II: ILUSTRACION, ROMANTICISMO Y EPOCA VICTORIANA Mayo / junio 2018 — Nacional (A) Este examen consta de tres secciones, debiendo contestarse las tres. La puntuacién de cada pregunta se indica junto a cada enunciado. Conteste todas las preguntas en inglés. Lea atentamente los enunciados de cada pregunta, Ajdstese al limite de palabras y utilice sélo las dos hojas de examen para responder (debera entregar también la primera hoja, con sus datos en el encabezado). Para la pregunta de eleccién multiple (II), no necesita una hoja de lectura éptica: debe marcar la respuesta correcta en la hoja de examen. zHa entregado usted la PEC 2? osi ONo |. Provide the term (a single word or phrase), name or title that is being defined / referred to. [1.8 marks, 0.6 mark each] Definition / description: The title of a Romantic poem in whose “Dedication” the Lake Poets are attacked for being turncoats. Term /name / title: Definition 7 description: A female Victorian novelist primarily concerned with portraying provincial life from a realist, comprehensive and sometimes satirical perspective. Term /name / title: Definition 7 description: The publishing form in which Charles Dickens's novel The Pickwick Papers was presented to readers, starting a trend in Victorian publishing due to its great commercial success. Term /name / title: i Read the following extract and, on the basis of its content and your reading of the basic bibliography, choose the best option in the multiple choice questions. [1.2 marks, 0.3 each] " [...S]he owned She liked a woman to be womanly, And English women, she thanked God and sighed, (Some people always sigh in thanking God) Were models to the universe. And last leamt cross-stitch, because she did not like To see me wear the night with empty hands A-doing nothing. So, my shepherdess Was something after all, [...]” 1.-Identify the source of the extract and its author: 2.-The complete text to which the extract belongs can be defined as a(n) a) “novel” in verse. b) lyrical poem in sprung rhythm: c) dramatic monologue. d) ode that follows classical models. 3.-The “she” in the extract is a) a governess in charge of the protagonist's education. b) a Duchess who pays for the education of a poor orphan gil c) the ghost of the protagonist's dead mother. d) the protagonist's spinster aunt. 4.-The main purpose of the extract and its context is to a) criticise education for girls based on “accomplishments” b) portray the female members of the protagonist's family c) vindicate universal education. d) praise the superiority of English public schools. Ill. Write 250-300 words on the topic below. PLEASE USE ONLY THIS SHEET AND LEAVE MARGINS (You can use both sides if necessary, and as long as you do not exceed the word limit). ANY ADDITIONAL SHEETS WILL NOT BE READ OR ASSESSED. [5 marks] Discuss the symbolism of Nature in Jane Eyre, “Tintern Abbey” and “Ode to the West Wind”. (Do not summarise the novel's plot or the poems’ content.)