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From the last one Decade Vikas Khichi is

benefiting financial industry with his excellent

financial advisory services to his clients and has a
record numbers of accomplishment within and
outside India. His Investment advisory expertise
with Indian and gulf market has given a new path
to wealth creation. Vikas is Registered Research
Analyst and Investment Advisor with SEBI.

Vikas believes in Hard work with smart planning

strategies to beat the competition in present
scenario. Everyone should have their own USP to
stand out of the crowd, one must keep learning
irrespective of their age and experience because
only ''knowledge is Power" .Vikas has worked
with well know financial institutions and banks
EMIRATES NBD BANK etc. before joining
hands with ZumoSun Group.

 Daily processing functions - trade allocations and generating confirmations to the clients; monitoring
unmatched trades and taking prompt action for a timely settlement; dealing with various queries
from the clients and the sales traders; reviewing and monitoring risk reports and cleaning up
exception items; static data maintenance and confirmation delivery details and building client
relationship through day-to-day processing and contacts.
 Internal and external clients have different needs, the ability to communicate in a clear and concise
way is vital. In addition, it is necessary to adapt to client specific needs in a positive way. Maintaining
a good relationship with the various departments globally
 Experience of working in a client service role is preferable, along with a sound understanding of
financial markets and products. A proven record of accomplishment of learning new products and
understanding business concepts is required
 The team operates in a high-risk environment, where the potential for error/ loss to the Firm and
clients is high. Due to the nature of the products traded, and the value of the trades, attention to
detail is of the utmost importance. Processing trades correctly, first time, is the aim of the group, but
when an error does occur it is vital that we investigate, resolve and escalate immediately.
 The role requires extensive interaction with clients both internally and externally - the ability to
maintain and build excellent client relationships is a priority. The role requires the individual to be
articulate with excellent communication skills at all levels.
 Ability to use the tools and technology available to improve the workflow, meet internal benchmarks
and those set by the client. An understanding of market initiatives and new technology are critical to
providing a high level of customer service.
 It is critical to have excellent organisational ability, being able to react to change and deal with issues
as and when they arise. The individual will be responsible for maintaining consistent high quality
performance and ensuring that client specific requirements are met on a timely basis.
 Due to the pressurized environment and the need to deal with issues on an ongoing basis it is
necessary to maintain composure while remaining assertive when dealing with complex problems.
Skills Required
 Broad understanding of different investment products and instruments
 Excellent verbal and written communication skills
 Organizational skills
 Excellent attention to detail, problem solving skills and excellent judgment
 Strong risk awareness and orientation
 Prioritisation and time management skills - for own workload and that of others
 Takes ownership of issues is methodical and ensures resolution
 Has proven ability to interact with multiple internal and external functions including clients, sales and
other functional operations teams.
Candidates for this position will have gained direct experience in a similar role. The individual must be a
self-starter who is able to maintain a high standard of accuracy while managing various deadlines, a
creative individual that can work independently or as part of a team working to exceed expectations. Be
able to build and maintain relationships at all levels of the firm’s, clients’, and outsourcing agent’s

Estimating financial goals, finding suitable products and arriving at suitable allocations to
various assets
Selecting the right investment products, choosing the right service providers and
managers, selecting insurance products, evaluating borrowing options and such other
financial decisions

Personal financial analysis

Debt counseling
Insurance Planning
Investment Planning and Asset Allocation

Establish and define the client-planner relationship

Gather client data, including goals
Analyze and evaluate financial status
Develop and present financial planning recommendations
Implement the financial planning recommendations
Monitor the financial planning recommendations