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General Ledger: Transaction Figures with Delta Extraction

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Created on November 23, 2015

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Table of content
1 General Ledger: Transaction Figures with Delta Extraction

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1 General Ledger: Transaction Figures with Delta Extraction
Technical name: 0FI_GL_6

Technical Data

Type of DataSource Transaction data

Application Component Financial Accounting: General Ledger Accounting (FI-GL)

Available from OLTP Release: 4.0B

Available from Plug-In Release 2003.1

RemoteCube Compatibility

This DataSource is used to load General Ledger transaction figures (table GLTO) from the R/3 source system to the Business Information Warehouse.
This DataSource replaces 0FI_GL_1 .

Delta Update
This DataSource is delta-compatible (in contrast to 0FI_GL_1).

Fields of Origin in the Extract Structure

Field in Extract Structure Description of Field in the Extract Table of Origin Field in Table of Origin

KTOPL Chart of Accounts GLT0

SAKNR G/L account number GLT0

BUKRS Company Code GLT0

GSBER Business area GLT0

WRTTP Reporting value type GLT0

VERSN Version GLT0

FISCPER Fiscal Year/Period GLT0

FISCVAR Fiscal Year Variant T001

CURTYPE Currency Type GLT0

CURRENCY Currency key GLT0

UMSOL Total Debit Postings GLT0

UMHAB Total Credit Postings GLT0

KUMSL Accumulated Balance GLT0

UPDMOD BW delta process: update mode GLT0

SHKZG Credit/Debit Indicator GLT0

Features of Extractor
Extraction method: F1
Extraktion structure: DTFIGL_1

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