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SEI Institute

SEI Scholarship Exam

For Advance Science(Bridge course)
St. Xavior based

Date : 05 - 03- 2075 Full Marks : 100

Time : 2 Hour Series :1
There are 100 multiple-choice questions, each having four choices of which only one is
Darken the most appropriate one.
Use of mobiles and calculators are strictly prohibited
1. Who was consider father of Biology?
a) Lamark b) Treviranus c) Aristotle d) None
2. Bryophytes are also called:
a) land plants b) aquatic plants c) amphibian plants d) None
3. Physical basis of life is:
a) Protoplasm b) Cytoplasm c) Nucleus d) Food
4. Xylem and phloem are:
a) simple tissue b) complex tissue c) both a & b d) none of the above
5. Which cell organelles is called power house of cell?
a) mitochondria b) golgibody c) ribosome d) endoplasmic
6. A plant cell must have:
a) Lysosomes b) Cell wall c) Nucleus d) Centriole
7. Bacteria is an example of prokaryotic cell because of the:
a) absence of cytoplasm b) presence of nucleus
c) absence of cell membrane d) absence of organized nucleus
8. Nucleus was discovered by:
a) Robert Hooke b) Robert Brown c) Jansens d) None
9. Mitochondria & endoplasmic reticulum are absent in:
a) mustard plant b) green algae c) fern plant d) blue green algae
10. Ribosome are responsible for:
a) photosynthesis b) respiration c) protein synthesis d) none
11. The plasma membrane is:
a) selectively permeable b) impermeable
c) selectively impermeable d) none
12. Chlorophyll is absent in:
a) nostoc b) rhizopus c) cycas d) funaria
13. Centromeres help in the:
a) formation of new cell b) formation of spinal fiber at the time of cell division
c) formation of nucleolus d) formation of chromosome
14. Coral belongs to _______.
a) protozoa b) porifera c) coelenterata d) crustacea
15. Net gain of ATP molecules in aerobic respiration is ________.
a) 38 b) 40 c) 2 d) 34
16. Which of the following is connecting link between animals & plant kingdom?
a) Amoeba b) Euglena c) Paramecium d) Hydra
17. Tick the incorrect one:
a) Amoeba - pseudopodia b) Paramecium - cilia
c) Euglena - flagella d) Plasmodium - tubefeet
18. Lichens are symbiotic association of ________.
a) Algae & algae b) Algae & fungi c) Fungi & fungi d) Fungi & bryophyta
19. Father of Genetics is ______.
a) Lamarck b) Theophrastus c) G.J. Mendel d) Aristotle
20. The locomotory organ of earthworm is _______.
a) Tentacle b) Tube feet c) Cilia d) Setae
21. The instrument which is used to measure the relative density of the substance is called:
a) barometer b) hydrometer c) parometer d) voltameter
22. The value of velocity of sound has maximum value in:
a) solid b) liquid c) gas d) water
23. If a ball just drops from a top of tower of height 500m, then it will reach to the ground in time______.
a) 10 sec b) 100 sec c) 200 sec d) 400 sec
24. The audible range of sound for a human ear is:
a) 20 Hz – 200 Hz b) 20 Hz – 20 KHz c) 20 Hz – 200 Hz d) 20 Hz – 2 KHz
25. If a man of mass 50Kg climbs a height 100 m in time 10 sec, then his power will be:
a) 5 KW b) 500 W c) 50 W d) 5 W
26. Flow of 6.25  1012 electrons per second in a conductor contributes to a current:
a) 1A b) 1mA c) 0.1 A d) 1A
27. After 5 seconds of flashing of lightning a sound is heard. The distance of lightning is:
a) 1734 m b) 534 m c) 332 m d) 258 m
28. The best metal to be used for photoemission is:
a) potassium b) sodium c) lithium d) cesium
29. Phon is a unit of:
a) wavelength b) loudness c) frequency d) intensity
30. A wire of resistance 12 is bent to form a circle. The effective resistance between two points on any diameter is:
a) 6 b) 24 c) 3 d) 12
31. Hailstones are formed by freezing of:
a) cloud b) rain drops c) water vapour d) fog
32. A piece of ice is floating in a beaker containing water, when the ice melts the level of water:
a) rises b) falls c) remains same d) first rises then falls
33. Which among the following is the longest wave?
a) X-rays b) -rays c) Microwaves d) Radiowaves
34. Al2O3 is ______ in nature.
a) basic b) acidic c) amphoteric d) neutral
35. Mg burns in air to form
a) MgO b) MgCO3 c) Mg3N2 d) both a & c
36. Sodium metal is, usually stored under
a) alcohol b) kerosene c) water d) aqua regia
37. The electronic configuration (Ar) 3d54s1 represents ground State for
a) Ca b) Cr c) Cu d) Fe
38. The sugar present in fruits, honey & nectar is:
a) mannose b) glucose c) fructose d) lactose
39. Soaps are:
a) aldehyde b) salts of organic acids c) acetylene d) amines
40. The product formed during anaerobic respiration by yeast is:
a) ethanol + CO2 b) lactic acid + CO2 c) pyruvic acid + CO2 d) H2O + CO2
41. The glass used in optical instruments is:
a) silica b) pyrex c) flint d) soda
42. Fractional atomic weight is due to
a) isotopes b) isobars c) isotones d) isomers
43. If an organic compound having formula CxH12 has molecular weight 84, then the value of x is
a) 6 b) l2 c) 3 d) 9
44. The elements of VII group are called halogens because they produce:
a) alkali b) acid c) soap d) salt
45. Salt used in making negatives in photography is:
a) NaCl b) AgCl c) AgBr d) AgNO3
46. The oxide used in making blue glass is:
a) nickel-oxide b) cobalt oxide c) copper oxide d) chromium oxide
47. During fermentation of glucose, the enzyme used is:
a) zymase b) lipase c) invertase d) amylase
48. Unsaturated compound (alkene) is represented by:
a) CnH2n+2 b) CnH2n c) CnH2n–2 d) CnH2n+1
49. The compound used in cosmetics is:
a) alcohol b) glycol c) glycerol d) ether
50. Permanent hardness of water is due to the presence of:
a) Ca(HCO3)2 b) Mg(HCO3)2 c) MgCl2 d) All

51. In a class of 50 students, the number of boys is 30. What is the number of girls to be admitted so as to make 60% girls in the class?
a) 30 b) 20 c) 10 d) 25
52. If a2 – 6a – 1 = 0, find the value of a2 + 1/a2
a) 34 b) 36 c) 38 d) 32
53. Rohan went to bank with Rs. 75,000 to buy American dollars. Then he brings ______ USD.
If selling rate = Rs. 76/USD & buying rate = Rs. 75/USD
a) 1000 b) 998 c) 989.8 d) 986.8
54. If U = { x:x is a positive integer < 20}, A = {y:y is a multiple of 4} & B = {z:z is an odd number}, n(A  B) = …………?
a) 8 b) 4 c) 5 d) 0
55. A shopkeeper bought 6 lemons for Rs. 5 & sold 5 lemons for Rs. 6. Find profit percentage.
a) 40% b) 44% c) 36.66% d) 32%
56. Determine the smallest number which when decreased by 7 is exactly divisible by 12, 22, 48 & 80.
a) 2633 b) 2640 c) 2647 d) 2657
57. The radius & height of a cone are each doubled, find the percentage of increment in its volume.
a) 800% b) 700% c) 200% d) 100%
58. The average age of 3 boys is 15 yrs. But if one is not considered, their average age will be 20 yrs. What is the age of expelled one?
a) 20 yrs b) 5 yrs c) 12 yrs d) 10 yrs
59. Arun & Tarun appeared for an interview for two vacancies. The probability of Arun’s selection is 1/3 & that of Tarun’s selection is 2/3.
What is the probability that at least one of them will be selected?
a) 1/9 b) 1/3 c) 2/9 d) 7/9
60. A triangle has two sides 8 cm & 5 cm. The third side may be:
a) 13 cm b) 15 cm c) 11 cm d) all of the above
61. A 30m high pillar has been broken 10m above from the ground. The tip of the broken part marks an angle of _____ with the ground.
a) 60 b) 45 c) 30 d) 75

62. The value of ‘x’ in the given figure is:

a) 57 b) 67 c) 47 d) 37
63. Integrate:  Cot x dx
x 24
a) –Cosec2x + C b) –Cosecx.cotx + C
c) log(Sinx) + C d) log(Cosx) + C
3 2  3 5
64. If A  
  find the matrix X such that A – 3X =  
1 5   8 2 
 0 3  0  1 3 2 1 1
a) 
  b) 
  c) 1  d)  
1 1 3 1   5  
 0 3 
65. Find the value of Cos15 – Cos75
a) 1/2 b) –1/2 c) 2 d) –2
66. At a place 11 students met together & they shook their hands. How many hand-shaking did they do?
a) 121 b) 100 c) 111 d) 55
67. What constant number must be subtracted from each of 8, 10, 17 & 22 to make them in proportion?
a) 3 b) 1 c) 2 d) 4
68. ______ is also called a positional average.
a) Mean b) Median c) Range d) Mode
69. The complement & supplement of an angle are in the ratio of 2:5. Then, the angle is:
a) 30 b) 50 c) 13 d) 75
70. The slope of Y-axis is:
a) 1 b) 0 c)  d) –
71. __business, a merger is a combination of two or more corporations under one management.
a) The b) A c) On d) In
72. He was disappointed _______ his results.
a) in b) about c) at d) on
73. Walruses use their long tusks to pull themselves out of the water and ___ themselves.
a) protecting b) to protect c) protected d) was protected
74. The earth spins on its axis and ______ 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4.09 seconds for one complete rotation.
a) need b) had needed c) is needing d) needs
75. On the eve of the National Day, many leaders _______ the nation on television.
a) talk b) address c) lecture d) welcome
76. Drinking is injurious for health. Why don't you give it _______?
a) away b) out c) in d) up
77. There is no need to rake up an old quarrel. What is the meaning of the underlined phrase?
a) forget b) revive c) start d) end
78. He has a distaste_______ publicity.
a) for b) about c) against d) at
79. The opposite of love is hate, an emotion directed towards any disturbing factor, whatever ____ may be.
a) those b) that c) their d) they
80. The men _______ to Kathmandu seeking employment last year.
a) rushed b) are rushed c) have rushed d) are rushing

81. It is only recently that ballets have been based a themes _____ Nepalese life.
a) reflecting b) reflects c) is reflecting d) reflected
82. Interstate Highway is _______ an important road that it is sometimes referred to as America's Main Street.
a) so b) very c) too d) such
83. The more she worked _______.
a) the lesser she achieved b) the less she achieved
c) she did not achieve enough d) she was achieving less
84. Trekking, swimming and _______ are the best ways to keep fit.
a) to drink liquids b) drank liquids c) one drank liquids d) drinking liquids
85. A cloud is a dense mass of _______ water vapor or ice particles.
a) neither b) not only c) either d) nor
86. A Dolphin six _______ length can move as fast as most ships.
a) foot in b) feets in c) feet in d) in feet
87. A rattle snake has a spot between _______ eyes.
a) one's b) their c) its d) it's
88. Publishers of modern encyclopedias employ hundreds of specialists and ___ staff.
a) editor b) editorials c) editing d) editorial
89. _______ man, a tiger has four legs.
a) Like b) Same c) Unlike d) Both
90. I want to speak to _______ members of the band.
a) another b) the others c) others d) the other
91. He has the caliber to change the design of the building.
a) fame b) tendency c) capacity d) inability
92. She died _______ brain hemorrhage.
a) of b) from c) through d) with
93. You are not fit for the post of the manager. means:
a) illegible b) illigible c) illegal d) eligible
94. Anything in the shop can be bought, _______?
a) can't we b) can't they c) can't it d) can't I
95. He worked hard and _______.
a) so I did b) I didn't either c) so did I d) Neither did I
96. Which instrument is used to measure the intensity of an earthquake?
a) Seismograph b) Spectroscope c) Spectrometer d) Salinometer
97. 1, 4, 9, 16, 25, 36, ……
a) 48 b) 50 c) 49 d) 45
98. FIFA World Cup 2018 is going to held on
a) America b) China c) Brazil d) Russia
99. Which one of the following is associated to the refugee?
100. First President of Nepal is
a) Bidya Bhandari b) RamChandra Poudelc) Girija Koirala d) RamVaran Yadav

––––– THE END –––––

1.c 2.c 3.a 4.b 5.a 6.b 7.d 8.b 9.d 10.c
11.a 12.b 13.b 14.c 15.a 16.b 17.d 18.b 19.c 20.d
21.b 22.a 23.a 24.b 25.a 26.a 27.a 28.d 29.b 30.c
31.c 32.c 33.d 34.c 35.d 36.b 37.b 38.c 39.b 40.a
41.c 42.a 43.a 44.d 45.c 46.b 47.a 48.b 49.c 50.c
51.d 52.c 53.d 54.c 55.b 56.c 57.b 58.b 59.d 60.c
61.c 62.a 63.c 64.b 65.a 66.d 67.c 68.b 69.a 70.c
71.d 72.c 73.b 74.d 75.b 76.d 77.b 78.a 79.b 80.a
81.a 82.d 83.b 84.d 85.c 86.c 87.c 88.d 89.c 90.d
91.c 92.b 93.d 94.c 95.c 96.a 97.c 98.d 99.a 100.d